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    Bhageerah got a reaction from bigsel in October sleeve photo result.   
    Congratulations, I know you feel great being smaller! I knew that I was going to loose but I did not expect to see it fly off as soon as it is. Yes it is work but it is absolutely worth it! Enjoy your'e success!!! Great job!
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    Bhageerah reacted to bigsel in October sleeve photo result.   
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    Bhageerah reacted to Laciesca in Freaking myself out   
    So, the scale is moving -yay!
    As far as the 100 g of Protein, I am mixing unflavored Protein Powder with thinned Soup and having a Protein Shake with 2 scoops every morning. I am allowed pudding in my liquid phase so I have some protein pudding that I made. I use Isopure protein powder.
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from GreenTealael in Freaking myself out   
    I am not sure what the OP is posting but I can tell you that I was drinking high Protein Shakes, if it was not at least 30g I did not drink it until I knew I had at least 90 grams in. I am not going to advocate any particular brand but one type I used was easily available at Walmart as well as most club stores like costco. It has 30g of Protein in 11oz, which is not hard to get down. It was a little more "loose" than the shakes my surgeon sells and came in more flavors than just chocolate and vanilla, which my tastebuds were well over after the first week of being on liquids only. It is possible you may just have to do a little research, for the best protein for the smallest package.
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    Bhageerah reacted to Berry78 in Week 4 & no weight loss   
    The first week you lost 10lbs, but it wasn't 10lbs of fat. Probably 2-3 pounds of it was fat, and the rest was Water. You have only completed 3 weeks of post surgical life, and the average patient loses 15 to 20 pounds the first month postop. You'll likely see the scale move by next Monday. But if it doesn't, you'll know that you are just a slower than average loser.. but that's ok! Remember the story of the tortoise and hare? The scale WILL bounce up by 1-5 pounds, especially the first few months postop. It's just the water coming and going.
    You know what to do. Keep to the program, and get checked out to make sure your bloodwork is ok (hypothyroidism WILL slow losses dramatically.. and weight loss won't change your thyroid status. You may need a different amount of thyroid meds, but you'll still need them). And keep on keeping on. We have to run on faith that the procedure will work. (Because the alternative is to NOT trust it, and how does that help? Just throws you into depression.. and what do we tend to do when depressed?)
    Instead of stepping on the scale, use this time to learn everything you can about nutrition. What we think about and focus on becomes our whole world. Don't let the big bad scale become your world... your energy is better spent elsewhere.
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from JadeVT in Freaking myself out   
    At 5 days out you still have swelling, do not worry about that whatsoever. Give it 7 more days and hop back on the scale and see what it says! You are still fresh from the process, let it do its magic! You are still in the liquid phase, and those will slide right through, so you should not feel full until you start your puree phase and even then it won't be like you normally feel. You really should not be eating to get full anymore, eating for that full feeling is going to help to get you back to where you were. The main thing you need to focus on is what your body is telling you and working on not drinking too much. Right around 4-5 oz is where you should be focusing on, I am 3 months out to day day from surgery and have slowly learned to stop eating for the full feeling. When you do get full trust me it will hurt, and for quite some time. Almost feels like a heart attack, its HIGHLY uncomfortable. If you just do what they have told you then you should be fine, it is going to be harder to screw this up at this point than you think, let your body heal and get somewhat accustomed to what is going on and you will start seeing the pounds fly off. I did not notice the scale really move until about 7-10 days post surgery.
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    Bhageerah reacted to Sosewsue61 in What's normal eating post surgery ??   
    The sleeve is a suitable option for your medical conditions. Many veteran sleevers on here have had those conditions completely reversed by the sleeve.
    Now about food, you are sounding worried about consuming quantities of food...which means you need to examine just HOW important is a sandwich after all?
    Advice can be given to give equal weight to both scenarios - #1 - Protein, then veg, then what will fit or #2 - everything but smaller amounts. Your body will need the correct grams of protein to maintain muscle and keep your metabolism fired up or you will suffer deficiencies during the weight loss phase.
    You have to decide how important the food is to you - more than your health? You will be able to have a small amount of most foods - but not until you are closer to maintenance. Some people never tolerate rice, bread, or Pasta and consider them inferior nutrition for a bariatric program. Restriction is the whole idea of the surgery, it isn't the hard part. The hard part is your relationship with food.
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    Bhageerah reacted to CamillaCallie in Recent Sleever   
    Thanks so much. This gives me a light at the end of the tunnel. I've been only managing 10-15 min walks. I appreciate the helpful words!

