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    Define sex.....(insert Bill Clinton joke here)...I'm sure it matters WHAT you do and HOW you do it (((blush!)))<blush> </blush>
  2. JRT Mom

    Esophageal spasm

    Someone here on the forum called it "the flaming golf ball from HELL"!:cool2:
  3. I just thought of this one and it brought an ENORMOUS smile to my face: Being able to sink my fat ass when SCUBA diving without taking 24 extra pounds of lead to do so!:blushing::w00t::thumbup::w00t::w00t:
  4. Dang that guy sure changes his hair a lot....:biggrin2: I think that's a Great idea! Maybe we should ALL do that! But I think I'd do it weekly only--I wouldn't have the patience to splice them all together. And I CERTAINLY wouldn't have that ponderous Phillip Glass music as my background music! Here's a good question....what music would YOU use as the soundtrack of your life? I think Moby's Body Rock would be cool.....
  5. I found out today I"M APPROVED!! Just waiting for a date--right now it's looking like it might be Friday the 13th.....:blushing::eek::thumbup::eek:
  6. I was borderline of the weight issue-I have a bmi of 40 with comorbidities, but my insurance requires you also to be at least 100 lbs overweight. I was borderline on the weight, but once you get weighed at the office and that weight recorded they don't care if you lose weight--actually they encourage it. I would check with your surgeon and see if the same holds true for you. Good luck!
  7. Hairband- sorry to hear of your troubles...please stick around here on the forums...you are going to be a BIG inspiration here to lots of us!:confused_smile: You are still the same person on the inside even though the exterior packaging probably looks vastly different...try use the things in your life that HAVEN'T changed since your weight loss to help connect yourself to the "old" you... Counseling is a very good idea, but just come here also--there's people here who really care about you and you will learn from them and they will learn from you....
  8. BabyNicole- Please hang around even after you have your RNY. There is a lot of useful info here that is appropriate for both styles of WLS, and I would miss seeing your cute little avatar too much if you left!:biggrin2:
  9. Wow it's scary to think how that bandaid coulda blocked you up if you had swallowed the whole thing... I was eating a salad at Denny's when I felt something strange in my mouth. Imagine my amazement when I spit out a small metal bolt! If I had really bit down on it I coulda broken a tooth. I called the waitress over and showed it to her and she said "Oh, THAT'S where it went!" Seems they had lost a bolt off their food prep table and couldn't find it.....
  10. wow, that's great! It's amazing how many people wait forever and then suddenly it's "come in a week". Kinda scary.....
  11. Dang--SOMEBODY is gettin' rich offa these things....:confused_smile:
  12. JRT Mom

    Anyone near Virginia Tech?

    Terriann- I would also recommend coming to both meetings--you'll be a bit ahead of the curve, and I also think I learned more about living with a band in the support meeting than I did at the intro seminar which was more about the surgery itself. My psych tests were a snap--I only had one that had fill in bubbles, the other three were multiple choice, It only took me about 15 minutes to do all of them. Dr Hamilton was so easy to talk to--the time flew by and I wasn't uncomfortable with a single thing he asked me.
  13. JRT Mom

    Anyone near Virginia Tech?

    I am from Christiansburg and work at the NRVMC where Dr Chavis and Bissell practice. I am halfway through the process (I think!) and hope to be banded in June. I will also be at the support group on the 27th. Kim-I think I remember seeing you at the last meeting--I was the one worried about the psych consult--weren't you the one telling me how nice Dr Hamilton is? I had my consult last week and he really is a very nice person. Looking forward to seeing y'all again!
  14. I used to be a runner in my younger days. I remember running in a 10K race and being dead last. I had an ambulance trailing me--not a confidence booster!:cryin: The worst thing is it had these squealing brakes, and since I am slow the driver had to ride them a lot...and that godawful diesel engine with the fumes....so I ran choking on fumes hearing roomaroomaroomaSKWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEroomaroomaroomaSKWEEEEEEEEEEE for almost six freakin' miles! Thank God the last half mile was on a one way street through town so the ambulance didn't follow me and I finally got some peace!! Thanks lipara for giving me this WONDERFUL flashback......:cursing:
  15. I have GOT to visit Australia some day....
  16. JRT Mom

    Weight restrictions

    My surgeon said don't lift anything heavier than 15 lbs for six weeks--he's worried about slippage until everything heals in there.
  17. Anthem will cover it provided your company has the special obesity rider--check with your benefits department. I have heard that if you have this rider the hoops you have to jump through are minimal as long as you have a BMI of 40 (35 with comorbidities) and at least 100 lbs to lose.
  18. :leaving::sneaky::sad:
  19. What's stopping you now? I am a HUGE hippie chick that still dances my ass off! Even belly dancing, I figure I got the belly for it.....:biggrin2: Give it a try!
  20. I'm looking forward to not starting a fire between my thighs everytime I walk while wearing pantyhose ! :thumbup:
  21. JRT Mom

    Fat Clothes

    At least they are using better fabrics now--I can remember not that long ago if you bought something plus-sized it was made out of purple, brown or black 100% polyester....yuck!
  22. I remember reading about this on an old thread--they suggesting drinking vegetable oil--it might soften the gum and allow it to slide through...
  23. I've been lucky so far--I work night shifts for 13 hrs so I only work three days a week and haven't had to miss work to get all the testing done. But I had to warn them that I might have to take six weeks off (lifting requirements in my job description) right in the middle of summer--now THAT was scary!
  24. JRT Mom

    No Pre-OP Diet

    I asked my coordinator about why some people end up on preop diets and some don't....according to her it has nothing to do with the amount you are overweight--it has more to do with age! The older a person is the more likely they are to have a fatty liver.....so I guess I'm gonna be stuck with one....:party:
  25. JRT Mom

    Upper Gi !?!?!?!?!?!?!

    One nice thing about the endoscopy is that you don't end up pooping out little white bricks......:biggrin2: