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  1. Hi everyone Had my surgery on 3-7-18. Getting used to all the new “things” like swallowing, finding out the new baseline when you are full, and how different liquids react with the new stomach... I feel like all I do is sip on liquids all day long. However, everyday it gets better and better... less pain, less gas and able to sleep on my sides now.

  2. Thank you Josallyn.

    I looked up some of the requirements on there website and it states that it’s only 3 months of weight management. I haven’t called them yet. My surgeons office will be submitting for approval on January 1st. I just finished my last nutrition appointment. I’ll be meeting with my surgeon on the December 13. I can’t wait. [emoji847]

  3. Hi everyone. Started in April but couldn’t officially start till July. Having my last nutrition appointment this Saturday. Then next mouth is my surgeons appointment to conclude my 6 months requirement. However the Bariatric center told me it will most likely be end of January or February because the surgeon is teaching and lecturing. Also switching insurance carriers in January. Hope this won’t stall things up.🤞
    37yrs 5”11 SW 296 CW 291.

  4. I'm in the same position, however after talking to the insurance specialist at the Bariatric center they told me that the 6 months requirement are very similar and will be valid for the next carrier. You'd most likely pick up where you left off. I'm going from bsbc to blue shield, and my 6th visit will be in beginning of December.