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  1. Been awhile since I've come and posted anything, but realized I should share that on July 21st I ran my very first half marathon! And did it even faster than I was hoping!! 2:53:50 for 13.1 miles B) The following week, I had a follow up appointment with my surgeon and I got a pic of me and Dr. Wallace while wearing my finisher medal. He was super excited! Now I'm featured on their website and Facebook page, and I even raised my hand to come in and speak to prospective patients at his info sessions about my experience. Right now I'm at 173.2, down from a HW of 300. First goal is to hit 160lbs, then I think my final weight goal will be somewhere around 140lbs. Excited for my next running challenge at the Disney Princess Half Marathon this upcoming February. I'll be doing the Fairytale Challenge - run a 10k on day one, then run a half marathon on day 2. Who knows, maybe I'll plan to do my first full marathon in late 2019!

    wallace and me 7-2018.JPG

    Me first half marathon 7.21.18.jpg

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      Congrats! That is amazing!

    2. AEdoesRnY


      That is amazing! Being able to run races like 5Ks, 10Ks, and even one day half marathons is a MAJOR goal of mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I'm doing something I never thought I'd be physically able to do - I'm participating in a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser called High Ropes for Habitat. By hitting a fundraising goal, I'll be able to rappel down 21 stories from the roof of my office building! HOW COOL YET TERRIFYING! lol 

    My awesome company is going to be donating half of the minimum fundraising amount, but I wanted to spread the word and share this super cool charity activity. If you're feeling giving, feel free to support my rappel with any size donation you'd like - it's all tax deductible (for US residents), so you're helping a great charity and helping your tax refund at the same time :) If nothing else, see if your local Habitat for Humanity is holding a similar event. I am challenging myself to do this because if I were still 100+lbs heavier, I would never even consider doing it.


  3. As of last Friday, I dropped back into Onderland!!! Can't believe it! Last time my weight started with a one was at least 10-15yrs ago. Pic from this Saturday with my hubby and his mom at our house warming party. Other pic is me at my heaviest last summer. The transformation blows me away! As a reward for hitting this big milestone, I'll be signing up for a horseback trail ride - the first one I've been able to do in over a decade due to weight restrictions. I'm sooo excited!! I'm also training for my first half marathon - ran my first 10k on Sunday :D It's incredible what I'm able to do now, and everyday I'm thankful for this amazing tool that is helping me realize some big dreams.

    me 4.21.18.JPG

    me 9.9.17.png

    1. Sosewsue61


      Oh my gosh Karen Marie, you look amazing!! Way to go girl!!!

    2. Orchids&Dragons


      Congrats on one-derland! You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

    3. hap314ness


      Congratulations! Looks like you've got a lot to celebrate - between a new home, a new number in the hundreds place, and an exciting activity planned you must be over the moon. Can't wait to see the picture after your half marathon!

  4. Did a face to face Friday comparison and HOLY SH*T! hahaha the difference from my 300lb face and my 235.4lb face is truly astonishing. It's like a completely different person! Good motivation to keep moving onwards and DOWNwards!

    F2F 2016 vs 2018.jpg

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    2. Creekimp13


      Wow! What big beautiful eyes you have now! Lookin lovely:)

    3. LaLaDee


      Looking awesome!!

    4. karen_marie


      Thanks everyone! Only thing I've noticed is that as my face slims out, my nose keeps looking bigger :lol: looks like I may want to learn how to contour after all haha

  5. At my WI this past Friday, I surpassed 60 lb total loss! That's 20% of my body weight from my highest weight this summer :lol: I lost 20ish lbs before surgery, and another 40ish lbs since surgery. Happy to keep moving onward and DOWNward! 

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    2. Fluffygirl45


      That's great! Keep it up:)

    3. FluffyChix


      Dannnnnnnnngggggg woman!!!! So happy for you!!! That's amazing!!!

    4. Rainbow_Warrior


      What a great feeling that must surely be!

