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  1. I will try indoor rock climbing and also go down waterslides with my family. No more watching them have all the fun!
  2. Meguone, I'm in Australia. Here, we can buy Optifast off the shelves from almost every pharmacy. The surgeons seem to recommend the brand a lot. That's why many others in Australia are using the same brand at least during pre-op.
  3. Pre-op diet... I started yesterday and OMFG I was constantly craving! Today was a lot better because I swapped an Optifast shake for an Optifast soup, and that seemed to keep the hunger away. Plus, I went food shopping today and it was painful walking past all the things I cannot eat. I died a little bit inside, [emoji16] but then I reminded myself that I've been so good sticking to plan. Oct 10 seems so far away!
  4. crushingit


    I had one with some girlfriends, and then will have my pre-birthday lunch with family.
  5. That's pretty much what my program lists for me although I'm allowed black coffee with no sugar, and salads and lean protein. I got some discounted Optifast shakes today. Will wait till the soups are on special. I'm in Perth, Aus.
  6. Me. Oct 10. I'm following the other thread "Calling all October sleevers"
  7. I'll mix it up for sure.
  8. Fantastic! I didn't even think about doing that! The chemist down the road often has them on special.
  9. I love your list. I think I'll hang my dress somewhere, too. Thanks for the idea. When I go shopping for clothes, I often take a photo of ne wearing the outfits. I should definitely group the photos for when I do my Before and After comparisons.
  10. So what's everyone doing now and up to surgery day? I'm slowly searching through my home for stuff that I need to pack for the hospital. I've started to teach myself new habits, like eating better and slower. I'm also taking Vitamin D and Iron tablets as per the physician's order. I've booked afterschool care for my son for the days after surgery. I usually pick him up from school. My husband will instead pick him up from afterschool care after work. I've also decided I should maybe pick a dress of two sizes down to help motivate me when I get sleeved. [emoji23]
  11. crushingit

    1 year anniversary

    Congratulations! You look fantastic.
  12. I'm in Australia, and I believe we do things differently here. I had an initial appointment with the surgeon to discuss my interest in doing WLS, and the surgeon explained the options although I had already decided on the sleeve. Next, I had to attend 4 appointments: dietitian, psychologist, physician, and surgeon. Last one (surgeon) is on 18 Sept. Then I start my 2 weeks shakes to prepare for surgery (Oct 10).
  13. If all goes to plan, Oct 10.
  14. crushingit

    So excited

    You look great, well done.
  15. crushingit

    Perth Sleevies?

    My surgery date is set for Oct 10 but will be confirmed on Sept 18 when I attend my appointment with the surgeon. I asked for a date because I'd like to give some (informal) notice at uni.
  16. crushingit

    October Sleever Here

    I'm booked for October. I'm still to see the dietitian and surgeon in September but I needed to book the date early so I can give notice to my supervisor. Pre-op in Australia 🇦🇺
  17. crushingit

    Anyone from Australia

    Yup, I decided to do the same so then after the surgery people won't see me drastically change my habits. I'm trying to avoid making it so obvious that something is up. I don't want to attract questions.
  18. crushingit

    Perth Sleevies?

    Yes, I haven't told anyone else. I'm keeping it as a private matter. I'm 109kgs, my highest ever. I start my pre-op appointments in August, surgery date not set yet. Pre-op in Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺
  19. crushingit

    Anyone from Australia

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I'm in Perth and have just booked my appointments with the psychologist, physician, dietitian and surgeon for August-September. I've got no idea what to expect at the appointments! Pre-op in Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺

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