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  1. Bevanne

    Reflections from a Skinny Chick

    Bravo to all of us willing to make a choice to change our situation, and making it a positive one. Just like life, we will have wonderful days, then the days we wonder why the blues have set in. Attitude is everything. Sometimes we just don't get everything our way, but to have the ability to overcome and continue pushing forward is how we will succeed. Sometimes it is as simple as counting our blessing. All things will pass.
  2. Bevanne

    Talk me down!

    lotusflwr? what is the 5 day pouch test? please explain how that works..as for eating. I have always been able to eat fast. Unless I am eating a hard meat protein, everything else seems to go down so easily. It has always been that way for me. I am 10 weeks post op. Honestly, after having the issues with the band for 2 yrs. I was glad to see less complications with eating with the sleeve. How would one stretch the sleeve anyway?
  3. I haven't taken anything for about a week. So far, no heartburn. I am going to start takng the medication tomorrow morning though. I was told if you didn't take the medication for awhile after the surgery you could end up eating a hole in your stomach from the acid. That sounds scary enough to me.
  4. I will be on solids in 2 days. Knowing that eating the meat will help to stay full is a blessing. I am really looking forward to the change.
  5. I had a revision on May the 18th. So far I can say nothing to you but positives. I had so many issues with the band, and I mean many things going wrong with the band. It about drove me crazy on some occasions, not to mention the expense due to being a self pay. I like the sleeve thus far, and I truly admire all the people on here that are way further along that continue to give us newbee's good information. Stick around and by all means, in my humble opinion...Go For It!!!
  6. Bevanne

    Feeling a little frustrated today ......

    Wow, this post really makes you realize how major a change we have made. When I had a band this was the issue as well. Tiny bites, and chew, chew, chew.
  7. Bevanne

    Post Op Clears to full liquids

    Steve, you can get them at any gnc store, also if you have a vitamin shop around. If not you can order them online or from a vitamin shop catalog. Makes it so easy, it has been wonderful for me.
  8. Bevanne

    6 Days Out & Whew....

    Nice post..love hearing what a day in the life of a sleever is like. What kind of soft cheese? Sounds like youhad a nice variety going on.
  9. Did you have your surgery on the 19th? If so, I guess you are just doing liquids?
  10. Thanxs and I am very excited..I was wondering about taking vitamins now. I have the liquid and wondered if it would be a good idea so soon? Any thoughts? Bev
  11. Wow, missed you but was there for my surgery with Dr. Aceves on the 18th. How are you doing? I am basically just being still and sipping liquids. Bev

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