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  1. FluffyChix

    Let's talk poop.

    I use miralax daily for maintenance regularity but I no longer am a slave to its vagaries. Lol. I go straight for MOM first then fleets glyc supps next until I blow that gopher out of its hole a la Carl and Caddy Shack!
  2. FluffyChix

    Let's talk poop.

    Depends...lol! Usually 30-45 mins for me.😁
  3. No it really isn't "super high fat" in the original derivation. Atkins in his original derivation had food plans that averaged between 55-75% fat. That's a "skewed" percentage cuz whenever you take 1 macro down, the others go up. It didn't equate to gobs of fat like today's modern "Dave Asprey" world where you add butter to coffee, live on fat bombs, etc. The modern LCHF which is now just called "Keto" is a minimum of 70-75% fat. So yeah, much much higher fat. And agreed it. It's only ever been "protein adequate" and can be very low carb, but can also go as high as 50-70g of carb whole, non-netted. I can eat 50g of carb with most coming from low glycemic veg and leafy veg and I will still be in ketosis all the live long day. Swearsies!!! Also, I think the definition or experience of keto differs greatly based on surgery type and amount of bypass (how much of the intestine that handles fat and sugar was actually re-routed). With VSG, you have no malabsorptive problem. So you can handle the extra fat very efficiently. I swear. I've studied this for about 18 years and read almost every book on the subject from the leaders in the fields. Congrats on losing your regain and doing so well!!!!
  4. FluffyChix

    Let's talk poop.

    FYI, glycerin suppositories work AMAZINGLY well and gentle...
  5. FluffyChix

    Let's talk poop.

    I swear if I get backed up, it's the ONLY time I have "mysterious issues". It's always from having poop backed up. Causes me to cramp, have unexplained abdominal pain, get nauseated (I've hurled from it), and it's not pretty... I do take a fiber supp daily + 2 Colace + added psyllium and I drink over 120oz of water a day. And I STILL have poop from 1984 backed up high in the colon! bahahha! Listen to @Matt Z! HE knows and speaks the truth!!! Part of your pain could be constipation!
  6. I'm the same way. Total agreement. We've been LC (I don't even refer to it as keto) for so dang long, it's just the way we eat. And I love our lean protein and veg and a tiny bit of fruit/nuts/seeds. Mr. F. feels the same way! The more meat I let myself eat, the hungrier I get btw. For me, meat is insulinogenic and can wake up my hunger. So I'm better off if I just bargain with my bad self to eat only my 3oz portion and shut up about it!
  7. Well that depends entirely on the individual, the doctor/clinic, and so many other things. Don't forget, by the time you are 10 months out quite a good % of WLS peeps can eat "almost" as much as they could pre-op--and if not in actual amount, they have the knowledge to "game the system/surgery" to eat around their surgery and do serious damage to weight loss momentum. Plus they're feeling pretty great and looking good and they want to get back to livin life. And they get hungrier!!! And many add in alcohol too. It all makes continued weight loss/maintenance not so cut and dried. Oh and then there are those who start working out and getting fit and that adds new demands that adds variables to the equation...
  8. Yes it would. You would actually be doing something more like the Dukan diet which is low-er fat/low carb. It's still keto. All keto ever meant was that you were in a state of fat burning (dietary ketosis). You can get to DK through severe calorie restriction or carb restriction. In todays Mad-Mad world, people have adulterated the LCHF (Low Carb High Fat diet) and appropriated the "keto" term into the "modern keto diet" which is filled with craptastic amounts of fat. I think people only need that amount of fat when they are not morbidly obese with broken metabolisms...and who also have a humongous energy expenditure (athletes). But that's just my opinion. I know I've got ACRES of fat strapped to my ass and thighs still to use for my fats and ketone production--no need to add it in by excessive dietary fat consumption. I'm still ketogenic and burning ketones for fuel. The thing to know is that our diet is not a 2000 cal diet. So by limiting one macro, it's gonna make the other macros look oddly high, when in reality we're only satisfying our body's needs (ie protein %--no matter how much fat we lose, we still will need "basically" the similar amount of protein to nourish our lbm...). So keto for me these days is like this right now: About 700 cals daily 40% Protein (70g protein) 15% Carbs (26g whole carbs that will net down from fiber to the teens) 45% Fat (35g healthy fats which come from evoo spray, tiny bits of butter or evoo, avocado, nuts/seeds, reduced fat nut butters, reduced fat dairy, whole eggs, fats present in lean meats/seafood/shellfish/poultry). I feel great, my thyroid function has actually improved and I am unmistakably in DK--so I'm ketogenic. Oh and I have no nausea from this diet. But if I eat a high fat food, I will feel like I want to die within about 30 minutes to an hour later.
  9. That's why I loved this Domoboro solution. https://www.riteaid.com/shop/domeboro-astringent-solution-powder-packets-12-packets-0032405?ra_group=gPLA30pct16&gclid=Cj0KCQiA3b3gBRDAARIsAL6D-N9udX34nGJkEZYscVJ0kJ2p8zgqPg17s3ejsxRmt9FIeXZOnHXY0FkaAkt5EALw_wcB It promotes healing from the inside out. My radiation ulcer was about 1/2inch deep and about 2 inches wide. And the radiologist who prescribed this said that by using this according to the instructions that it would actually help it heal. ((hugs)) Sorry you're having to deal with this. IT would be scary larry to me too!
  10. I don't have the answers. But I had a 12lb gain from protein drinks and a kidney issue for the first go round where uric acid was elevated. So I had to play with getting better... Sorry to confuse.
  11. Maybe it's the time of year? We associate this time of year with giving in to treats. Right? But saying that, I'm with @sillykitty--anything tedious. Crap!!! I combat it by: 1. Staying beyond hydrated with water. Keeps me oddly full for hours. 2. Dropping carbs back and cutting out crappy, or sweet nonsense. 3. Eating protein--making sure I'm on the high side of my target rather than the low side. 4. Having plenty of hot non-calorie, NON-SWEET liquids such as black decaff coffee, black decaff green tea. 5. Walking/running.
  12. Ok, the IF Tribulation has begun. *sob* Operation 40 hours is 12 hours in. I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...LOL. Anyone want to see how long they can go with me?
  13. Have you tried Domoboro Solution? You buy these packets in the drug store. They are like a vinegar powder that you make into a slurry. Then you soak a gauze pad with it and lay it on the wound. And it helps it heal. I had to do that for my radiation burn and it really worked! It was crazy how well it dried it up!
  14. FluffyChix

