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  1. JRT Mom

    Soft solids

    I start that stage on Wednesday. I was at Sam's tonight torturing myself in the food section, and found a pimiento cheese spread made from gouda cheese! Only 8 grams fat and no carbs. It should be perfect as soft food!
  2. JRT Mom


    Took me a week, and then went out and bought a bottle of miralax. Well, the threat of miralax might have been enough, because later that day the train came through....now it's only every three days, where before it was a daily train. I think if nothings going in, nothings coming out...
  3. JRT Mom

    Surgery Scheduled

    I'm sure you'll do great. Finding this forum really will prepare you for what to expect and how to cope with it. There are some negative peeps here, and I don't think the downers are inherently mean, they are going through a rough patch, but mostly a bunch of folks that DO care how it goes for you, and after you are "on the other side" with us you'll help the next batch of WLS newbies, Glad you joined us!
  4. You look great! I see by your ticker that you are below your goal. I hope you're not trying to lose more...you look fantastic where you are!
  5. You were very beautiful even before your surgery. But now, WOWZA!
  6. JRT Mom

    Before and After Pics

    You look fabulous! But I must say when I saw the second picture I thought, "Not only did she get skinny, but she grew about 3 feet and look at those killer abs!" 😁
  7. JRT Mom

    Hurts to drink water

    I didn't have to give up NSAIDs after my bypass--only because I gave them up several years ago! They were giving me ulcers even with a normal stomach. So when the doc told me "no NSAIDs" I just laughed. Have you tried sugar free popsicles? When I couldn't drink water I'd eat those, and they were helpful.
  8. I read your post and was shocked, but then I saw your legs--DANG! It's obvious you've been working your a$$ off--literally! Great job! Oops-I read your thread title and thought maybe I shouldn't have commented on your legs, but I can't not-they are amazing. So Seriously, who are these people that freely make comments about your body one of them is me!
  9. JRT Mom

    Surgery has been scheduled!

    Yay! This will be both exciting and scary at the same time, but hang in there--it will be worth it!
  10. Whoa, you musta felt like a train hit you when you woke up. I applaud your guts! (not literally😁) It makes total sense to do it all at once as long as you can handle being under anaesthesia for so long. Glad it went well!
  11. JRT Mom

    4 days post op

    Welcome to the other side! 6 days was the magic number for me when all the gas was gone. Hang in there!
  12. JRT Mom

    5 days post op

    Welcome to the other side, Bill! The neck and chest pain took me 5 full days to get rid of, but it DID finally go away. Give it a couple more days and see if you feel better. If you are getting short of breath and feeling faint maybe you should slow down--are you doing too much too soon?
  13. Ditto what lizza123 said. I used to love protein shakes and one week out from a bypass I can't get them down. But the Isopure zero carb proteins drink go down fine. Give that a try. The sugar free popsicles are a godsend!
  14. Yay, Jake H! You RAWK!
  15. JRT Mom

    I must be nuts!!

    I get to eat some watered down mashed potatoes, but I'm happy!
  16. JRT Mom

    Did mine today - by robot

    Domo Arigato, Mister Roboto.... I'm not sure how mine was done. I had seven puctured--the worst was an incision they had to do to retrieve my old lap band port. Then I got lovenox shots in my belly twice a day. When I see him in three weeks I'll ask if Gort did my surgery.
  17. JRT Mom


    Do you see dead people? I want to hire you to talk to my mother and ask her for her pumpkin pie recipe that she took to the grave with her...
  18. You are two days ahead of me (lap band to RNY) and you are right--it's worse than you expect but I now feel I have turned the corner and just might live...😁 But dang, your surgeon is really aggressive on your post op diet. I'm one week out and overjoyed that I get to eat cottage cheese and watered down mashed taters. I can add meat at week three, but since I'm a vegetarian that's no help. I can eat 1/2 an egg at three weeks, though...and I'm so happy I'm cackling!
  19. I had two barium swallow tests that showed my band was in perfect position, but I was still tossing up most of what I ate, so my surgeon said I had to get it removed, and he would do an RNY in the same surgery. He likes to do it in one surgery if he can...less cost and one less chance for anaesthesia complications. He thinks the bypass is actually better to do than the sleeve on a one-surgery revision. Well, he got in there, and my band HAD slipped, and on top of that I had a hiatal hernia! When he cam to see me after the procedure I asked him why everything looked good on the xrays, he said it's not uncommon for slips and hernias not to show up on the xrays.
  20. Hi guys I'm curious what-if any- extra foods are you eating or drinking before your surgery knowing you won't get to eat them afterwards? Any weird cravings or food rituals? I only have 11 days and three of them is a clear liquid diet so I KNOW there's gonna be a chocolate shake and a piece of cheesecake somewhere in there....
  21. JRT Mom

    Struggling with food cravings

    TV is a good distraction, but only if you are watching a DVR'ed program so you can fast forward over all the food commercials. I'm on my pre-op liquid diet and the food commercials are killing me. Even the dog food ones look yummy...😁
  22. JRT Mom

    3 Year Sleeve Anniversary

    I certainly wasn't saying I feel this way. I meant that society, as a rule, unfairly judges us by our outside appearances. Many studys support this--overweight people are definitely discriminated against, especially in the work place. You give that before and after picture of RussT to a manager and ask him which person he would rather hire? The manager is going to pick the thin one, every time. again, my post wasn't saying I felt any different about either picture--it was just a comment on the sad truth of how overweight people get stereotyped.
  23. JRT Mom

    Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!

    You ladies are Goddesses! Turn down the thermostat--it's gettin hot in here! I hope to look like that someday...
  24. JRT Mom

    Weight loss and gain

    Save yourself the frustration of these daily fluctuations and DON'T weigh daily! Weigh once a week to see more meaningful results.
  25. Tell him the truth up front. Any relationship that develops between you shouldn't start with duplicity. If he is truly interested in you he shouldn't care about what you eat...or don't eat. Charm your date with your dazzling personality, NOT your food choices! Go and have a great time!