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  1. FluffyChix

    An honest update. Weight Gain

    Where is it?
  2. Pretty cool blog post on Deconditioning and insulin control/hunger and IF. https://gettingstronger.org/diet/
  3. FluffyChix

    Diet Restrictions

    Definitely follow the doc's plans! I was clear liquids for 2 days Full liquids for 2 weeks Soft (skipped puree stage per doc) 2 weeks Full diet beyond Week 4 (without raw veggies). Raw veggies either Week 5 or 6? Can't remember. I'm RNY. But just cuz I was able to eat on that schedule doesn't mean anyone else should. Each of our surgeries are different and carry different risks! So always best to ask your doc and RD!!
  4. FluffyChix


  5. Call your surgeon's (bariatric) + other surgeon to discuss this.
  6. FluffyChix

    Fighting addictions pre-op/post-op

    Yep. Yep. Yep! I heartily agree. Congrats!
  7. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yes. The rise is more explosive in a microwave.
  8. FluffyChix

    I just wanna eat

    I've had hunger since about 4 weeks post op. (physical + head) I've honestly worked and worked HARD for every pound I've lost. There haven't been many "gimmes" from the surgery. I can eat more than most, have had very little complication. And if I don't work my plan each day and make sure I stay true to my diet, get my fluids in, get my vits/mins in, and exercise I either stall, or gain. And if I eat the wrong things? My hunger goes off the charts and I just want to eat and eat and eat. So I do IF (intermittent fasting), and also eat low carb. I focus on eating very simple meals with a separate lean, dry, grilled protein + al dente veg + a small serving of healthy fat. I eat 1cup/meal by volume and get 60-74g of protein per day. I try to stay at or under around 30g of net carbs per day (the lower the better). I'm still lowing slowly toward my 2nd goal at 1 year.
  9. FluffyChix

    Am I eating too much?

    Do you get any other food with the meal when you eat 5oz of beef, Diana? Just wondered how big your meal is by volume?
  10. Woohoooo! The landing basically "stuck". Pre-poopy nekkid this am, 145.0lbs. So pretty close. Today is IF till I drop. The plan is to go maybe 22:2? I'm gonna have 1 gynormous green smoothie this evening, then 2 hours later will eat dinner. That takes care of the protein and fiber. (Oh and I will get a little more fiber in a glass of ice tea between there.) In my heart of hearts I'm hoping to see 143lbs on my scale on Thursday morning, hoping it will show me at "normal range" on her scale! Hoping I can get 2 good IF days into the fray! Think I should be able to. Anyone else IFing these days or is it only me from over the sea?
  11. FluffyChix

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    My perfect "cocktail" once they stopped the pain pump was: IV Tylenol >> liquid tylenol at home Gabapentine Tramadol Supposedly the combination of those 3 are synergistic and provide similar level of relief as narcotics. They worked for me. And I didn't have any other big guns after about mid afternoon of the day of surgery. I weaned off them pretty quickly at home and if I needed anything, just took liquid tylenol. Hope your surgery goes smoothly and precisely and that you're up and healing in no time at all!!! ((hugs)) Sending healing prayers your way!
  12. Anddd I'm back to my ticker weight this morning. Let's see if I can stick the landing this time and go on to a new low? My 1 year is coming up on Thursday this week! I'm better than they or I projected, but not where I wanted to secretely be. But I will just keep on trippin' and tryin'. Every day is a new opportunity to fine tune my plan! Planning Monday and Tuesday big IF days!!
  13. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    I used to make a lot of gluten free single (or near) serving low carb breads and "protein mug/cake". Here's the recipe index. You might like them. They were pretty awesome tasting. Not necessarily the best for weight loss for me personally, but I maintained like a champ with 'em! http://fluffychixcook.com/recipes/recipe-index/ Keto Chocolate Cake: http://fluffychixcook.com/keto-chocolate-cake/
  14. Ouch! Anesthesia will step in. It was maybe the worst part of the whole thing. I think they tried like 14 different places on me.
  15. Is he still encamped upon the edges? Or did you kick him back off the island?