    Interpreting men

    I also think there "can" be a bit of feeling cute and body positive. Like, we're finally experiencing what it feels like to feel good in our body--like we look good--and it's gratifying to us and makes us feel more confident. So we give ourselves permission to be more bubbly and flirtatious/coquettish. Especially when it's in a "safe way". We know we're in a great relationship, we're in a safe space (the gym), and we feel confident and comfortable allowing people to notice us as women. But not like we're perving on guys! Just exercising our power as attractive or possibly attractive females. In most cases maybe we aren't even aware we're being more vivacious or giving off vibes. And also most of us would feel mortified if anyone accused us of flirting or perving. *Not saying this is what is happening here. Only saying that I experienced something like this this weekend. And Mr. F. got mad that I was chatting too much to another person. But I swear on a stack of bibles, I had no thoughts in my head about sex or about being thought of as sexy. But I was just being vivacious cuz I felt good about myself and life, and Mr. F. (who is all I care about) sees me as being sexy now that I've lost so much weight and can wear skinny jeans. KWIM?
  15. Challenge Starting weight: 148.4lbs / CW 151.2lbs (+2.8lbs) / 149.6lbs (+1.2lbs) Current weight lost: 137.4lbs WLS Starting weight: 287lbs Losing or maintaining weight: Losing but just barely!!!!! (slowly) Working on Goal#2 - 140lbs Fitness/exercise goal: Exercise 6-7 days per week with 3 days being strength building with bands Total weight loss at the end of challenge: (Post January 1st 2019) To Come Check in: Tell us how you are doing - (How is your diet and exercise plan going? Any struggles? Stress level? What have you overcome? Any strategies that have helped)--Diet is back on track mainly. Still having hiccups on the weekends with making good food choices. Trying to look and "act" as a skinny woman, making skinny woman weight loss choices--like if I'm gonna have a thrill meal that day, then will economize on calories and carbs but get my protein in for the remaining day and maybe go stripped down the following day.