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    Daftgirl reacted to KCgirl061 in 6 mos after surgery - feel like my stomach grew   
    Keep in mind those shakes do not sit in your stomach and keep you full as long as solid foods will. Try changing up your diet a little bit - less Liquid Protein and more solid Protein. See if that helps keep you full longer and away from unnecessary snacking.
    Also, depending on how intensely you're working out - muscle building? weight lifting? you may need more calories for your body to recover and rebuild muscle and by craving more to eat your body is letting you know that its not getting enough.
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    Daftgirl reacted to elcee in 6 mos after surgery - feel like my stomach grew   
    Stomachs do relax or stretch and you will find that as time goes on you will be able to eat more. That is why it is important to establish good habits early on and to know when to stop
  3. Congrats!
    Daftgirl got a reaction from ms.sss in Non Scale Victories   
    Wearing a single digit pants size for first time in adult life, even when I was a fit teen/20 something, I wasnt a single digit!
    seeing definition in my arms and legs from working out
  4. Congrats!
    Daftgirl got a reaction from ms.sss in Non Scale Victories   
    Wearing a single digit pants size for first time in adult life, even when I was a fit teen/20 something, I wasnt a single digit!
    seeing definition in my arms and legs from working out
  5. Congrats!
    Daftgirl got a reaction from ms.sss in Non Scale Victories   
    Wearing a single digit pants size for first time in adult life, even when I was a fit teen/20 something, I wasnt a single digit!
    seeing definition in my arms and legs from working out
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    Daftgirl reacted to domi in Time it takes to eat food   
    It takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it is full. I try to st my food down between bites. This make me slow down a little. Also cut up your string cheese knowing you can eat 1/4 of it every 10 minutes. Our bodies are used to mindlessly eating. Sit down and concentrate on chewing each bite. Not always easy, but we are retraining ourselves. I have found if I eat slower I have less gurgling and less gas afterwards. Best of luck to you.
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    Daftgirl reacted to shanza in Time it takes to eat food   
    I'm a fast eater too. I chew chew and chew, but I'm still done by 10 minutes. But I also eye what I know I can eat, and I still usually can't finish that as the burping starts per se, and then I just stop and then I'm more than satified.
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    Daftgirl reacted to Jazzy1125 in Time it takes to eat food   
    i use a timer. 1-2 minutes between bites..1 min if soft like scrambled egg, 2 anything else. I have found that if i do not do that.. i dont get in more than 3 bites.. it truly helps get your food in. It typically takes me 30-45 min due to timers and size of bites.
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    Daftgirl reacted to GradyCat in Time it takes to eat food   
    I'm gurgling too and taking in lots of air I think when I eat, so I must be eating too fast as well. It's hard to slow down, especially when something doesn't involve a lot of chewing.
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    Daftgirl reacted to Ed_NW in Time it takes to eat food   
    I have a hard time slowing down when I eat because I'm always busy doing something else. I struggle with taking 30 minutes to eat a small meal like the nut wants me to do so I end up with tons of gas all the time witch is the worse part of this journey so far. I end up just consuming Premier Protein for convenience. I wonder if I can just live on 3 of those a day for the rest of my life? LOL
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    Daftgirl reacted to notmyname in Time it takes to eat food   
    I use very small utensils. I have some that are appetizer size. And some that are just smaller (link below). It really helps me slow down. Takes me about 20 mn to eat about 2 oz of Protein and 50g of veg.

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    Daftgirl reacted to Glamgirl in Time it takes to eat food   
    ughh i always have to watch myself with that... its a constant struggle... i mean 30 minutes is very slow to eat such a small meal. I do it though because If I eat too fast then I vomit it back up and then I don't want to eat at all. And to note I am 9 months post op!
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    Daftgirl reacted to SteveT74 in Time it takes to eat food   
    Uhhhh... I know I am doing this wrong, because I am still kinda wolfing down my food. I can eat 4oz of roast been in about 5-8 minutes. I also don't feel an worse for the wear afterwards. If I don't measure out my food though and I eat fast, I can out pace my sleeve and then I am not a happy campy and its vomit city. There's no way I am going to eat one bite every one or two minutes. I don't have the time when I am busy feeding the kids, getting them ready for school, working etc. Everything is always a rush. I just have to find a happy compromise.
  14. Congrats!
    Daftgirl got a reaction from ms.sss in Non Scale Victories   
    Wearing a single digit pants size for first time in adult life, even when I was a fit teen/20 something, I wasnt a single digit!
    seeing definition in my arms and legs from working out
  15. Congrats!
    Daftgirl reacted to Sullie06 in Non Scale Victories   
    Sometimes NSV are the best victories! I've had quite a few in the last year but here are some:
    I can fit comfortably in the chairs in our conference room at work, the arms used to dig into my legs and hips so bad.
    I can shop in straight size stores only now, no more bouncing between plus and straight
    I need new wedding rings, my fingers have gone down so much I can't even have my rings resized!! Yay new wedding set!!
    Calf boots, I can wear them all. I also went down a shoe size so I need all new shoes on top of a new wardrobe.
    I can see my feet again when I look down instead of just my belly, also my boobs are bigger than my belly again, thank god.
    I can do 40-60 minutes on the Elliptical and not need a break. The first time I got on I couldn't even do 5 minutes.
    I'm smaller than my husband for the first time ever.
    I can cross my legs comfortably and love doing it.

  16. Congrats!
    Daftgirl reacted to wiscogal in Non Scale Victories   
    I love boots so congrats on that!!!! I’m hoping my boots (wide calf) will fit better soon. I can get them zipped but it’s like compression socks.

