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  1. sandra305

    Today marks 1 Year since surgery

    Congrats! I'm right behind ya
  2. Not necessarily; just allow myself to eat more carbs than usual.
  3. sandra305

    No Flavor Protein Powder

    TGS Unflavored whey protein is amazing. Best reviews I've read as well before purchasing. 25g of protein per serving as no weird aftertaste at all. I bought mine on Amazon
  4. I am hitting 3 weeks tomorrow and noticed I gained almost a pound after a couple of days. I realized I hadn't had a BM since Saturday or Friday... My liquid intake has been about 50-60oz and I know it should be more. Hopefully after some Milk of Magnesia and more fluid intake, the scale will move. Have you tried walking more? More cardio might help move the scale as well.
  5. sandra305

    Trading Clothes?

    There's actually FB groups who do this. Here is one https://www.facebook.com/BariatricSurgeryClothingExchange/
  6. sandra305

    Tall Women, Tell Me Your Story!

    Wish this topic would be more active lol. I'm 5'11 and highest weight was about 266; on the verge of high blood pressure and high sugar levels, always tired, no energy. I've been overweight my entire life and every time I lose, I gain back. I've tried all diets, lifestyle modifications, gym, crossfit, diet pills...nothing. The most I lose is 20lbs and then it creeps back on. As much as I was against surgery, it was my last resort and I'm scheduled for 12/27/17. I'm ready for the ultimate lifestyle change of being healthy and genuinely happy. My main goal is to be in onederland! First small goal would be 215, then 185, and the ultimate goal would be 160!! I have not seen any of those numbers since elementary school.
  7. sandra305

    December Sleevers??

    I also just got confirmation on a surgery date of 12/27!! sooo excited for this new journey.
  8. sandra305

    Pre-op Weight Loss

    Ok that doesn't sound like a bad idea! Thanks

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