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  1. froufrou

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Hi! I am doing really well with the Wegovy - no bad side effects - it stops all of the food chatter in my head and makes me less obsessive. I LOVE it and I hope I can stay on it. It's what I hoped the surgery had done instead. I have lost 30 lbs since beginning of December. It might seem slow, but I am ok with it. There's no rush. I'm getting close to what I was pre pandemic, which was my goal, and then hopefully back on track.
  2. He didn’t give me figures but the gastroenterologist said he was surprised I lost any weight at all. The stretching came from all of the stents they tried to place (about 4 until they went in and SEWED one in place!). I don’t think there is any stretch this time round.
  3. froufrou

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    It isn’t THAT much but it will be if I keep going like this. Have to put the brakes on now before it’s too late. A distal is where they take one part of a tube and stick it somewhere else... lengthening the limb so that there is more malabsorption. That’s kind of the idea haha. I’m planning on staying on the Saxenda till my surgery - it’s really holding me accountable especially with alcohol. I had a drink on it my first night and felt terribly ill - my guess is my blood sugar went very low. So, I’ve given up alcohol and I have to say it’s really hard! It’s been my go to, to destress. Doing a lot of deep breathing and positive self talk lol.
  4. froufrou

    Food Before and After Photos

    Home made vegetarian PF Chang’s lettuce wraps. Made with Quorn mince, onion, water chestnuts, mushrooms, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sriracha, rice wine.
  5. froufrou

    Food Before and After Photos

    I’ve come back to say the cheese and egg chaffle is so bad in comparison with the one I made last night. I will have to count the calories in with the almond flour.
  6. froufrou

    No one has noticed ...

    Well - it’s nice to hear positive feedback. That’s why some of us care. I love hearing how good I look now and I love not hating my reflection. By the way, it took until I was about 100 lbs down before anyone said anything.
  7. My husband didn't want me to go through with the bypass after having a failed (in hospital with a leak for 3 months) gastric sleeve. He said that he didn't want me to have it, but he would support me. i said 'ok then' and did it anyway.
  8. froufrou

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    I remember back in the day - mid 90s - when I lost a ton of weight and was actually skinny. My brain wasn't caught up though and I felt naked. I see weight as layers of protection for some people. You suddenly feel seen and it can be quite painful if you're not ready. Be kind to yourselves and definitely come here and talk to us about it if you need some support.
  9. froufrou

    Weight more now than before surgery

    Yep - you will holding on to a lot of fluid. I gained 9 lbs after my surgery.
  10. froufrou

    Slightly Discouraged

    Oh - for some reason missed your post about it being on the kidney! That’s great news!
  11. froufrou

    Slightly Discouraged

    Thank goodness they found the cyst and you’re getting it seen to. Definitely a priority.
  12. froufrou

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    ok I'm back! It's surgiversary day! Like I said before, I'm kind of stuck... so, today I have signed up to Weight Watchers to help me lose the rest of the weight. I feel like it's a good way to celebrate! 🎉
  13. I really love the zero vitamin water - sweetened with stevia.
  14. My fibro definitely got better. I still have flare ups - mainly hormone related though. But on the whole my body is less fibro affected.
  15. froufrou

    Forced to do Bypass

    What are you afraid of with gastric bypass?

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