  6. 2 month post-op check in

    Highest weight: 300 (this summer)

    Surgery weight: 279.4

    Current weight: 244.4

    Lost since surgery: 35 lbs

    Total lost overall: 55.6 lbs

    Those numbers are so hard to believe...that's an average of -17.5 a month, or -4.375 a week. Overall I'm doing AWESOME with the losses after surgery. My biggest hurdle right now is that there are some foods I can eat again without issue (i.e. taco dip and tostito chips). And I think my loss this week shows that (only -2.2, which is the least I've lost in a week so far). So I will need to be vigilant about what I'm eating and really do my best to track what I'm having. It's also possible that I may be edging into my first stall, so I'll just have to stick to the plan and wait it out. I've also started up my birth control pills yesterday, so that may affect my weight loss a little bit while my body adjusts to the hormones again. So eating right is DOUBLY important this upcoming month!

    I've been drinking the premier protein shakes more lately, just because it's fast and easy for breakfast. But I think it's a good thing, because it has half of my suggested minimum daily protein in that one shake. I'm finally making a dent in the two boxes I bought at Costco before surgery, so I think once I'm low I'll go pick up another box or 2. Chocolate again for sure, then maybe try something other than bananas & cream.

    Last weekend, my sister Nikki and I went to some thrift stores and I got some new clothes :) I mostly got cardigans, since those will be easy to wear for a long time as I keep losing. But I also got a few other random things, including this super cute spring green jacket that will be awesome to wear in early spring for work! Nikki was more than happy to help look for stuff for me, since she knows that they'll all be handed down to her once they're too big for me and she starts losing weight after her surgery lol. She actually got her PPO card in the mail yesterday, so she finished her info packet and is mailing it to Kane Center today. Looking back, the one thing I didn't try on and buy were smaller pants....bit of an oversight, as I keep having to pull my pants up lol but I got a little caught up in being able to fit into smaller sizes in the tops, and I never made it to the pants section haha. I'll have to go again after Christmas to pick up some pants. 

    Excited to take more progress pics tonight when I get home from work! I've decided to take them every month out from surgery so I can watch the progression :) 

    1. 1234567890


      Nice... keep it going pal

    2. Fluffygirl45


      That is great to hear:)

  7. Officially have to lose LESS than 100 lbs now! I mean, I still have to lose 98.4 lbs, but progress is progress lol Down 41.6 lbs since this summer, 21lbs since surgery about 4.5wks ago :)

  8. Seeing how well I've done from the surgery so far has convinced my sister to move forward and start the process for RNY as well :) She's even heavier than my highest weight, and has more health issues than I do/did, so I know this will be a life changing journey for her. Soo excited for her journey, let alone mine! hahaha I'm going to my doc's free seminar again with her in a few weeks to be there for moral support. I've always said whatever she chose to do was fine, this surgery isn't for everyone. But I'm really glad that she wants to do it to better her health. Proud big sister over here :1295_raised_hands_tone1:

    1. FluffyChix


      That's great news!!!! Even better is that having 1 or more family members who've experienced successful WLS outcomes is greatly predictive of success for the new person about to undergo WLS. :D Win-win!!!

    2. Sosewsue61


      Great supportive sister and now you will be comrades! Awesome!

  9. So I'm almost done with the blended/pureed part of my diet progression back to solids. Thankfully, I really haven't needed to blend much of anything. As long as I stick to the foods I'm allowed to have during this 2wk phase, and chew to it's basically pureed before I swallow, I've had no issues. MUCH more palatable than actually blending everything up lol. Looking forward to the soft foods starting this weekend! I'll still be chewing to a pulp before swallowing (basically forever on that), but at least I can start to introduce more foods into my diet again. REALLY looking forward to some fish, been soooo long!

  10. Down 9.6lbs a week out from surgery! That's INSANE. I'll take the crazy losses while I can get them lol

    1. FluffyChix


      Congrats girlie!!! How do you feel? Are you so excited to be done with the surgery?

