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  1. I am starting my pre op liquid diet on Sunday and am going to be purchasing protein powder I LOVE LOVE LOVE, UMP chocolate protein powder by Beverly international. I used to get it at a gym I went to but I’m no longer a member so I have to order online. It’s delicious I was wondering what you all like? I sound like a spokesperson for UMP but dang it’s so good.
  2. So I start my 10 day pre -op liquid diet on Sunday and I’m freaking out!! I’m hard on myself and scared I’m going to cheat. I tell myself it’s not a option! I have 3 doctors appointments next week and then on the 5th is my big day! I get my gastric bypass!! At my anniversary dinner tonite with my husband I sat there and the fear hit me. This is happening emotions are running wild, I keep asking myself am I making the right choice? I love food and it’s my comfort. I have to remind myself I’ve been so unhappy with myself for many years that it will be the best decision I’ve given myself. My one else in the last stretch and feeling this way?
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    Husband is pissed

    I’m sorry your going through this, when I first starting on the journey the first big topic we talked about was the change this process would put our relationship thru. I was so worried after reading many articles of people divorcing after Bariatric surgery. The two people whom are my family members that have had Bariatric surgery both got divorced. Two separate couples. Which is sad. Technically it’s not the surgery but the life style change that comes with it. Support from your spouse is going to be huge for you. I hope you guys can get help maybe see a therapist or something that can get u guys connected. I’m extremely thankful that my husband loves me regardless of my size but I know he is gonna miss my curves... I mean they will still be there just smaller[emoji6]
  4. Rucamama

    The struggle is...REAL

    I start mine on Sunday and am a ball of emotions. I keep asking myself am I making the right decision? I feel like I should be so happy and excited and willing to jump through all the hoops but I’m doubting myself... ughh
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    That’s a bummer there are so many good choices out there.
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    A yogurt I really like is called powerful yogurt, it has 21g of protein. I also like oikos zero
  7. I had a small hemorrhage, which they said was normal, and did the procedure. Everyone was so kind and it went well. I’m feeling relieved this is over and now I can focus on my up coming surgery. Thank all you ladies for your support
  8. Just a small update, so tomorrow is my appointment for the procedure but last Night (graphic material if grossed out sorry) I had brown discharge with some mild cramping and the discharge filled into today then late afternoon I felt a gush so I ran to the washroom and my underwear were full of bright red blood... I wiped and had small clots. I then again took another test which was still very positive. So I called the office I’m having the procedure done at and they said that I might just be bleeding they couldn’t say if I was having a miscarriage. So I will go in tomorrow to see what the doctor says. Ughh I was to early to even see anything two weeks ago I’m afraid it will still be too soon to tell if there is a heartbeat. And if I will be rescheduled again. I’m kinda hoping this is passing naturally so I don’t have to go thru the whole process. I’ve been extremely stressed so I’m thinking I might have just worked myself over. I’ve had two pregnancies and neither of them have I blead like this. Any thoughts?
  9. Yes I’m freaking out over the hcg levels. I went on October 28th to have the abortion originally and they did the ultrasound and was to early to see anything even on the vaginal ultrasound but my test can back positive so they moved it to Nov. 11th. I told the office manager I’m scheduled for gastric bypass surgery dec. 5th and she said I should be fine but I am going to ask for proof of procedure to show my PCP. Thank you all again for being so kind I really had no one to talk to about this besides my husband even tho he is supportive it’s not the same support you can get from your women peers whom may have had same experiences.
  10. I know I have my mind set, I’m just venting I had to say these things to get them off my chest... I did not see another baby in our future, I envision for my self getting healthy again for myself and my family and getting back to work and taking care of myself properly. Thank you for taking the time to respond I appreciate it.
  11. Thank you to everyone for your kind words. This has been a very hard decision and strange time for me. It’s my natural instinct to want to embrace this pregnancy but can’t because I know what I have to do. I think about it all day, when I look at my children I think am I robbing them of another sibling?? Is this the girl I have ever so wanted?? Am I going to hate myself years down the road?? Am I going to resent my husband for agreeing with me for making this decision??? Ugh so many things but In the end I know what I must do. I’m debating on pushing my pre op as far as I can go with hopes of my levels being gone, but that is taking a risky chance. I’m afraid of not having my surgery before the new year for the cost of my surgery and having to wait a whole year so my cost is low again due to my deductible being already met now. And not having this baby. So I’m looking at it in a loose loose situation no surgery no baby, and dealing with the weight for another year. Just very upset with myself and how I got in the whole situation.
  12. Rucamama

    Got my date Dec 5th!!!!

