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    62 years old. A lot of health problems because of weight I just can’t get off.
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  1. Okay. It is now going on 2 years since I had this surgery from Dr. Almanza. The doctor and medical staff were very nice. My doctor was impressed at his work. I barely have a scar visible. I have lost enough weight to be healthy but not enough for a cat walk! So Zi am not back to fight. Just saying I didn't go into this blindly but we'll informed. The only problems with getting it down in the states is the red tape and cost.
  2. Why do I get all the idoits. They come in swarms. Bunch if fools!
  3. We didn’t listen to God to begin with I can tell you have no idea what he is but I tell you this right now doctors are not God and he will make sure they know that old niece will bow whether they want to or not I’m praying to be the one that wants to I hate this for him and I hate these people and I hate you atheist and people that don’t understand I’m tired of you trying to bring down a good man just so you can have a game in the end you will get jealous I am deleting this app and I am done with every single one of you idiots
  4. Truth is God didnt make me overweight. We live in a fallen world we do things that are wrong thing I did wrong was I ate too much every single one of us are sinners
  5. OK come on think about that statement really. ? You just said that if I believe my life is in Gods hands and following directions of my doctor that’s ridiculous. That doesn’t make any sense. My life is always in my Lords hands. He always taking care of me. It is His choice when I die not mine and not yours. You people are showing that you think you are highly intelligent. I’m not seeing that. I am seeing self-centered individuals that are arrogant and rude and really don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re all out trying to just generate business for somebody else which is not my doctor that’s the honest to God’s truth. Quit giving me all your crap. You really not need to find a way to have joy maybe if you go back to hell and steal it back You’ll be OK. I don’t believe you give two hoots about anyone else but yourself.
  6. No you are very wrong. You arrogance of think you know what God thinks truly amazes me. We are simply piles of ash. How can any of us know His finite mind. I believe in my doctor and think what you are doing is wrong. I best go before the lightening strikes. Anyone else out there know more than me?
  7. Extremely self centered and arrogant
  8. So I was told that because I put my life in the hands of God and follow instructions of the doctor that I am ridiculous. There are so evil people in this forum that are far more dangerous than any doctor.
  9. Hahahahahahaha And your point? You need a job to go do and leave me alone.
  10. You just want a argument. I am a personal friend of the person that is the start.
  11. I am commenting to people that comment back to me. I am not making up her mind. How can I do that!?? I said I was going to the same doctor and then the swarm came and was directed to me like your message. Please take you nastiness some where else. Perhaps you need to be a lawyer.
  12. No dear. I commented on people that directed their attacks to me and not her. Think before you type.
  13. Just remember Jesus went to the sinners and not the perfect people. Jesus is always with us. He promised to never leave us. Remember Paul that use to be Saul? When I go I am asking the Dr. to pray with me. So God will guide his hands. Stay blessed as I see you are. Jesus also got angry but no seems to recognize that. He cursed the fig tree to wither. He threw chairs and cracked whips at the money changers. He appalled and insulted the Sadducee and Pharisees. We need to not become them. Thank you for the humble reply. I am very much like Peter. Ready to chop the ear of a Roman solider. But I pray I can stay awake for one hour so that evil will not enter. I often wonder who he will come to in the second coming.....