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  1. Forwarded message: HEY EVERYONE!!! I’m a domestic violence caseworker in the Bay Area. Our shelter is in need of clothes for plus-size clients! If you have clothes to donate. *Just in case I️ miss your message and can’t tell you directly, PLEASE CALL OUR DIRECT DONATION LINE AT (925) 603-0130 DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS PST* ESPECIALLY if you’re planning on shipping/mailing us Saw this on twitter and thought I would share, hopefully we'll never need those plus sized clothes again!
  2. Had surgery Tuesday 10/3 came home today 10/4. The gas pain is real guys so is the soreness and nausea, managing pain with narco hope to be off that by Friday. Everything tastes sweet, even water, can't imagine having to start protein shakes tomorrow... one day at a time. Praying for everyone to have safe and effective surgery and full quick recovery. Also eyes are super blurry 🙃
  3. Thanks spare and everyone, so excited for you and all of our October sleevers🙏🏻😊
  4. Thanks everyone, just focusing on getting liquids in so I don't end up in hospital with dehydration. Everyday is better 🙏🏻
  5. Has anyone tried Barimelts vitamins? Are they super chalky like Zicam melts(the cold remedy) cause those make it nauseous.🤢
  6. MAYintheD

    300 pounds lost

    Annnnd that's exactly how it happened! I'm scheduled for the 3rd. I meant after the surgery, hospital stuff, pain after, liquids, what you wish you had known, done differently 😊
  7. Hey everyone, I've been creeping for a while and now that I have my date (10/3) I feel like it's all for real. Anyone share my surgery date/locale (Detroit)?
  8. I feel ya Bill, but everything you crave or will binge on, you've already tried. Man it's going to feel so good knowing we did it without cheating and that we're that much stronger.
  9. MAYintheD

    300 pounds lost

    Sgc you are an inspiration! We have the same surgeon! I'm going in on Oct 3rd and getting nervous but not deterred! Any tips to share?
  10. Best of luck spare, and everyone else 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  11. Which hospital Spare? I'll be at Beaumont Grosse Point. It's getting so close, started two week liquid today 👍🏻
  12. Thanks, same and good luck!👍🏻

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