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  1. 4 months out....wow, so your moving right along..what are your suggestions and imput for the next 3 phases of the post op? are you able to eat much now? How do you know when enough is enough..do you measure your food? Would love your imput...
  2. I appreciate the details you have given me on the next phases..thank you sooooo much...as I have been reading for several days here, your imput is wonderful to help those of us just getting the hang. After all the nightmares with the band for 2 yrs, you can only imagine my fear of something wrong. I knew with my surgery I was in God's hands..for Dr. Aceves explained to me after the surgery..it was God's hands leading the way..I knew I was blessed for the Dr. I choose. Thanxs for pointing out the small things about how to view the foods not to over eat..love those visuals..again..thank you!
  3. i HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE. Had the band for 2 yrs, and it was basically a nightmare for me also. many issues and problems. I did do the revision on the 18th of this month. I can't give you the expert advice others can because of the newbee stage I am in. I will say that from all the research I did, it seems like the only alternative I was willing to do. so far, I am quite happy..have to stay focused on a post op diet for a month..but it is well worth what I will receive for the effort....Bev
  4. Did you have your surgery on the 19th? If so, I guess you are just doing liquids?
  5. I know your lovin' it. I will be so happy to have a year invested. lol..gee, I currrently have 7 days in. I am following liquids to the letter. I was reading some post last night that kinda freeked me out. Had to calm myself down about people discussing leaks. ha! I feel great though. When you were in the 2nd stage do you remember what you had? I will be there on Friday..I am excited! What about when you started eating foods? 4th stage..do you remember what you started out eating and the amounts? just your overall schedule.?
  6. I am taking it easy today. Seemed the experience went so fast . Dr. Aceves in Mexicali did a revision for me. Had a band for 2 yrs. prio,r but experienced so many problems, decided to have a verticle sleeve.So far so good and I feel wonderful..just exhausted from the trip back. Sp many delays in the airport coming home that it took 24 hours to return to my home of Florida. Just sip, sip, siping away. All went very well. What a wonderful experience with such a great Doctor and hospital staff.
  7. Thanxs and I am very excited..I was wondering about taking vitamins now. I have the liquid and wondered if it would be a good idea so soon? Any thoughts? Bev
  8. Thanxs Cathy just taking it easy for now..coming back and the airports was a nightmare..exhausted but regaining strength today. Did you start taking vitamins immediately or wait for awhile? Bev
  9. I just had a revision on the 18th of May. I love it!! I had so many problems with my band for the last 2 yrs. not to mention the money spent for the port flip, fills and unfills..I had Dr. Aceves do the revision and I couldn't be happier. I know it is a process and much to learn here unlike the band..but I am thrilled..I had gained 25 pounds over the last 5 months due to band slippage ..knowing myself so well and the history of my family..a tool of this nature was the way to go for me..good luck!
  10. Wow, missed you but was there for my surgery with Dr. Aceves on the 18th. How are you doing? I am basically just being still and sipping liquids. Bev

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