    I am scheduled for Dec. 5th too! I am having Gastric Bypass.
  13. I’m very excited that I scheduled my Gastric Bypass surgery for Dec. 5th. I’m nervous and excited all in one. I believe I have an amazing Dr. and support system. I’m thankful! Any other people scheduled for December?
  14. Hi everyone!! I am excited I did my seminar today and received all my paperwork to fill out and send back to centegra WLC, they will run my insurance and see what is covered and costs will be. Does anyone have this plan and trying to get GB? I'm hoping to have my stuff done and ready to have surgery before the new year just in case insurance gets ripped apart again... which I hope it doesn't because I love the plan I have. And is anyone going thru the centegra system? I am hoping to get in with Dr. Heydari but they did say he has a 2 month waiting list to be seen... but in the mean time does that mean I can see the nutrionalist and do the psych eval?
  15. I'm freaking excited I got my insurance approval today! I didn't even realize my Doc office sent my info yet! I'm so glad I have that part over so I don't stress over getting denied.
  16. So today I completed my upper GI, they found a small hiatal hernia and could see I have acid reflux. Will those count towards comorbilities? My BMI is 48 and I am for the most part healthy. I'm hoping for insurance purposes it will be a plus.
  17. Rucamama

    Upper gi

    I have BCBS IL ppo I do not require a co morbidity, just worried bc I'm pretty much healthy besides my weight.
  18. Rucamama

    Newbie -surprising first consult

    Hi! And welcome! I'm pre op too! This journey has been so exciting! I have Bcbs of Illinois and my requirements are the same as yours. I am pretty much finished with all my appointments besides the pre op visit they do right before surgery and my Dr. requires two pre op classes at his office before we can schedule surgery. Those I'm doing this and next week! [emoji2] I'm planning on having surgery end of November or beginning of December. I'm pleased with my insurance and hoping everything will run smoothly for approval since I have no other health issues besides a BMI of 48! Hopefully that will be sufficient enough. Good luck in your journey!
  19. Wow you look amazing! I'm pre op and worried about loose skin, you don't even look like you need the plastics!! I hope I look as great as you!!
  20. Hi everyone! I'm going thru the process to get GBS so I'm wondering I've been following a lady who has had gastric bypass and after she was released to eat regular foods she is eating a keto diet which is high in fat high in protein low in cards... which I think is another term for Atkins diet?? But won't all the high fats upset your pouch and put you through dumping? Any thoughts?
  21. I have my Bariatric Screening and first meeting with the nutrionalist tomorrow. They are two separate appointments. I was wondering what would happen at each?
  22. So I have only told a couple people about going through this process immediate family and few close friends, and I feel like ever since I told my girlfriend she has been acting different. When I told her she said she was jealous of me, and now when I bring it up she doesn't really say anything I was hoping for a little support from her. So now I don't want to tell my other bf bc she has made comments about her cousin who has had the surgery like "look at her Fb she posts all these photos of herself in skimpy clothes... she did it the easy way" I think she says it out of jealousy... so now I'm afraid to tell her this exciting news. Is it wrong to let her think I've lost the weight naturally? Has anyone else experienced this? I haven't had the surgery yet but it will happen in the next couple of months... should I just keep it to myself?
  23. So I'm shooting for a late Nov early Dec. GBS. I am close to being finished with half of the appointments... but I'm just getting excited for this new adventure to take place in my life. A few things I'm looking forward to is buying some cute clothes, being able to work out At the gym I will have access to when I have the surgery. Feeling confident and sexy! Maybe even getting to wear a cute two piece swim suit... fitting in a carnival ride with my kids. Not being squished into a airplane seat... ooo and how about this!!! When people say "you are so pretty for a big girl... you seriously could be a plus size model" [emoji102] [emoji58] thanks ass but u ain't small either 🤣
  24. I'm imagining like a burning sensation or something? But that is exciting to know you feel good!