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    celticNgel reacted to shedo82773 in At the beginning - need a pal.   
    You are welcome. I would say for sure the 1 thing I would suggest is RESEARCH everything. Each surgery has Pros and Con's. Maybe a little later you could join in on a Support Group locally. Having a good support team is so important. Good Luck and KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!
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    celticNgel reacted to shedo82773 in At the beginning - need a pal.   
    Welcome!! Do you want to find someone that is having weight loss surgery around the same time as you or someone that has had their surgery? I am 4 years out If I can help in any way just let me know. Again welcome!! I am sure you will find a Weight Loss Buddy. Good Luck and if I can be some help just let me know.
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    celticNgel got a reaction from AZLoser in What's your reason for your obesity   
    I am an emotional eater, and I am on a medication that put 60 lbs on my already heavy body. My doc is emphatic that I stay on it, so I found another way! Now, I MUST deal with the emotional eating part!!!
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    celticNgel got a reaction from Rainbow_Warrior in Absolutely Terrified of my impending procedure this Tuesday   
    Good for you!!! That's what I was hoping you would say. I say this again, YOU GOT THIS! You're not going to die, you'll live in a much healthier manner! Do not let your anxiety own you. You are a strong man who is taking charge of his life.
    I've never been thin. I always say that I was born a size 16 and stayed that way. You can yo-yo the rest of your life or stand up and say NO MORE! I WILL NOT LIVE THIS WAY FOR ONE MORE MOMENT! I will be thin, healthy and fit! I will not cave or capitulate, I will take charge of this weight!
    Perhaps you can look at this as if your fat is making you anxious right now because it doesn't want to go away and visualize yourself picking up that scalpel and sending it on it's merry way!!!
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    celticNgel got a reaction from GassyGurl in Absolutely Terrified of my impending procedure this Tuesday   
    Bahahahaha! Way to go Jacob, Never Never Never let go of that sense of humor!
    On Tuesday morning I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself "You got this Jacob! You are strong and you are on your way to a whole new journey that will end up at the end of the rainbow!!!!"
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    celticNgel reacted to Jheckman1986 in Absolutely Terrified of my impending procedure this Tuesday   
    Well i already know I'm strong when i can gallop up a flight of stares with a couch on top of my shoulders with the cushions still attached. But i see what you are saying and i just need a swift kick in the butt (From myself) to keep my nerve in check.
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    celticNgel reacted to DropWt4Life in I regret this surgery   
    In the words of Rodney King..."Can we all just get along?". I hate going into threads and seeing people argue. We are all here to support each other. That is the reason for even developing this site. I was in a thread for Veterans the other day, and it appears a lot of Veterans left because of people forming sides and arguing with each other. There are some threads that people create just purely because they need support and encouraging words. They don't want to feel judged.
    Others are trying to help, but come off as judging or putting those people down. I get it. Tough love and all. Let's just agree that QueenTiff's feelings are real feelings, and expressing them here is what she needed to do to maybe find others that feel the same way. We are all different, and go through this experience differently....But let's try to be supportive, and offer advice or our experiences, in a way that is not sugar coated, but empathetic to the user that is asking for help/guidance.
    Jaminator, I get that you are trying to be helpful, and I understand what you were trying to say. In my experience, it is not what someone means when they say something, it is the way it is taken by people that receive that information.
    I hope we can move forward with empathy and respect toward one another. Man, I sound like this surgery has taken away some of my testosterone! How bout them Cowboys!

