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    Breakfast of champions

    Oh, and most airports now have water bottle refill stations that are filtered.
  2. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Breakfast of champions

    Pilots are exempt from the liquid requirement, but I carry powder usually with a shaker bottle because it's easier.
  3. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Nausea after surgery?

    Mine only lasted 2 days post op. I had my surgeon give me a script for zofran. It works great! Melt one on your tongue, and nausea is gone in minutes.
  4. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Davis Clinic in Houston

    Intake varies depending on the type of food I eat, but generally about 3oz. No pains eating or drinking. I've always keep food down, but I make sure when I'm full I stop eating.
  5. FlyFatA$$Fly

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    Silent Bob from Mall Rats.
  6. FlyFatA$$Fly


    I'm the same way. I've tried a few small bites of sweets, and they don't taste good. I have no interest in them now.
  7. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Davis Clinic in Houston

    I didn't go to the Davis clinic, but I had the sleeve. I was 41 bmi, and insurance required a 6 month supervised diet. At the end of the diet I was 36.5 going into surgery. I'm 2 months postop down 30lbs, and feeling great.
  8. FlyFatA$$Fly


    I'm finally back at work. These are the single serving bags we have. 100 calories, 13g carbs. Plus it's a lot in the bag. I can't finish it. Love this stuff!
  9. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Sugar alcohol

    Thanks for posting. That's a good article, but what journal was it published in. The link doesn't looks like a peer reviewed article.
  10. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone from the Chicagoland area

    I just saw this. I'll PM you her information later today.
  11. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Air fryer

    If things don't come out as crisp as you'd like you can spray a little olive oil on them before cooking, and it helps to crisp up. I do that with my wings.
  12. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Sugar alcohol

    I was not commenting on the effects of sugar alcohol, and xylitol. Also thank you for posting peer reviewed evidence as far too many people don't understand the importance of peer review. I always read real research ( peer reviewed), and never get sucked into the fitness woo( pseudoscience), and bro science. My advise also comes from my surgeons, and an outstanding registered dietitian, and not a nutritionist as nutritionist is not a professional title or actually certification. Net carbs does not have any actually scientific backing, and was created for marketing. There is no standard for how net carbs are counted on packaging or printed. All the current research does support the concept of net carbs. While xylitol for example has little effect on blood sugar, many packages use sugar alcohol as their reason to off set carbs in their net carbs calculation. That is very bad, and can be dangerous for some with diabetes. There is a reason net carbs don't appear on the nutrition labels. That's because it is not a regulated term by the FDA. It's a made up term by food manufacturers. It's also important to understand not all sugar alcohols are equal. Some do raise blood sugar. So how does the lay person know which raise blood sugar, and which don't? How do you calculate the net carbs not knowing if the sugar alcohol in that product has a higher glycemic index? You also need to be careful subtracting fiber in some products. Should someone subtract fiber to figure out net carbs? Well if they do that, and eat protein bars they need to be careful. Most protein bars use a form of fiber isomalto-oligosaccharides(IMO). IMO is highly processed and barely a fiber. On the glycemic index it is also equivalent to grapefruit or apple juice. I wouldn't call either of those low glycemic index. IMO also has 2 calories per gram. That counts for something. The point of my post is you need to be very careful with net carbs. You seem informed, and as such my post was directed at you, but it was for people who may just think net carbs printed on packages are what they can go by. It's much safer to count all carbs, and more important calories.
  13. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Sugar alcohol

    This topic has come up before, but net carbs are BS. It was created to sell product during the low carb craze. It's marketing, nothing more. Total carbs are what counts.
  14. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Air fryer

    Love mine! Made some great bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños last week.
  15. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Sugar alcohol

    18 crabs, sadly a carb is a carb.
  16. FlyFatA$$Fly


    I not only eat pickles, but I eat locally made spicy pickles! I also do Jalapeños. I just made air fried jalapeño poppers.
  17. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Anyone from the Chicagoland area

    I'm just getting ready to head back to work. I've been off 2 months, but I'm a pilot. The FAA has an 8 week waiting period before I could fly again. Recovery was faster than I thought. I was feeling really good one week post op. Eating, stick to the diet plan and phases. I'm back on normal food now. I eat very small meals. The most I can do solid food is 3oz or so. I usually eat 4-5 small meals/snacks a day, and about 800 calories a day. When eating listen to your body, and if you are full stop. You will learn the signs.
  18. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Air Fryers----

    I got the Power airfryer XL. I honestly didn't research them. This one was reasonable, and not too big. I've had it about a year, and it's been great.
  19. Love the Velar! We were close to a Range Rover sport, but decided on the Macan for reliability, and better dealer service.
  20. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Air Fryers----

    If you are going to use it then it's worth the cost. I bought one at kohls with a 30% off coupon. It wasn't too bad. I use it all the time. These only took 8 mins in the air fryer.
  21. FlyFatA$$Fly

    Air Fryers----

    Just made bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers in the air fryer. They came out great. One is all I could eat.
  22. FlyFatA$$Fly

    So, what made you gain weight in the first place?

    I just loved food! Love pasta, pizza, burger. I also didn't have an off switch. So portion control was a problem.
  23. This may sound crazy, but I've been planning to buy one for a long time. A Porsche 911 ( 997.2) turbo. Wife is on board since she gets her Porsche Macan first lol
  24. FlyFatA$$Fly

    How long were you off work?

    I'm a pilot, and have to be off 8 weeks per the FAA.