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  1. Praise the Lord, I'm 6 months post op, and very thankful my diabetes was reversed as well as severe reflux I had prior to surgery! My weight loss has been slow with many 3 week stalls, and my surgeon recommends I have to increase the protein intake, as I slacked off of protein shakes the last few months. (Just got tired of them). I'm back to having a protein shake of 30 gm. plus what I get in foods to hopefully increase wt. loss & slow down hair loss. Overall, done well down 50 lbs. & Hgb A1C is 5.4 (also off cholesterol med. since surgery, but lab levels creeping back up, keeping a watch on it)
  2. Thanks for sharing the Chipotle Portobello Oven Fajita recipe, looks delicioso & can't wait to try it!
  3. Newme17 you were missed! Hope all is well with you & glad that you're back & sharing veggie recipes as well!
  4. OmaJ

    One year anniversary

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've done an amazing job! You're picture wasn't attached, however I was able to click on the one by your name & you look incredible!
  5. Wow, Praise the Lord you're a walking miracle! And what a blessing that you're already seeing such wonderful health benefits! Wishing you continued success on your journey!
  6. OmaJ

    Oh Hell! Hang on for the ride!

    God bless you, YOU are a walking miracle! I'm glad you mentioned that your surgeon had never done the bypass also, it's good for people to research the surgeon's experience. To say you've been through an ordeal would be an understatement! God blessed you & pulled you through! So thankful you're finally recovered & enjoying better health & life!
  7. OmaJ

    Bowel movements

    My Dr. REALLY likes his pts. to take Miralax (can take 2 Times daily if need be for awhile). I'm 2 and a half months out & still need it most days, once a day. There were a few times I took Senna S at night too. Miralax really made a difference.
  8. OmaJ

    Introducing Me!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your surgery & such success already!!! Long journey getting there, but you did it! May God continue to bless you on your journey.
  9. OmaJ

    Dr. Visit

    Whoo! Whoo! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  10. I am THRILLED with the health benefits thusfar, after seeing my Endocrinologist today! I had surgery over 2 months ago (9/5/17) and my lab results were wonderful! Hgb A1C is 5.7, and have been off weekly Trulicity injections since just prior to surgery, Cholesterol 168 total (HDL, LDL good), Triglycerides down from 168 to 101 and my weight down 30 lbs. - I've had a few wt. loss stalls, but can't complain! Absolutely NO reflux since surgery, and it was severe before. I have been off Cholesterol med. since before surgery & can stay off. Praise the Lord, I feel very blessed!
  11. OmaJ

    3 months post op

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's a great feeling & wonderful job you're doing. Keep up the good work!
  12. I wrote back after a week (since waiting a week to weigh). Mine is slow, 20 lbs. off at 2 months (not counting losing the 10 lbs. I had gained from IV fluids in the hospital). I'm thankful to be losing 2 lbs. a week if that's all I'm averaging for now. What are some of the benefits you're seeing? CONGRATULATIONS on losing 20 lbs. your first month!!!
  13. OmaJ

    One month since my bypass

    CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishments thusfar! You can already see a difference & you're doing great, especially when you consider the set back re: hospitalization, etc. I'm 2 months out & have only lost 20 lbs., but am focusing on the benefits so far & weighing weekly instead of daily helps too. I too had really felt down when I hit a 3 week stall that lasted for 3 weeks! Thank God that passed!
  14. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! GREAT pictures, and you look amazing! CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishments, success, and amazing journey! Thanks for sharing
  15. Thank you! 😃 I tried to correct spelling of a word & it posted my recipe twice, LOL. Attempted to delete one, but didn't see an option to.