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    celticNgel reacted to chasingpolaris321 in I regret this surgery   
    Everyone has moments/days/weeks where everything is painful and difficult both physically and emotionally. I promise you you will feel different in the coming months. Three weeks isn't long enough to truly enjoy the benefits of weight loss, and everyone is right that you will be able to eat what you want (doesn't mean you should necessarily) at about a year out. I've maintained my 100 pound weight loss and have eaten all of my favorite foods at times, but always in moderation because the sleeve gave me that tool. It is a hard place to be in right now, but you can do this. And if it helps to move into acceptance, there's no turning back now! I wish you luck and keep seeking support on this site. It's a lifesaver. Also, ignores the haters! We all are human.
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    celticNgel reacted to Travelher in I regret this surgery   
    what you are feeling is normal. Some people get the feelings of dread and depression and some do not. Just know and take to heart that it is usually temporary.
    Remember that we used to eat to soothe our feelings and now we cannot. Outside of the physical stress your body is under recovering from surgery that is huge! We need to find other ways to deal with stress (mine is shopping...don't follow in my footsteps ).
    You will adjust, you will heal. you will be on here in a couple of months saying you would do it again 10x over. that is the experience of the vast majority.
    I was a revision from a lap band and even knowing how the healing process goes, I still went through moments of feeling like "OMG I will be burping non stop for the rest of my life" (I'm not). or "I'll never be able to drink Water again!" (drinking some now).
    I will tell you that on another board there is a 3 day post op patient spending his days reading horror stories and researching reversals. no complications, no issues...just extreme anxiety and buyers remorse. people are counseling him to get emotional therapeutic help because he is not thinking rationally and could do something that would actually harm him.
    You are doing 200x better by comparison. I sincerely hope he will get help. You will come out of this. This too shall pass.
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    celticNgel reacted to Jheckman1986 in Absolutely Terrified of my impending procedure this Tuesday   
    You got it... I'll pray for both of us!
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    celticNgel reacted to carcan73 in I regret this surgery   
    Even early on in ur surgery you can go out to restaurants with friends. I was only 4 days post-op and went to Japanese Hibachi...of course all I could eat was the clear onion Soup and drink Water, but I got to socialize and be with friends. I asked the waiter to bring me a bowl with everyone elses appetizer and then i ordered another bowl during main course....I didnt finish either and just sipped on it, but at least I had something in front of me while everyone was eating. Last night (7 days post-op) I went to the local bar with my friends and drink very diluted cranberry juice...it looked like a mixed drink to everyone else. There are ways to still socialize and be with those you love in public eating places...u just have to b creative and the socialization may help to get ur mind off what ur dealing with emotionally.

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    celticNgel reacted to LiciKitty in I regret this surgery   
    I'm about 3 months out and my surgeon told me before the surgery that many people will experience "buyers remorse". Your hormones are going crazy still at 3 weeks out, so some of these negative feelings may be attributed to it. I was a hot mess (still kind of am). I recall sitting at the table and literally crying while I ate soft foods because I was miserable. My husband can eat what he pleases and it was distressing at the time to watch him.
    Eventually, this will pass. It's kind of one of the many bumps in this long journey. I don't know how open you are to therapy, but I know I wouldn't have gotten passed this hurdle without my therapist. Sometimes talking without feeling judged helps. I also don't know your prior relationship with food, so I don't know how much of a comfort it was to you. I know for me, my life was food. I used it to cope with everything and after the surgery I had to find different things to use to cope (like exercise and art).
    Try to keep in your mind that this is temporary.
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    celticNgel reacted to jaminator in I regret this surgery   
    I wont baby you. All i did was tell you what you already know and what your doctor SHOULDVE explained to you before the surgery. You are three weeks out, on here commenting that your life is over and everything is ruined....after THREE WEEKS.

    What you should be doing is focusing on your program:
    Drink water
    Eat popsicles or Jello
    Get lots of rest
    find something to engage your mind - and keep you from dwelling on these depressive thoughts you described here
    start working on Protein intake to meet that goal

    You can worry about your friends and your old life and doing all the things from a social aspect later.

    This isnt a Jerky comment....this is providing you an ANSWER to help your original question, but you dont want to hear it so you take offense.
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    celticNgel got a reaction from Jheckman1986 in Absolutely Terrified of my impending procedure this Tuesday   
    Hi Jacob! Welcome to the group! I'm new here too and I am pre-surgery. However, I'm kinda a special case. I had my stomach stapled back in 1990 and have a HUGH scar from my breast bone to my belly button. I'm not afraid of this surgery after THAT nightmare!
    Jacob, you got this!!!!! As a matter of fact you are very lucky to have a surgeon who has diverse skills. Trust him and trust the Lord that you will wake up and start your new life! You are in good hands!
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    celticNgel reacted to FluffyChix in Ready to start dating   
    I know I'm not really qualified to give advice, since I'm still pre-surg, so just ignore it me if you wanna! I think now's the time you can "fish or cut bait" without it hurting you emotionally. I'd almost rather know what the "cut of the man" is like right off the bat. I'd level and tell him where you're coming from and then laugh, make some funny self-deprecating joke and ask if he's game to maybe do something out of the ordinary--like a baseball game, or football/basketball game, etc. Or ask if he's prepared to share about 5 bites of his meal with you--that's you're a cheap date.
    I kinda feel that guys are turned on by humor and girls that can laugh at themselves and their situation--even when it's a tough subject.
    Good luck and bravo for ditchin' the tool!!! You deserve better.
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    celticNgel reacted to Joei in December 19th date.   
    I sent up a prayer for your date too. God bless.

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