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  1. JRT Mom

    Lap Band Removal

    I got mine 10 years ago and it worked great-until it didn't. I was never able to eat meat without getting sick, so I just became a vegetarian, but I was OK with that and now I'm happy about it. But back in January I started to slime and vomit almost immediately after EVERY meal, so I had the fill removed and then only got sick about three times a week. But that respite only lasted about 2 months, then I was getting sick again, even after just drinking water sometimes. They did barium swallows and it looked great-no slips, dilations-things of that sort-but still something was wrong. So I went back to the surgeon where he explained that if even if everything looked great on an x-ray, scar tissue develops where the band rubs the stomach, and that's what's causing the restrictions even with no fill in the band. And it was just a matter of time before it restricted so bad NOTHING would get through it without much difficulty. So it's coming out Nov 20 and being revised to an RNY during the same surgery, and I can't wait. I hope I'm not changing one problem for another, but I don't think so. The plus of this is the transition should be easy since I've practiced the "eating rules" for 10 years and know the difference between "head hunger" and true hunger, and maybe finally I can eat without dreading it and wondering "would I get sick THIS meal". I know the portions will still be small, but if they go down without the sliming and "productive burping" and pain I'll be happy!
  2. JRT Mom

    Will I ever learn?????

    Now THAT'S some DoorDash delivery!!
  3. Ahh, the voice of reason here. There's one in every crowd...😉 I gave up almost all sugar back in May when they decided I had a touch of the diabetes so I've been mostly good. But there WILL be a piece of cheesecake in there...
  4. JRT Mom

    carbonated drinks?

    I just found out at my final preop visit that my surgeon allows carbonation after two months--HAPPY DANCE!!💃🕺
  5. JRT Mom


    Dang that's some fast work. I hope your surgeon did a good job because it sounds like they are in it for the money and yes, I realize that they ALL are to some degree, but one week? No psych consultation or nutritionist visits? There is a lot more to this surgery than the operation itself, so I hope you come to this forum for some help if you run into pitfalls from the lack of education on your surgeon's part. Good luck and I mean it with good wishes and not sarcasm...😊
  6. Does alcohol alone make you dump? So straight moonshine would be OK?😀 Is it just sugary mixers that's the problem?
  7. Unfortunately I have a screwed up lap band that needs to be removed and converted to a RNY so I can't eat almost anything right now unless it is smooshy so no major binges like pizza, but I WILL get a piece of cheesecake down!
  8. Ya know, I'm not much of a drinker but this thread is making me want to hit the bar.....😁
  9. JRT Mom

    November Surgery

    This sh*t is getting REAL, y'all! I had my final preop visit yesterday and right now I am a go for Nov 20. That's in 11 days!! I'm freekin and happy at the same time. The nutritionist gave me my eating plan and they only make you do clear liquids one week, so THAT'S good...
  10. JRT Mom

    Just want Ice cold drinks

    I had my last visit with my dietician prior to my surgery, and I was amazed that they allow diet soda, as long as you wait two months to let the stomach sutures totally heal. That made me happy!
  11. JRT Mom


    Do you have a Sams Club near you? They have protein water with no carbs and 15 g protein per bottle. And it doesn't totally taste like a$$... Protein2O I haven't had my surgery yet but have been drinking it for a while and certainly will use it after surgery. Hang in there, it WILL get better!
  12. JRT Mom

    Help! In Terrible Need of Positive Vibes

    Hopefully I get my RNY on Nov 20, and then I'll be contacting YOU for support!! 😁
  13. JRT Mom

    Mental Health Evaluation

    Aj Tylo, I think I'm in love. Will you marry me? What's that, honey? Oh wait, that was my hubby reminding me I'm already married....SIGH....
  14. JRT Mom

    MJ use for pain

    I'm envious. she's not legal here in VA but IS in DC, which I visit frequently! 😉
  15. JRT Mom

