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  1. There's not been much good news about this pandemic and having to wear masks all the time. But I finally found one! I've gotten sensitive about my "turkey wattle" but don't want to pay the cost of plastic surgery. But wearing a mask--instant face lift! I look YEARS younger with a mask on!!😁
  2. JRT Mom

    Re-sleeve to Bypas

    I think the weight loss after revision has a lot to do with whether or not you gained weight and how much. If you didn't, there won't be much loss, but if you did, you should lose as much as you did after the first procedure. It might come off a bit more slowly, but you should eventually lose the excess weight.
  3. JRT Mom

    Can fruit cause dumping syndrome??

    I asked my dietician the same question because I was afraid to eat fruit in fear that I dump. She said it's not likely because the fiber in the fruit keeps the sugar from getting into your intestines too quickly.
  4. JRT Mom

    Multi-day hikes after WLS

    This is a great question- I live near the Appalachian Trail and want to do some longer hikes there. I'm not concerned about the water, but I've wondered about eating enough calories while not eating many carbs. I guess you have to graze all day.
  5. Wow, gr8ful1, you've done wonderfully! You've lost a whole person...yet another success story for Dr Fitzer and his team!
  6. Hi All, Looking for something fun and motivational? This race is a 100 mile virtual walk/run that you have three months to complete. It's only $25 to enter, and you get a cool Tshirt--I KNOW y'all need smaller clothes now, so here's am opportunity to earn a new shirt! So sign up, get motivated and start logging your miles July 1! There's a place on their website to log your miles but I think we should log them here in this thread so we can motivate each other. So please join in and let's all walk/run virtually together!
  7. JRT Mom

    Carpe Diem 100 Mile Challenge!

    Two weeks in and I'm up to 35.5 miles. The shortest has been 2 miles and the longest is 5 miles. Other than not wanting to walk on the days I work it's been fun and easy, even in the near 90 degree weather we've been having. Losing weight has certainly made toleration heat MUCH easier!
  8. I had my band-bypass conversion by Dr Fitzer almost 8 months ago. I stayed two nights, but I had not just the conversion but also a hernia repair. If I lived locally I might have been able to go home after one night, but since I had a 5 hour train ride they approved staying an extra night. Now there is a new bariatric surgeon in a city only 30 minutes from where I live. But I was happy with Dr Fitzer and especially his whole staff. A good surgeon is of course important, but how the rest of his staff works is also very important since you only see the doctor that one time but all the follow up is by the office so they have to have their act together!
  9. How about a positive answer? I wish I had known how much fun being a normal weight would be!😁 Or that I can finally look good in clothes!
  10. My eval didn't have a single questionnaire, not one. The doctor just talked to me to find out if I knew the ramifications and permanence of WLS, and asked a few questions about my relationship with food.
  11. JRT Mom

    Newbie here

    I can't add anything that catwoman7 hasn't already said other than welcome to the forum. Come here often and learn as much as you can. The process isn't nearly as scary if you go through it with lots of knowledge and you know what to expect!
  12. The waiting is the worst, isn't it? But don't worry, one day soon the phone'll ring, and your date will be sooner than you expected! Hang in there....
  13. JRT Mom

    Unsupportive friends

    People use the word "friend" to describe a relationship with another person too handily. A true friend will support you even if they don't totally understand everything you do. We need a new term for those people who like spending time with you but disappear when the going gets tough....maybe "Social buddies"? Sounds like your "friend" is a social buddy instead. A true friend wouldn't worry about what you can and cannot eat, instead they should be proud of you that you are trying to take control of your life and health! Good luck and remember you have true friends to commiserate with here!
  14. JRT Mom

    Are you cold?

    When you lose fat you lose a lot of insulation and really feel it! But the terrible cold feeling is largely temporary and as your body equilibrates to your new weight you'll find it easier to tolerate. The plus side is you'll cope much better with the summer heat!
  15. JRT Mom

    Beginning BMI 35 or under

    I started with a BMI of 35 also--204 lbs 5'3". Since I had the comorbidities of high BP and diabetes I was approved by Medicare. My 12 year old lap band had slipped and had to come out, and I knew if I didn't revise it my weight would go back up. If your weight is affecting your joints, take care of it NOW if you can...it'll only get worse as you get older, and you'll find it harder to lose weight as your metabolism slows. Good luck!
  16. JRT Mom

    8 months in...

    Wowza! You look GREAT!! Your surgery was two days after mine, and you've lost more than twice the weight I have! You've obviously been working this HARD!
  17. JRT Mom

    Tomorrow is the day.

    I also had to have a hiatal hernia repair. I had a band removed and RNY also. Other than some discomfort in my shoulder, the pain wasn't bad at all. As soon as you can, get up and start walking to help alleviate it. Don't be shy about requesting pain medicine also, as long as you stay on top of the pain it will be minimal. If you try to "tough it out", it's harder to get rid of pain than it is to prevent it. Good luck, you got this! See you on the other side!
  18. JRT Mom

    Dinner date dear

    I don't know if Thai restaurants have this, but when we'd go out to Chinese I always got egg drop soup.
  19. JRT Mom

    2 yr trouble

    These are trying times for people trying to cope after WLS. Try to find a hobby that keeps your mind and hands busy. Get outside as much as you can safely. Just going for a short walk will help you feel more empowered. It's tough to self soothe when the use of food as a coping mechanism has been taken away from you. Hang in there--you GOT this!
  20. JRT Mom

    Self conscious

    Ahhh, it's hard to remember how self conscious you are as a teenager. When you're my age you don't really give a sh*t about what people think--it's one of the few advantages of getting old! Riva G, just remember that you've lost almost a hundred pounds and look GREAT! So try to focus on your accomplishments instead of what you think people are thinking about you. They are probably not watching you and thinking badly of you, but even if they are, you are doing this for YOU and your health! Good luck and hang in there--you GOT this!
  21. Hey Mikeyy! Me likey! 😁 Seriously you've done amazingly well! Now don't get too skinny on us...😘
  22. Kristieshannon, keep us posted on your journey! Your picture could be of me--my arms look just like yours! So when I see your "after" pictures I'll know what mine would look like!🤣
  23. JRT Mom

    They MEAN well, but...

    I had a coworker come up to me and wanted to talk about my weight loss. I'm a *ahem* mature age--66. She was afraid to bring it up-she worried that I was sick. I love it when people notice, but I just thank them for noticing. So if people are joking with you, take it in stride--it's their way of complimenting you for a job well done! You worked hard for it, own it!😁
  24. JRT Mom

    To tell or not to tell

    I didn't tell many people when I initially got the surgery, but now I have everyone asking me how I lost so much weight and I proudly tell them. WLS is NOT a cop-out--it doesn't show lack of will power or laziness. It's still a lot of work and will power. What it DOES show is your commitment to better your life and health! It shows what means you are willing to go through to obtain it. Good luck!
  25. JRT Mom

    Emergency Band Removal

    Hopefully after seven years of life with your band you have learned good eating habits and portion control. As long as you continue to eat the same things you have been you shouldn't gain weight just because your band is gone. You are going to have to be super diligent not to eat larger portions just because you can. Good luck!