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    Daftgirl reacted to MeanSleevedMachine in One year mark   
    Mikeyy, I was 6’5” 489 the day of my surgery and I am 6’7” 278 today. I was 6’6” and a half (barefooted) and 310 lbs when I played college football. All that weight had actually shrunk me. If you look in the photos you can see I am markedly taller now.
  18. Congrats!
    Daftgirl reacted to MeanSleevedMachine in One year mark   
    I am not quite to the one year mark, that will be May 10th of this year. My life has changed so much for the better that I wish I had done this years ago.

    First, it is a lot of hard work. I log everything I eat. I light weighs 3-5 times a week religiously. I walk 5-10 miles a day religiously.

    That said, I do occasionally eat foods I shouldn’t. I eat cake on my birthday. I eat ice cream once a week with my daughters. I still eat a bun with my hamburger and if I go watch a movie in theaters I will eat popcorn because life is too good to pass up and I want to experience it. I’m not perfect by any means but I’ve worked hard and 90% of the time I do exactly what I should be doing. I’ve dropped a ton of weight. Before I had the surgery I took 11 pills a day for various health issues. Today, I take zero prescribed medications and haven’t for the last three months. The only medicine I take now are Vitamins.< br />
    I was super worried before the surgery — it is a massive surgery when you think about someone cutting out large chunks of a vital organ. I had two little kids, a 1 year old and a 3 year old at the time. All I could think of was what if it went wrong and I left them without a dad. That said, at the weight I was at, I was going to eventually eat myself into an early grave and leave them without a father anyway.

    I’m glad I took the plunge. I lost the majority of my weight in the first six months. It started to slow down around the 9th month and the last three I’ve lost about 6 lbs a month. I’ve already hit my goal. I’m about 22lbs away from my vanity goal that I never thought I would hit before surgery. I tried to be realistic but I think I might surpass my vanity goal at this rate.

    Here are pictures.

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    Daftgirl got a reaction from Frustr8 in Time it takes to eat food   
    Im 4 weeks post op. I think I’m eating way too fast despite eating relatively small bites and chewing a ton. How long should it take me to eat, let’s say, 2 string cheese sized-cheese sticks with a slice or two of ham or turkey deli meat? Should it take me a half an hour? Or like 10 minutes? I feel like I’m rushing because my stomach is making gurgling noises after so I know Im really rushing it.
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    Daftgirl reacted to AggiG in Time it takes to eat food   
    I take my time because I tend to get sick to my stomach if I eat too fast. Just conscientiously slow down and take your time.
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    Daftgirl got a reaction from nicolledub in December 2018 Sleevers!   
    Im scheduled for surgery Dec 21. Im more worried about the pre op and post op liquid diet and my nosey coworkers than I am the pain and holiday meals!
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    Daftgirl reacted to John Kitsu in First day "soft" food- too dry?   
    I had surgery around the time you did and plain white chicken meat is a bit tough for me too. My doc told me to stay away from turkey which is even more fibrous and dry.
    If forced I could chew down chicken thigh meat, especially if it is simmered in sauce or cooked with a bit of butter/fat to help it slide. Minced or ground chicken is fantastic though and I have no problem with that. I've had in the form of Chinese Chicken and Egg Drop Flower Soup, Chicken Bolognese (w/o the pasta), and tsukune (Japanese ginger chicken meatball skewers).
    My doc said there really is no rush, it's not a race, in fact more problems are caused by people pushing themselves too hard. Even though they would like me to follow a 5-week plan to normal foods, he told me realistically there is no concern unless I can't get to that point by 3 months, which is the end of November.
    I would also say—and I am mostly saying this to remind myself—when you feel that lump-in-chest feeling—don't eat or drink for a while. Give it more than the 30 mins. Act like the meal ended and go about your day before ingesting anything else. That should stop the vomiting and let your system process whatever you just ate.
    Best of luck!
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    Daftgirl reacted to BelleOfBatonRouge in First day "soft" food- too dry?   
    My coordinator told me that when I’m allowed chicken on my soft food stages, it needs to be super moist- like cooked in the crockpot and drizzled with sauce moist. She specifically used rotisserie chicken as an example of what not to eat when I enter soft foods.
    I love crockpot recipes, and while I have tons of favorites a good simple one is chicken (thigh will be juicier, breast if that’s what you prefer) with a can of cream of mushroom Soup. Cook it on low for a few hours until it easily shreds. Mmm my mouth is watering now- I can have this in two weeks!
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    Daftgirl reacted to Lizaboo in First day "soft" food- too dry?   
    Thanks, John Kitsu. That is good to know, especially since turkey was on their calendar for lunch today. LOL. Oh dear. It sounds like all of my grocery shopping I just did won't do me much good now.
    I really am appreciating everyone's feedback a great deal. It sounds like you are all finding some wonderful methods and your coordinators have had some great suggestions. Thank you for helping!!
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    Daftgirl reacted to RickM in First day "soft" food- too dry?   
    Dark meat poultry is usually better tolerated than light meat at this point - the extra fat and moisture helps it go down easier. Likewise, meat lube - gravies and sauces are helpful now (but not so much later when they might lead to over eating.) While it is generally good to get away from the Protein Drinks as soon as one can and get into real foods, we still need the Protein, so one should use them as long as needed until all of your protein needs can be met with real food - that can be a big variable.
    Don't be concerned about how other programs define their stages or what they allow when - we never had a liquid or puree stage as it was all mushed together along with soft foods that we could progress through as our tolerances dictated for that first month or so. If mushy things like oatmeal or cream of wheat are what settles well for you now, go for it, and just sample other things in small quantities to see how they work.

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