    2. hap314ness



  11. Had my surgery on Friday 10/27 afternoon. I was doing so well in recovery that they released me after only one night in the hospital :) I've been super fortunate so far, only needing one pain pill in the hospital, and right now just taking liquid ibuprofen. I've been burping since the hospital, but today was my first day at home with protein shakes and finally started passing gas - yay! lol Most of my discomfort is from soreness from the surgery and gas pressure. No issues getting my protein shakes in and keeping them down. All of my docs were super happy with my recovery, and my surgeon said the procedure went perfectly. Here's to the start of my new life!:1310_thumbsup_tone1:

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    2. karen_marie


      Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with the shakes @Sosewsue61 :( have you tried different shakes? I had bought the chocolate and banana Premier Protein shakes from Costco, and some 4oz plastic cups with lids (like you'd get a side of guacamole in at a restaurant). Then I just pour out a 4oz serving 6x a day. Once I get cleared to blended/pureed, I think I'll be down to 4-5 meals a day. It can get boring, but having the pre-mixed shakes have been a huge time saver. I'm just focusing on getting enough water in between my shake portions now.

    3. Rainbow_Warrior


      So, you're 6+ days into a new life.

      Congrats on the calm post-op period.

    4. hap314ness


      So so happy for you!

  12. Surgery is TOMORROW! It doesn't even feel real! I'm sitting here having my decaf coffee 'breakfast' and trying to just keep as busy as I can today so I can try to avoid the fact that I'm on 'clear' liquids all day today, no protein shakes :wacko: I brought chicken bone broth and chicken bouillon cubes to try for lunch, and must have brought half a pound's worth of sugar free lemon lime jello for snacks haha. Lord this day can't be done with soon enough! 

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    2. karen_marie


      Thank you! Can't wait to get back on to provide an update post surgery :) My pre-op with my surgeon yesterday evening went great. Said all my pre-op tests looked really good and he didn't foresee any issues as far as he can tell/predict.

      Thanks to Snapchat filters, you can see how I'm *really* feeling about this clear liquid day LOL

      monster me.jpg

    3. FluffyChix


      hahaha! Outstanding! That's a great report and TY for snapchat filters. :) :460_circus_tent:

    4. shedo82773


      CONGRAT'S!!! Where is our update? I hope everything turned out ok. KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!

  13. Only 3 days away from this life-changing surgery, and I've started putting together a list of easy things I can do while I'm at home recovering. It has to be THE DUMBEST list of things I've ever put together, but here goes hahaha

    • Do all the needed post-op stuff: go for walks, use spirometer, take vitamins on time, eat/drink right, etc etc etc etc ...
    • Portion out vitamins for the week into 4x/day pill organizer
    • Copy all phone contacts into a spreadsheet, remove old contacts file from phone, double check remaining names against spreadsheet to ensure no one is missing
    • Pluck eyebrows
    • Catch up on YouTube channels I watch
    • Color in keepsake drawing of a tattoo I designed for a friend (I'll include a pic of the outline below :))
    • Write in penzu online journal
    • Play xbox games I've been neglecting
    • Prep and freeze food for first few days back at work

    Anybody else have a list of mundane things they want/need to do while they are recovering at home?

    And here's the sugar skull owl tattoo my friend requested I design for him. It'll be super colorful once he gets it done, and once I color in the keepsake drawing for him!


    owl tattoo.png

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    2. FluffyChix


      @Sosewsue61Congrats!!! Woot!

      @karen_marie Don't forget to binge watch a few series and to also watch the 1pm Hallmark Movies! :D

    3. karen_marie


      @FluffyChix Oh I plan to be watching (while walking around my living room) a BUNCH of stuff that I've been wanting to catch up on haha

    4. Sosewsue61


      You are too funny!! Glad you have a plan.

  14. Primary doc cleared me for surgery! Said my pre-op test results were perfect :) 1wk and 1 day til surgery!!

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    2. Sosewsue61


      Yeah. I'm starting to get nervous now, sitting here sipping an Isopure. I figure it'll be one freak-out a day (lol) until Tuesday!!!!

    3. karen_marie


      I'm sure you'll do fine and it will go great!

    4. Starsmore


      Yay! So close!!

  15. Finally caved and bought some BariatricPal stuff from the store to try during my post-op liquid phase. Ended up ordering:

    • BariatricPal Protein Soup - Chicken Bouillon
    • Celebrate Meal Replacement Shakes - Tomato Soup / 5 Single Serve Packs
    • Celebrate Meal Replacement Shakes - Cinnamon Roll / 5 Single Serve Packs
    • BariatricPal Protein Smoothie - Aloha Mango 
    • BariatricPal Protein Soup - Broccoli and Cheddar 
    • BariatricPal Protein Soup - Cream Of Chicken 

    Wanted something different sweetness wise for shakes, and have been missing a bit of savory so hopefully these soups/broths are good! 

