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  1. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    Happy Belated Birthday @Bianca S. It looks so yummy. I heart grilled shrimpy and fajita fixins!!!
  2. Stay tuned. I am working on building a private membership club to provide additional, more intensive mentoring and sponsorship for getting back on track!
  3. FluffyChix

    Foods you can no longer tolerate

    Have you tried it peeled and the English kind wrapped in celophane? It's the "burpless" kind with few seeds? You can maybe try it again in a month or so!! ((hugs)) Cucs are a staple for me! I use them to replace crackers!
  4. FluffyChix

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Hope you get some rest soon sweetie!!! ((hugs))
  5. FluffyChix


    DeeDee!!!! I you!!!! And it's awesome to see you! You look gorgeous and you have a terrific figure and smokin hot legs missy!!!!! LOVE the outfit! Love the tights and CFMPs!!! And I love your freedom from Spanx! I hope you will post like a ho now that you've come out to us!!!
  6. FluffyChix

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Sorry you didn't like the ACV. It's an acquired taste I guess! LOL. I like it cuz it's "supposed" to help your gut biome. Dunno bout that, but I do it and feel pretty good! I did try your cayenne in the coffee! It's delish and does have an appetite killing effect on me as well! I like adding it with ground cinnamon (to lower insulin). And it's the bomb dot com adding an ounce of chocolate premier protein! Kinda like Mexican hot chocolate! Thanks for doing the R&D on it and coming up with some cool ideas!!! Will have to try the Earl Grey with the coffee!
  7. Just want to say congrats for catching it at 15lbs and for recommitting to health! Congrats on losing 120lbs. That's phenomenal and no small feat!!! Make sure you give yourself credit for that dedication and effort! For me, I find it very easy to gain and my maintenance is a lot like a teetertotter. It goes up easily but it does come back down with my normal Forever Diet for WLS (weight loss success). So I look at maintaining a pretty tight 5 lb window. Tracking is critical in my honest opinion. As is daily weighing (when I'm needing extra accountability) and measuring monthly or weekly. Or taking pics. Whatever you need to actually SEE the losses! I also have to walk daily for 30-60 minutes and drink my 100+oz of liquids each day (64oz of that is plain water) and take my vitamins. Hang with us and we can help keep you focused on success.
  8. FluffyChix


    BBL to comment!!! ((hugs)) @sillykitty No FOMO! Keep your eye on the prize and what you're giving up now is just priming you for cardio (with the lights on)!!!! You're welcome.
  9. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    ((hugs)) Welcome "home"!!! I raise a matzoh ball to you!
  10. FluffyChix

    Steamed Chicken

    Yep. Make sure they don't "velvet" it with a slurry of cornstarch. But steamed fish, chicken, shrimp were my go-tos in the early days at restaurants!!
  11. This is natural and normal and part of the healing process. ((hugs)) Doesn't make it any easier. Feel that sadness and process. See if you can discover WHY this idea makes you so sad? Work through it. It's an opportunity for doing headwork and for beginning a new relationship with food on YOUR terms in ways that fit a new healthy lifestyle.
  12. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    Did it taste as bad as it looked? And I agree...I brake for long posts!!!
  13. FluffyChix

    1.5 years out & still throwing up?

    Wow! I am so very glad you got to the bottom of this and will soon have a remedy. Saying prayers hon. And congrats on being a good self-advocate!!!!
  14. FluffyChix

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    Congrats on such a great report!!!! Woooohoooo look at your girlie you did it!!! The numbness will hopefully diminish with time. Mine did for both of my lower abd. surgeries (alas no TTs involved but huge hip to hip incisions. Awesome news that twins are shakin' out and that you have sensation. That is super duper!!! And wooohooo on dodging the Rosemary's Baby Bad post op poop!!!
  15. FluffyChix

    Starting to cheat

    Yep. Agreed. But that's assuming that any of us who became MO have the ability to eat just one Reese's. Especially when life happens...