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  1. ohgeeasleeve

    Dr. Frenzel

    I paid $4500, plus travel costs to fly there for my egd and surgery/recovery which was around $500. Still better than anything locally. You do have to stay on his office staff though.
  2. ohgeeasleeve

    Dr. Frenzel

    Incredible. I really like Dr c and Henry. I was sleeved 11/30 and I’m down 45 pounds
  3. ohgeeasleeve

    Where you were sleeved?

    Arlington, tx Dr. Clayton Frenzel
  4. I know Dr. Borland does surgery and then you recover at a hotel, how was your experience with this? I’m having surgery in my doctors surgical center and then recovering in the hotel that evening. I have a post op the next day and then I can leave the following day. I’m not using dr Borland, but that’s the surgical and post operative plan for my sleeve. Any advice on how your recovery in a similar situation went would be appreciated. Getting sleeved 11/30 in Dallas.
  5. ohgeeasleeve

    any November 2017 sleevers?

    I got the call today. November 30!
  6. ohgeeasleeve

    November sleevers

    November 30!
  7. ohgeeasleeve

    How long did you wait for a date?

    Heard from the financial director today, I’ll have a date by the end of the week!
  8. ohgeeasleeve

    How long did you wait for a date?

    Thanks everyone. I’m self paying.
  9. I’m growing increasingly impatient. I finished all of my preop 10 days ago and still don’t have a date. I know it takes time, but I’m just anxious to have a date!
  10. ohgeeasleeve

    For hiatal hernia patients

    Initially, I was curious about the sleeve. Now I'm curious about both. I'm seeing a surgeon in Arlington.
  11. ohgeeasleeve

    For hiatal hernia patients

    Thank you. For the sake of curiosity, Who did you use?
  12. ohgeeasleeve

    For hiatal hernia patients

    I suppose that varies from surgeon to surgeon. It's required for my surgeon and the last part of my preop.
  13. How long after your egd and successful diagnosis with the hiatal hernia was surgery scheduled?
  14. ohgeeasleeve

    Payment plan?

    Did your doctor allow you to make payments or were you strictly cash pay up front? Insurance is covering part of my surgery, and I have to pay the other $5000 in cash. They had pamphlets for prosper so I’m assuming it’s paid upfront or financed, but just curious about everyone’s situation.
  15. My brother in law used him!! I’m going a different route, but he had fantastic care.