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    Bhageerah got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Recent Sleever   
    I was sleeved on 8/21 the first week for me was the absolute pits, I had highs and lows but mainly lows. It took about 5 days for all of the gas pains to stop even with me walking quite a few miles. I know it is hard but please hang in there, after about a week you will feel better and most of your pain will be gone. I can not say how long it will be until you are 100% but what I can tell you that it will not be as long as you think. At about the two week mark I was walking about 3-5 miles several times a week. I work for a local fire department, as well as part time for a medical transport company so I lift patients in and out of the medic all day. Dr said that it would be about a 4-6 weeks before I would be cleared to go back to work. (not sure what you do just giving you a reference). Just hang in there you will be OK, just work the plan and keep moving!
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    Bhageerah reacted to Mattymatt in Extra / Loose Skin   
    Loose skin is the least of my problems. If I have some once I get to post surgery, so be it. I'm not doing this to look like I should be on the cover of people magazine. I just don't want to be a walking profit model for Big Pharma!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from 46w4kds in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    It has been a little over two months since surgery, down 66 pounds, feeling better, healthier and definitely happier! It has been absolutely wonderful to have to buy new clothes and not have to go to the big and tall section! Granted I have not gotten many new clothes but it is still nice. It is also wonderful knowing that for the first time in a LONG time I will be wearing sweaters and sweatshirts not because I want to cover up my "muffin top" but because I want to be comfortable! I also can not wait to emerge on the other side of winter and not have to hate not being able to hide my midsection anymore. I wish I would have done this MUCH sooner!!!!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from 46w4kds in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    It has been a little over two months since surgery, down 66 pounds, feeling better, healthier and definitely happier! It has been absolutely wonderful to have to buy new clothes and not have to go to the big and tall section! Granted I have not gotten many new clothes but it is still nice. It is also wonderful knowing that for the first time in a LONG time I will be wearing sweaters and sweatshirts not because I want to cover up my "muffin top" but because I want to be comfortable! I also can not wait to emerge on the other side of winter and not have to hate not being able to hide my midsection anymore. I wish I would have done this MUCH sooner!!!!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from FluffyChix in To weigh or not to weigh? That is the ??   
    I agree with most, I weighed myself very frequently and still do! I am a little over two months out from surgery and weigh almost every day. I know it may sound crazy but it helps keep me in line. It is not hurting anything whatsoever and actually makes my day when I see the scale go down a little.
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    Bhageerah reacted to Meryline in Thinking about weightloss surgery but I have an Issue.   
    My suggestion is to take a step back, and kind of start from scratch. You don't have to jog, go for a walk. You don't have to do 40min, start with 15. If you do 15min 3 times a day, you are doing 45. And then slowly increase as your get stronger.
    You say you eat healthy. For a whole week, write down everything, and I mean everything, you eat, even if it's just gum. Eat as you have, don't make any changes. Then look at it and see what you can eliminate, one thing at the time.
    You don't have to do everything at once.
    Also, before you get approved for the surgery, you'll have to go through a whole lot of test which will determine if your body can handle the surgery. Also, you can withdraw up until they put you under.
    If you are considering this, maybe start the process and see how it goes. If your insurance requires 6 months supervised diet, then the only way around it is self pay really.
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from FluffyChix in Surgery Now or Later? (Poll)   
    Me personally? I would wait, that time of the year is all about family as well as good food... life as you know it is about to change and the amount of food you are about to eat will change as well! Before my first surgeon got shut down I actually told them that I would like to schedule my surgery after we were due to come back from a week long cruise. They even agreed that it was a good idea, being only able to drink a Protein Shake while everyone else is indulging in turkey, ham, roast, mashed taters and all the other trimmings is going to be ABSOLUTE MURDER. You will be on pretty much nothing but Protein Shakes for one month and it will be extra hard to stick to those while everyone else around you is eating normal food. Have one last go and schedule your surgery after the first of the year. If I were in the situation that it exactly what I would do! Good luck!!!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from Samscoolmama in Beans and cheese   
    I will tell you that refried Beans were a meal that I was COMPLETELY looking forward to, I put some cheese and a little bit of taco sauce on them and was one happy man! After being able to do nothing but drink those shakes for two weeks it almost brought tears to my eyes the first spoonful of "real" food that hit my tastebuds! Its allowed so enjoy it, no apology needed!
