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  1. No problems at all except when I trusted a fart I shouldn't have......:thumbdown:
  2. JRT Mom

    Please cheer me up

    Hey girl-- You're probably not sad because you only lost six pounds--it's probably a general reaction to the impact of surgery on your body, and the realization that you've just gone through a major life changing event! I went through the same thing you did, but one day when I was taking a walk I started talking to myself out loud (I must have looked like a crazy lady!), told myself that things would get better and I'd come through it a stronger person than ever, and now I'm really happy I got the band. Try surrounding yourself with the things in life that make you happy, and remember you ALWAYS have friends here!
  3. JRT Mom

    where is everyone???

    Hi y'all- I live in Christiansburg, Va and was banded on 6/13. I've lost 24 lbs already and they were the easiest 24 lbs I've lost in my life! Kim--I'm 54 so maybe I'm the old fart here!
  4. JRT Mom

    Nearing a Major Goal!!!!!!

    OHMIGOD! That's incredible! Even if you don't lose the last 4 lbs you should be mighty proud of yourself! You should contact the company who made your band and maybe they could use you in an ad or something. 300 pounds! That's two whole people!!!
  5. JRT Mom

    Strange reactions about surgery

    The only one of my friends that was against it was (of course!) the skinny one.....I love the comments "you're gonna get it removed after you reach your goal, aren't you?"
  6. JRT Mom

    Undergarments after surgery

    Just don't wear any!
  7. Stephanie-my RN coordinator has me putting cocoa butter on my scars--she says that can help the scars look better. It's also supposedly good for stretch marks...heaven knows we have plenty of those!:frown:
  8. I have 8! When I had my first follow-up visit I asked the surgeon why so many. He said he normally leaves 5. Two of them are extra because he had to reposition two instruments that were getting in the way of each other, and the other was an accidental burn! At least he was honest about it!
  9. I don't know if I've popped a stitch, but I'm a bit over one month post op and one of my incisions near where the port is has a bit of suture material sticking out of it. I go in Tuesday for my first fill and I'll have them look at it....
  10. I agree that the long term consequences of being morbidly obese far outweigh (no pun intended!) those of being banded. And being banded has actually removed one of my health problems the very first minute after being banded--the surgery made my horrible GERD go away! That was a pleasant side effect!
  11. I am so sorry for your loss....sometime it hurts so bad when we lose pets you wonder if it is worth having them. But if you stop and remember all the love and happiness you got from them, you'll see that it is worth it! And I would get another one after a while. You'll never be able to replace Pedro, but another dog will help fill some of the emptiness left by his passing, and Lucy will love having another companion also.
  12. JRT Mom

    Use of Ibuphophin

    My surgeon gave me liquid ibuprofen right after my surgery and it worked wonders. I guess it must be OK if you are only using it for occasional pain...
  13. My surgeon said that 85% of people with sleep apnea get relief when they lose weight. I'm really hoping so....would love to come of my Bipap!
  14. I guess I'm either tough or just lucky. When I woke up in recovery NOTHING hurt. I actually thought they had cancelled the surgery! I was up walking an hour after I got back to my room. No gas pain anywhere! I slept on my right side, my left side and my back and was comfortable. The next day when I got home I got the liquid lortab prescription filled just in case but never took a single dose of it. The only time I felt pain was if I was lying down and sat up I'd get a pain across my stomach of about a 6, but it would go away after about five seconds then I was fine. Two weeks later the only thing that hurts is when I bend over and the port pulls on my stomach, and that's just a minor pain that goes away when I straighten up. I hope it goes as easily for everyone here!
  15. I have a chocolate whey powder that's actually drinkable when mixed with water. I get it at the grocery store--it's called "Pure Protein 100% natural whey protein powder. I also have the Isopure Vanilla protein powder but it's yucky. I also like the isopure drinks. Not only are you getting 40 grams of protein, but also 20 oz of liquid at the same time! I only drink 10 oz at a time also.
  16. JRT Mom

    Just for Laughs

    I will miss being warm while skiing in the winter when everyone else is freezing their ass off!
  17. fluff-- The waiting is the scary part. You'll be in good hands and all will be well. Everyone of us goes through the scared part, and once it is over it's downhill from there! Dreams are funny, no? The day before I got banded I dreamed they did a bypass on me by mistake! Now THAT was scary. Good luck on Monday-we'll all be sending positive vibes that way!
  18. Mine said 24 hrs after your last narcotic pain med. I came home on a Saturday, took no pain meds except ibuprofen, and drove on Monday without any trouble.
  19. I participated in a Lipitor study at Virginia Tech and they did something called a Dexa scan--it's like your scan but they also scan your bones, and then superimpose the white light one with your skeletal one. I looked like a bag of fat with bones in it! Maybe after I've lost my weight I can get them to do another one for comparison!
  20. JRT Mom

    I want to skip our Vegas vacation!

    I'd go for it in a New York minute! Have lots of pictures taken of yourself, and when you are a goddess next year go back to Vegas and have then taken again...what great "before and after" pix they'll be!!
  21. If you want a cheap and chewable calcium, use Tums. I tried Viactiv, but when I chewed it it didn't dissolve in my mouth and I was afraid to swallow it. So y'all have used it and it's ok?
  22. Here's the band forming a triangle shape: (I'm not sure which band it is--the video doesn't say....) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvKvmCVDVDY]YouTube - Inflating a gastric band (Swedish)[/ame] I wasn't given a choice because my surgeon only uses the Allergan band...
  23. JRT Mom

    Realize band

    never mind..nothing to see here...please keep moving....
  24. This is a great thread! Right now I am totally consumed with my lap band life--it's all I think about. I'm looking forward to getting to the solid food stage and maybe can stop obsessing. But I know what you mean--everyone I meet wants to know about getting banded and life with a band. I think the band companies should pay us money with all the advertising we do for them! Manatee-can you find a new circle of friends that never knew you were heavy? Join a new club or something? Then you won't be "the fat guy who lost all the weight", you'll be the new guy who's so hot! (yes, I've seen your pictures.....:Angel_anim:)
  25. It's a good thing you caught it! Clots are dangerous because if pieces break off of a clot in your leg in can end up in your lungs causing a pulmonary embolism, or in your brain, which causes strokes. Not trying to scare y'all, but this is why the docs are so cautious with the stockings, leg massagers and the anticoagulant shots. The odds are small for having a clot, but even one is too many!