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    Bridgette, I'm so very sorry this happened. Please take care. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you. Di Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. I had my surgery at KPNW on October 10th and I received excellent care. # 1. Yes, gaining weight is a thing. I didn't need to do that for approval because my BMI was 43. #2 you follow a program, the eating classes are about 3 months with an RD. These are great classes and I'm glad Kaiser has us do them. Once you are approved and your DOR refers you to the bariatric team, the bariatric team will approve or not approve you for the program. Once you are approved into the program, if you lose weight and get below the BMI, it doesn't matter. Once your approved, your approved. They do not punish you for losing the weight and following the program. I hope this helps. You can ask me all you want. Di
  3. Deemar007

    Non-bariatric comments - vent

    Hello, I hear what you're venting about and I see your point. You would know better than I, but do you think they are just trying to connect with you on losing weight? My best friend is 98 pounds soaking wet, she has seen me struggle with my weight for years. Many years ago, she went on a cruise and gained five pounds. Now that isn't a lot for me, you can't see it if I gain five pounds, however, someone 5'1' and 98 pounds, you can see it! She told me she couldn't wear any of her jeans ect ect. All of a sudden, she got real quiet. Then she said to me, " I'm so sorry Di, I only need to lose five pounds, you should of told me to shut up"! Here is what I said to her," Janice, it doesn't matter if it's five pounds or 95 pounds, it's all the same struggle for all of us". That is just how I look at it. I hope your journey goes well, and you can vent to us anytime. Di
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    Multivitamin Patches

    Thank you for the information on the patches. I will try them when i get under 180 pounds. Di
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    Vegan or Vegetarian RNY Mentor

    Hi Roadrunner! I'm excited for your upcoming surgrey. Wow! You're really close now! Let's keep in touch. Di
  6. Deemar007

    Multivitamin Patches

    Oh gosh! I love the idea! However, we were told in class that there is no proof, or not enough proof anyway that these actually would be absorbed through our skin. everything in me screams, WELL WHY NOT?? But since I am not educated enough on the patches, I made the decision to listen to the Doctor and RDs in my bariatric group. Di
  7. If you love chocolate, you just might enjoy the hot flavored chocolate they sell on this website. I have tried Amaretto, Raspberry and the hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows. This is what I have at work while others eat donuts, candy, pie, ect... There is ALWAYS food at our clinic in the break room. I can say I have not been tempted. Di
  8. Deemar007

    Pre Op Diet

    Congratulations! You can do it!
  9. Deemar007

    Vegan or Vegetarian RNY Mentor

    Hi Roadrunner! I actually feel amazing! I have lost 40 pounds since October 10th 2017. I too would like to know how vegans lose compared to non vegans. I am collecting vegan menus from Meal Mentor. I get new vegan recipes each week. She teaches "batch cooking" if you're into that. Looks like you are doing great on your weight loss! When did you have your surgery? You may have said, my apologies if I didn't remember. Di
  10. Deemar007

    Gummy vitamins

    i was told from my bariatric team that the gummy vitamins do not have the minerals we need. They have not figured out a way to put them in the gummies. So that is why they want us to do flintstone vitamins or some other choice besides the gummies.
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    We were told not to bring anything clothes wise or toothbrush wise. I just wore clean clothes that were comfortable, you change out of those when you get admitted. The reason they gave made sense to me. The hospitals are full of germs, don't risk bringing germs from the hospital to your home. I did bring my iPad ( that I didn't use) and my cell phone, lip balm and a hair brush because they only have combs available . The hospital supplied everything else. They even offered lip balm. I guess it is a personal thing and you need to bring what makes you feel most comfortable when away from home. Good luck with your upcoming surgery.
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    Driving after surgery

    7 days post op for me as well.
  13. Deemar007

    Vegan or Vegetarian RNY Mentor

    Hello Roadrunner, Congratulations on your surgery date. I have not been able to find a food menu for the Proteinaholic book either. At first, we can't eat from his menu. i have been able to get my protein in. However, i have not been just plant based. No meats, but cottage cheese, yogurts ect. Since I'm just 7 weeks out, i copped out and ate dairy. I do eat legumes, peanut butter, nuts now, so that helps.
  14. Deemar007

    Down 74 Pounds

    Looking great! WTG! Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    My first goal accomplished!!!!

    Woot Woot! WTG!!! Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. Deemar007

    Vegan or Vegetarian RNY Mentor

    Hello everyone. I too am trying to eat plant based. All of the boost fasting 2 weeks before 2 weeks after put me into gout mode. If you've ever had it, you will do anything not to get it again. I read a book before surgery that was written by a gastric bypass surgeon called Proteinaholic by Garth Davis MD. He encourages all his patients to go plant based diet. I'm glad I found this group.
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    Eggface's ricotta bake

    Thank you Sleeveinpops.
  18. Deemar007

    Eggface's ricotta bake

    Thank you Fluffy Chick!
  19. Deemar007

    Anyone else having surgery on October 19th?

    Hi Toni! I am scheduled for tomorrow, October 10th 2017. Congratulations on your date!
  20. Deemar007

    Eggface's ricotta bake

    Who is the Eggface you speak of?
  21. You could try the protein water as well.
  22. Deemar007

    Bariatric Vegetarian Life

    Congratulations!!! Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  23. Deemar007

    Bariatric Vegetarian Life

    I am wanting to go vegan as well. Can you please tell me what you ate right after your surgrey? My surgrey is October 10th 2017. Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  24. How are you feeling? Hopefully much better.