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  1. dsrjrr


    I can drink some just not alot at one time I had a fill about 1 week ago!Im up to 3.2 in a 4cc band
  2. dsrjrr


    Okay this is gross but I feel like I have vomit sitting in my throat most of the time!Is this acid reflux?I am eating very litttle but cant get my water in without sliming (640z)do you think this sounds like Im to tight??Thanks:help:
  3. I was banded on April 11th and had my 3rd fill this past Thurs. Im up to 3.2 and I may alittle to tight Ive been pbing alot since then
  4. Okay Im not doing any exercise (bad me) but I saw the comm. for core rhythm and wanted to know do any of yall own it and use it??Is it easy?Does it work??Thanks
  5. dsrjrr


    Ive read so much about rice not being a good food for lapbanders so I finally got up the nerve to try it since April,and guess what I can eat rice!! Yeah for me,because I LOVE RICE!!!!!!!!!!!:hungry:
  6. dsrjrr

    Hot dogs?

    Okay Im just fine with a hot dog just no bun!!Everyone is different.
  7. dsrjrr

    What is your goal weight based on?

    Okay I might be alittle off but im 5'3 and my goal is 140!
  8. dsrjrr

    Christmas Lovers Thread

    Okay im glad someone else is thinking of the season ive already begun shopping but just when i see something on sale and it reminds me of them!I would love to weigh 175 for Christmas and I would need to loose 26 pds for that to happen.
  9. dsrjrr

    Crazy Question

    Nope it come after I have started to slime.
  10. dsrjrr

    Crazy Question

    I was wondering if im nuts or what,every time I slime my nose drips like a freight train!Does anyone else experience this?If so I wonder why??:usa2:
  11. dsrjrr


    What causes this?I surely hope this doesnt happened again!!!I thought I was dying LOL
  12. dsrjrr


    Today at lunch I tried to eat a Healthy Choice pizza and I started hurting in my chest then I spit up 2 times but it was noting but really thick spit,is this sliming?If not what is it?Sorry for being so gross.:omg:
  13. dsrjrr

    Tuna Burgers

    Hi guys I saw a recipie on Paulas cooking show and I tried it tonight(yummy) 1 can tuna in water drainned,1 egg,bread crumbs,onions(optional)then I made into burgers and put them on the grill they were soo good for something alittle different!!!:hungry:
  14. dsrjrr

    2nd fill

    Gotta a question got my 2nd fill on Thurs. and Ive got a bruise is this normal?My first fill I didnt up to 2.6 in my 4 cc band i hope i soon get restriction!!
  15. dsrjrr

    Normal 1st fill amount

    Well guys im 2 weeks out from my last fill and NOTHING,still can eat anything and everything,going in for 2nd fill on June 22!I havent lost a pound from 1st fill.

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