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  1. I was scheduled for my sleeve on July 30th. At my pre-op I was informed that I won’t get the sleeve after all. Because of my hernia, the doctor is doing a Nissen Fundoplication and surgery is delayed until Aug 8th. Dr says I will still lose weight but I’m worried about losing the weight and keeping it off. Anybody have experience with this procedure?
  2. MaryPoppins

    Hernia Repair

    I’m having my surgery on July 30th because of my hernia. My entire stomach is in my chest. It’s miserable. Dr recommended the sleeve or bypass in addition to hernia repair to make sure my stomach doesn’t break through again.
  3. MaryPoppins

    July Sleeve

    After going through 2 programs in 2 years because of insurance issues and poor treatment, I FINALLY have a surgery date, July 30th! I love my doctor and his staff. They are the only people that have shown concern for my hernia repair. I’m current doing 2 shakes or meals and eating only 1 meal per day. I have a pre-op appointment on the 17th. Start my liquid only diet on the 23rd and surgery the 30th. I’m so ready to get to get this done!
  4. MaryPoppins

    I had a little cup of caramel icecream today

    No more food rewards for me. I plan to reward myself with new makeup, shoes, clothes....plenty of other things to use as a reward. Food rewards is partly what got me here to begin with.
  5. MaryPoppins

    Fairlife Milk for Protein?

    I LOVE Fairlife nonfat and I don’t like milk!
  6. On a scale of 1-10, rate your overall experience 1 and 2 weeks post surgery. 1 being GREAT with no pain or difficulties. 10 being severe pain requiring pain meds and several issues. I’m just trying to get an idea of the average experience, if there is such a thing.
  7. MaryPoppins

    Hernia repair

    Minerva did you have the sleeve or RnY?
  8. MaryPoppins

    Hernia repair

    The dr said he prefers to do RnY with patients that are 300+ lbs. I am currently 5’ 4” & 221lbs. He doesn’t feel that the rerouting of intestines is not necessary in my case.
  9. MaryPoppins

    Hernia repair

    I was having the RnY but I had to change doctors and the new doctor wants to do the sleeve.
  10. MaryPoppins

    Hernia repair

    That’s great to hear Foxbins. My entire stomach is in my chest. It’s miserable!
  11. MaryPoppins

    Protein shakes

    Ewwww, I hate that evaporated milk taste 😖. I will stay clear of the Equate!
  12. MaryPoppins

    Hernia repair

    I don’t have a surgery date yet. I’m hoping for late July. I only have to do a 1 week liquid diet. I’m not sure I could hang in here if I had to do 2 weeks. I’m in southern IL.
  13. MaryPoppins

    Hernia repair

    How long ago did you have your surgery and how much weight have you lost?
  14. MaryPoppins

    Hernia repair

    You’re lucky you didn’t have symptoms from your hernia!
  15. MaryPoppins

    Protein shakes

    I just ordered the Syntrax sampler pack. 😊🤞🏻