    Also have my surgery clearance appointment with my primary doc today after work, so excited! I did my pre-op testing at the hospital last Saturday, and called them on Tuesday morning to make sure that they had sent my results to my primary doc for this appointment. Still crazy to think the surgery is next Friday :)

    1. Starsmore


      Wow, you're so close!! How exciting! I plan on buying some of the same lol. I want the soup variety pack and I'm dying to try the Aloha Mango smoothies--they sound so yummy! Let me know what you think when you try them. :) I've got to admit that some of the hot chocolate is also on my list ;)

    2. karen_marie


      I'll give my taste reviews for sure! Yeah the aloha mango one had some good reviews, so I figured I'd give it a go. And I have an electric kettle that will make having the hot liquids easy and mess free :) Great for making my decaf instant coffee for my shakes, too.

    3. shedo82773


      The chicken noodle is yummy!!! Also, the hot chocolate is good too. If you are a coffee drinker I can share something with you. Make your coffee add the Hot Chocolate drink and whisk. YUM YUM Plus you get protein in it. A win-win in my book. Good Luck and keep us in the know.

  16. Day 5 of liquid liver-shrinking pre-op diet, and so far so good! I have been taking more enjoyment out of watching my cooking/baking shows on TV though :lol: Can't believe my surgery is soo close@ This process has been incredibly fast for me (went to free WLS seminar by surgeon July 29th), and can't believe my life will change for the even better so soon! 

    1. Apple1


      Exciting times!! Good luck to you.

    2. MowryRocks


      You're so close!!! Congrats!

    3. karen_marie


      Thank you! I just keep trying different shake recipes in the blender to keep some variety in my days :)

  17. Had to share a pic from this past weekend when I went to a Cubs game with family. I'm still pre-op so this is going to be one of my before pics I think. And yes, that's me in the pink pants haha. Not something I would normally buy or wear, so it was a big deal to wear them for me. Cubs lost, but I had a good time :)

    Cubs game 9.10.17.jpg

  18. Got my surgery date!!! October 27th, Friday before Halloween. Maybe I should arrive at the hospital in costume? hahaha I laugh now, but I wouldn't put it past myself :)

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    2. karen_marie


      At the very least, I think I'll wear my sequin Minnie Mouse ears headband haha

    3. Hopep4673


      Fantastic... I love Halloween... 1 of the things i look forward to is all the costume options when most of this weight is gone....

    4. karen_marie


      Right?!? The thought of actually being able to just buy one of those costumes in a bag and not worrying about if it'll fit is such an exciting idea!

  19. Here's the appointments I've had, or are coming up, for this surgery. I know this list will grow, since I'll need to do pre-surgical testing (upper GI, chest x-ray, EKG, and blood work) like 2wks out from surgery date, and may have to schedule an appointment to get my primary doc's medical clearance. It's also possible that the pulmonologist might make me schedule a sleep study. Kinda crazy looking at this still in progress list just for pre-op :) My assigned patient advocate at my surgeon's office was already putting in for my insurance approval, so I would just need that and to do these appointments for them to schedule my surgery date! Hoping for late October or early November.

    1. Sat 7/29 - Free WLS seminar with Dr. Wallace
    2. Wed 8/9 - Consult with Dr. Wallace
    3. Wed 8/16 - New patient appt with new primary doc (just moved back to IL this spring)
    4. Thur 8/24 - Psych eval and MMPI test with Dr. Crane
    5. Wed 8/30 - First labs (H pylori, A1C, Vitamin D)
    6. Sat 9/9 - Behavior Series support group session (1 required prior to surgery)
    7. Thur 9/14 - Pulmonologist appointment
    8. Sat 9/16 - Bariatric nutrition class at hospital
    9. Tue 9/19 - Abdomen ultrasound (no food/drink for 6-8hrs prior, BOOO lol)
    10. Fri 9/29 - Individual nutrition eval at hospital