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  1. ReadyforChangeChan

    Family having pizza tonight!!

    there is also a company called realgoodpizza and they make the pizza with the chicken crust. I hear good things about them and plan to order soon.
  2. You need to speak to your ins or verify their exact policy on their portal. Some ins can and will deny based on weight gain during the 3/6 month period you are working up to surgery.
  3. ReadyforChangeChan

    How long were you off work?

    thankfully my job does 100% for the first 4 weeks that's why i went for it. Plus a saved up and paid up all my bills so that while i waited for my pay checks things wouldn't fall behind.
  4. ReadyforChangeChan

    How long were you off work?

    i had 4 weeks off-and still came back to work pretty tired. But realistically I could have gone back after two and just dealt with it.
  5. ReadyforChangeChan


    I take unisom or zquil because I haveeeeeee to sleep! I was staying up all night sleep like 4-5 hors during the day and then up til the next morning-rinse and repeat. I think being off of wirk contributed. Now that i went back i come home tired so its easier to sleep at night.
  6. ReadyforChangeChan

    At what point is insurance contacted?

    It is pretty normal-every year we can change between the plans my company offers. Just keep in mind that if you have co ins and deductibles the ball rolls overs at the start of the new year and everything goes back to zero. So for example in my case i wanted surgery done this year-i had already maxed out my deductibles and co ins back in march due to an accident so every appt i had after was covered 100 percent. And i wanted to take advantage of that-i didnt pay a dime for anything related to getting my surgery. I do plan to change next year though.
  7. ReadyforChangeChan

    Fobi ring

    Googled it-what are the long term effects-did your doctor discuss with you or tell you why he thinks it would be good for you?
  8. My insurance didnt care about weight gain between appts but between your initial weight and final weight before submitting you could not show a gain-ie no net gain. Be sure you know what your ins stance is. Aetna is who i have and they would have denied coverage.
  9. Im a month today and pre op 11 post op 20
  10. ReadyforChangeChan

    Feeling Guilty:(

    I am not in the same boat as you are as far as insurance not covering my surgery however-i do have children and know what its like to not be able to afford to do certain things. However, this is one thing that you are not only doing for yourself-its for your children as well. They will need and want you around for a very long time to come. Think of this as an investment into their future. Imagine how they would feel if you weren't around because of an issue derived from your weight that could have been prevented.
  11. First day back to work after being off for a month....le sigh!

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    2. ReadyforChangeChan


      It was rough. I wanted to go home half way through but today is much better!

    3. Danny Paul

      Danny Paul

      I went to work after two weeks post surgery. Thought I was going to feel tired and run down like I did at home. Going to work actually energized me. It's actually helping me with the healing process.

    4. ReadyforChangeChan


      Yes I feel like it gives me a routine now-which I like. First day was draining but I also wasnt getting much sleep. I feel pretty good now.

  12. ReadyforChangeChan

    Surgery date?

    I think it depends on whats already scheduled for your surgeon. Mine actually went on vacation at the beginning of august so my date had to be the 21st of august although i was approved towards the end of july. I waited about 5 weeks from approval to surgery day.
  13. ReadyforChangeChan


    Gas-x saved my life! Lol-watched so many video where people advised you take them to the hospital so i did. Helps tremendously. And of course the walking as well!
  14. ReadyforChangeChan

    Lost too Much weight 😞

    Well i guess you take your doctors caution but its the insurance company approving so i dont see why if they have no issue your doc should. I swear all the red tape i see people suffering through is annoying!