    MJ use for pain

    If you use edibles just be careful of the sugar content--if you've had an RNY you wouldn't want to dump from the sugar. There's some low sugar edibles out there--check with your friend Google to find them.
  16. JRT Mom

    14-day Pre-op Starts Today

    You are doing great! 14 days is a looooong preop fast...
  17. JRT Mom

    Mental Health Evaluation

    Three visits?? That sounds excessive. Mine did it in one, and I had minimal testing to do. Mostly we sat and talked and he asked me questions to be sure I understood the gravity (ha, did you see what I did there?) of WLS. Psych docs must be incredibly busy. The first one that I called was willing to file a claim on Medicare for my visit, but when I made the appointment in August she wasn't going to be able to see me until December, and since I'd be eligible for surgery in Nov I didn't want to wait that long. So I got on the internet and found one that only would take cash on the barrel head but could see me in two weeks, so I went with him. So, shop around and you might be able to find one that takes less visits for approval.
  18. Pug-Mom-Patti- You look AMAZING! And you've lost all that weight since March? I'm going to say something, and I hope you don't take it like the stuff they usually say to compliment overweight women "oh, she has SUCH a lovely face"... but you have the most beautiful hair! Mine used to be that color when I was young but has first gotten darker (and then grayer) as I've gotten -ahem- more mature.
  19. You look great and you both are an attractive couple! (I'm assuming you are seeing the girl in the jeans and not the lady with the lantern, right?😁
  20. JRT Mom

    Surgery Date

    Again, being nosy--are you using advanced surgical partners? I saw them when I started having problems with my 10 year old lap band. I liked the doctor but his office staff was a mess- wouldn't return calls when they said they would, no follow through for scheduling tests, etc. And they incorrectly told me that since I've already had a bariatric procedure that Medicare won't pay for a revision. Medicare didn't pay for the first one so why would they balk at a revision? Anyway I knew I needed the band removed regardless of whether or not I could get a revision and was unhappy with ASPs office, so I did some "doctor shopping" on the internet and found Virginia Bariatric Surgery Center in Reston and their office is so helpful and better informed and helpful than the other. I've said before that there are lots of good doctors out there, but if the "front half" of the practice is a disaster it doesn't matter how good the "back half" is! Laura
  21. Like I said above, you have to do it for YOUR reasons. There are no right or wrong motives. And I love the honesty here!
  22. Darlin that ship sailed for me a loooooong time ago...and I'm not sure I ever got to board it in the first place!😁 Seriously, it really doesn't matter what motivates us to lose weight. The fact that we ARE motivated is what's important, and your motivation is as good as any, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
  23. JRT Mom

    Surgery Date

    That's so sweet! I feel better knowing I have your prayers and blessing. I'm Virginian, born and bred. Never lived anywhere else. I have some good friends in Ohio, which is a beautiful state. I love the Lancaster area. I almost when to college at JMU but went to Virginia Tech instead. Both great schools! We ain't ALL angels in Virginia, but I think there's more angels than devils, just like everywhere!😉
  24. JRT Mom

    Surgery Date

    YES!!! If all goes well and all the hoops are jumped through, mine is November 20 also! And you are in Virginia also? Can I be nosy and ask where? I live in SW Virginia (Christiansburg) but have to go to NoVa to have my bypass done. This is great!
  25. JRT Mom

    Help! In Terrible Need of Positive Vibes

    Man, I wish I had some good advice for you. I COULD say "well, what kind of friends are they if they don't support you in this" but that doesn't make it any less hurtful. But hopefully some of them are TRUE friends an will support you through thick and thin (😁) and your appearance or eating habits will not affect your friendship in any way. Do you have bariatric support groups near you? That is a great place to meet lots of people who are going through what you are so they will understand the changes, and you may have some new best friends among them. And I know we all can't go out for a (small) bite (byte?) over the computer, but don't forget you have friends here! Come visit often.😘