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  1. GreenTealael

    Protein Bars: What Part of Bariatric Diet?

    Definitely later on during the regular diet phase ❤️
  2. GreenTealael

    God the hunger!

    If you can have unlimited vegetables, try making a soup/broth that you can eat/drink whenever your headache starts. Congratulations on the upcoming surgery!
  3. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    What are these monsters?!?!? I only eat Oreo Thicks 😝
  4. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    French toast donut but it was too sweet and fatty 😩
  5. GreenTealael

    Feeling weak 3 weeks post-op + acid reflux

    Hi! You may find that your energy will ebb and flow for a while. That’s pretty normal. The tired weak feeling should get better in time, the further out from surgery you are. Some reasons you may feel this way are lack of (metabolism assisting) vitamins like the B’s and not enough hydration. Hydration goes a little deeper that just the right amount of liquids, you also need electrolytes. The PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors) are prescribed for a few month. It takes time for the surgical inflammation to go away. Confirm with your surgeon how long they expect you to stay on them. It’s only been three weeks since surgery, things should get better gradually. Good Luck ❤️
  6. GreenTealael

    Okaaayyy! I just realized we have a ladies room...Heyyyy!!!

    I’m super hungry before my cycle. I also can get very nauseous during it. I’m assuming it’s hormone related.
  7. GreenTealael

    Postoperative issues with WLS

    Transfer addictions are a consideration. Some minor ones are just very expensive hobbies you always wanted to do (the serious ones can be alcohol etc) You may become fixated on new clothes, specialty equipment or even eyelash extensions 🤫
  8. GreenTealael

    Self Care Binge Pre OP

    This sound like fun!
  9. GreenTealael

    Failing miserably

    Unless testing has confirmed it, don’t assume you’ve stretched your stomach. [B-side rant] My view (although no asked 😂) : If it were any other surgery like knee, hip or even a heart valve replacement no one would bat an eyelash if you needed extra time to adjust or if it needed to be repaired again. There would be no guilt or shame associated because it would be understood that you can’t stop yourself from using it or the wear associated with its use. But when it comes to weight loss surgery it seems like you get one chance to have it go perfect and then everything is your fault if it doesn’t. I have no clue where this ideas come from but I don’t think it helps us at all especially because it doesn’t seem to work like that with almost anything else in life. Please be kind to yourself ❤️
  10. GreenTealael

    The stomach left behind...

    Don’t fret! After RNY, the remnant stomach is usually left in its original place. The abdominal cavity is packed pretty tightly so nothing is just floating - unlike VSG where a some space is made by removal of part of the stomach. (Reenactment of my original VSG below )
  11. GreenTealael


    IMHO ... For someone who has been successful this seems like a lot of extra grief to switch over the way you measure your food. If it were me, I would talk to my team again and tell them I need help with this specific issues because it’s confusing. Good Luck ❤️
  12. GreenTealael


    We’re doing OOTD mishaps now! Great because I got paint on my favorite leggings. Luckily I only wear them indoors so I can just ignore it 😂
  13. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Maple glazed turkey burger salad! before and after Usually turkey burgers are very dry (to me) but somehow this came out very juicy so I might add this into rotation permanently
  14. GreenTealael

    Weight Loss Medication for Regain?

    If you have the chance check out the research on fasting times and efficacy. 12 hrs may not be enough. I used to do 16 hrs min and the results were A LOT slower at that point than at 20 hrs of fasting (OMAD) Good Luck with your appointment, I hope that it provides some help ❤️