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    Bhageerah reacted to lindabalseca in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    Down 68# in 10weeks

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    Bhageerah got a reaction from brendajo in Not getting full   
    You may want to start journaling to keep track of exactly what it is that you are eating. I am not sure if you are eating anything else other than the Jerky and cheese, but if you are not then you definitely need to start getting more and better sources of Protein (preferably something with fewer calories and fat than the cheese). I am currently eating about 90-120 grams of protein a day and am pretty active. The only times that I am getting hungry are when it has been 4 or more hours since I have had a shake or eaten anything. I know if I am not getting in my protein then I get hungry and can not stay full for very long, not comparing myself to you I am just letting you know how it has worked for me and hopefully that helps you out! Good luck!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from xoxococojay in Everyone: What was your turning point in your life that made you decide the wls route?   
    The moment that I started down this road was after I started having several health issues some of which my doctors could not even explain. I currently work as a Medic/Firefighter and was struggling with maintaining my weight as well as having to get new uniforms and was outgrowing those way to fast. I needed to get this under control, I lost my father due to problems that were related to his weight as well as issues acquired in Vietnam. I had to do better and had already tried quite a few diets and I actually was OVER the yo-yo weight loss/gain and trying the newest diet fads. I was sick and tired of being ashamed of my weight, or taking pictures with my shirt off, I was tired of barely fitting in a airplane seat, I was tired of not being able to get on amusement park rides due to my size. I was tired of sitting out on life and missing out on fun things with the family because I am ashamed of my weight. At one time I was down over 100 pounds and running a 5k in less than 27 minutes so I knew what it was like to be fit, I desired to go back to that point and get healthier. After trying another diet and gaining the weight back I decided to try this route and even though I am only a little over one month out from my surgery date I know that I have made the right decision and know that I am on the right track. I know I have this and am giving it everything that I have so I can live a longer happier life without the health issues that the excess weight brings with it!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from FluffyChix in Relationships   
    Ummmmmm please don't take this the wrong way but if I was your husband we would have broken the sound barrier getting home!!!! You DEFINITELY would not have had to tell me twice, I think that the cartwheels down the center aisle would have made people suspicious......
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Exercising post op   
    I do the same thing, I am just happy to see the weight going down on a scale vs going up, its harmless and I am also prepared to see it stay in the same spot for awhile while I work through a stall. Hopefully by the time that hits I will be able to increase the amount that I am working out. One of my personal goals is to be able to do a 5k without having to stop, or slow down, before my weight gain I was doing a 5k in less than 27 minutes, and once I get to that point again this big boy will be doing cartwheels down the street!!!!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Exercising post op   
    Until I went to my two week post op appointment I was told to limit my exercise to walking or riding a bike, I was unable to do anything that really was cardio or any strength training. Once I had my two week appointment my Dr released me to actually start working out and when I did I started and stopped when my body told me that it was time to stop which was not long at all. I think that with all that you're body is going through it is going to take a bit to get back to "normal" I usually did 2000m on the rowing machine in under 6 minutes, 3 miles on the elliptical and then would start to lift wether it would be upper body or lower body. My first day back in the gym was an actual insult to my pride! I could barely make 500m, and after 10 minutes on the elliptical I called it quits! I am slowly building up my endurance and I think that is something that you will have to just work through like I did! I am in the gym about 5-6 days a week and am trying to build up my endurance before I go back to work. Just be patient and give it time you will be fine!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from ProudGrammy in As a newbie I'm asking "What kinda site is this?"   
    I can tell you that you have come to a good place! Don't let a few "bad apples" spoil the bunch, most on here are more than willing to help you through you're dark time and help out in any way possible. You will be fine!
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from DCubsFan in August Sleevers-How are you doing??   
    So its been a little over 6 weeks since surgery, and I officially know that I have made the right decision. I am down almost 60 pounds. My blood pressure is normal, endurance is way up, joints feel better, and I am much happier! I am back to eating normal foods and am working on eating slowly and paying close attention to what my body is telling me so I do not end up overeating and know when to stop. I know that one "normal" fork full of food is too much especially when you are close to being full. Overeating does not control me I am currently in control of it and it feels good. It feels great to fit in clothes that I have not been able to put on my behind in YEARS! What even feels more amazing is donating all of the largest size clothes and knowing that I will not need them anymore.
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    Bhageerah got a reaction from ProudGrammy in I feel like I can eat too much   
    I was the same way post surgery, I NEVER had a problem keeping any food down, what is being said is the absolute truth. The liquids slide through even if it is a Protein Shake. The yogurt may stay with you for awhile but not long as it will slide right through as well. I had the same problem and thought that my sleeve was too large until I started doing some research and discovered what many here have told you. Once you start eating solid food you will QUICKLY discover how small your stomach is. Once you eat some real food you will see! I can only eat about 4oz over 30 minutes.