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  1. Thanks a million for this post! I am starting to get freaked out at ALL the hair I lose each day (especially in the morning after my shower). I am almost 6 months out. The hair loss started at about 5 months out. I am going to continue to take the vitamins and add a couple as well. My 6 mo appointment with blood work is the first week of Feb. I am anxious to see what the tests show! Thanks!
  2. MN_Meg770


    Yes-the gas was annoying and caused some discomfort for me too the first 3-4 days. Glad you’re doing well!!
  3. MN_Meg770


    Thanks all! I truly appreciate your advice!
  4. MN_Meg770


    How are you doing since surgery? Where did you get it done?
  5. MN_Meg770


    Hi all, I had bypass on 7/23. I really miss sandwiches and am dying for a couple bites. When were you able to eat bread without problems? thanks!!
  6. MN_Meg770


    Hi Lyn - I'd love to know the details for the meetings at Methodist! I live in St. Paul but work in Minneapolis so maybe I can go Thanks! Megan
  7. MN_Meg770


    Hi Bearly- How are you feeling? Did you have RNY? Welcome! Megan
  8. MN_Meg770


    I hope it goes ok! Today I am feeling down and really missing food like I used to be able to eat. Just one of those days.
  9. MN_Meg770


    Hi! I’m in St. Paul/ had my surgery on July 23rd. How is life a year out? What do you still avoid eating? Megan
  10. MN_Meg770


    Hi Kate! I am Megan from St. Paul. I had RNY in July and am also struggling with protein. The shakes are so terrible (in my opinion). This weekend I am going to try blending up some of the tasteless protein powder with honey flavored greek yogurt, milk and berries. I hope it tastes ok! I am also going to look for other ideas for protein shakes/smoothies I can make at home that are tolerable. Let me know if you have any ideas for recipes. Take care, Megan
  11. MN_Meg770

    I tried a diet coke today...

    As long as it wasn't for the Patriots or Packers you're forgiven
  12. MN_Meg770

    Full size pills/medication

    Thank you all! I am going to give it a try today and see how full size goes.
  13. Hi, I am 6 weeks post-op and still cutting pills in halves or quarters. Some just feel too big to make it through my new stomach/intestines. When were you able to confidently take full size pills without issues? Thanks! Megan
  14. MN_Meg770

    Food Addict

    Thanks so much!!
  15. Thanks so much for sending your positive energy my way!! When and where is your surgery? I’m 5 weeks out now and started regular food on Monday. I’m being very cautious and trying to stay positive. Megan