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    Food Before and After Photos

    I thought I heard of a romaine recall for either E. Coli or Listeria but maybe I'm mistaken. You don't like tiny toasted breads 😩?
  2. GreenTealael

    Today's Dilemma!

    Be honest but resolved in your choice. The person that I chose as my medical proxy asked me the night before surgery if "I was certain I didn't want to just do it naturally"! I found it abhorrent to try and dissuade me at the last minute. But I was unwavering. If someone can make you doubt yourself or decision, you may have to consider whether or not you want to invite that type of issue prior to surgery. I told my people after (quite a long time after for fear of open ended criticism) and no one was surprised or critical because I apparently "did well". My Mum said of course how else could you have lost the weight so fast 🤣 Since your father is sweet you may not have a problem at all. If he has any concerns ask him to attend a seminar (before or after) or go with you to pre-op, etc. Good Luck and Congratulations ♥️
  3. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Chicken Avocado Salad Another salad? Yes. I was overzealous when buying salad greens and accidentally bought a box that expired 10/15. However, they are organic and last a lot longer than their "best by..." date so I am determined to beat the clock in these. I'm also logging consistently - likely because the Baritastic app is easy and doesn't expose my private information to cyberattacks (Under Armour/MFP ... thanks)
  4. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    🎉🎉🎉Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 How'd it feel moving on?
  5. GreenTealael

    Cellulite & Varicose Veins

    My cellulite mostly disappeared but I didn't have much. I mostly had compact and very firm fat. My varicose veins and spider veins, which are hereditary, shrank to very thin and don't feel tender/sore anymore. But they are still there although very hard to see unless I'm really looking. Unfortunately I didn't document this aspect with photos 😩
  6. GreenTealael

    Are these ice pops a good choice

    They look good especially for electrolyte replacement. The flavor my decide how you ultimately feel about them.
  7. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Oh how I love that moto jacket! Your nails look lovely and the perfect length, unlike my extremely impractical set 😂 Also the food looks so hearty and comforting
  8. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    I just used the Trader joe's box mix but added onion powder and paprika. I flatten them like patties for even cooking while pan frying in ~1/8 c of oil (1/4 inch or less in a pan)
  9. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Falafel Salad : 2 c salad greens, 3 olives, 15 croutons, 1/8 c raisins, 1/8 c of feta cheese, 2.5 oz falafel cooked Calorically dense for a salad
  10. GreenTealael


    Don't forget you can drink warm items like bone broth or other protein broth so you don't burn out on protein shakes. Hoping you have fewer and super effective dilatations ❤️
  11. GreenTealael


    Yes but not nearly as tight as yours. After I was converted from VSG to RNY (for stricture & other reasons) I developed a stricture! I had dilatation to reopen the anastomosis to an appropriate size and it worked 🎉 It may take a few more dilatations, but they do tend to help. I believe it can happen when a person produces excessive scar tissue (me) or inflammatory response to surgery, etc. Try to stick to the diet stage you are advised be on now to prevent further complications while you heal. Good Luck ♥️
  12. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Amazing comparison! I haven't seen a pre/post surgery pic in a while
  13. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Thanks 💅🏽
  14. Definitely. If you cannot support her that's ok too. That's does not have to be your job. Good Luck ♥️
  15. GreenTealael

    Surgery day

    Congratulations ❤️
  16. GreenTealael

    2.5 Years out!

    Congratulations 🎉 I ♥️ success stories
  18. GreenTealael

    Help! Thinking about cancelling

    Hi 💓 If you made it this far into the process, you must be very serious about going through with it. I don't know which part of the decision is causing hesitation but I would trust the Surgeon's suggestion because they have seen hundreds if not thousands of *similar* cases and have metrics to predict patient outcomes. Also postponing surgery by a week or two instead of completely cancelling can be an option so you don't have to go through the entire process again. Good Luck ♥️
  19. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    Warm tofu salad for dinner last night Roughly 2 cups of salad greens, 1/8 cup of raisins, 2 olives, 1/8 cup of feta cheese, 1/4 avocado, 10 croutons and 3 oz seasoned pan fried tofu
  20. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    That's quite a spread! Special occasion or just another Monday?
  21. GreenTealael


    Hi 💓
  22. I really struggle(d) to track accurately because the foods I make don't always match the items correctly in the apps database. I ended up estimating a lot of just giving up tbh. I used MyFitnessPal the most in the beginning but currently I like Baritastic much more because it has a built in barcode scanner. IMHO use whichever method will keep you tracking consistently. Good Luck ♥️
  23. GreenTealael

    The Process

    VSG - 3+ yrs ago so slightly different than what maybe happening this year: I called the local Bariatric Surgery practice to inquire about how to start the process and was told to attend an in person seminar where all of the information would be discussed After the seminar I called to set up an appointment with the surgeon. At the appointment my insurance was processed, weight taken then official first meeting with the surgeon where we discussed my health & medical history as well as my options. I chose to move forward with surgery ASAP. The head nurse/office manager set up my first nutritionist appointment for the same day because the NUT was available right after my consult. I was given info on the diet I needed to begin to follow (I needed to meet just once or twice more with the NUT prior to surgery for more instructions and weigh ins). At checkout from the initial consult, I was handed a huge packet of info on the next steps/appointments. There were some the office set up and some I needed to do on my own. I needed to meet with my primary for insurance authorization & prior weight loss history. Next was the psychologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist , sleep study, and my neurologist (case specific) Final steps were endoscopy and barium swallow test then the final required WLS seminar. Once it was all complete, all materials were submitted and I waited for insurance approval. Once approval arrived I was given options on surgery dates. Prior to surgery I needed to complete pre-op lab/paper work including meeting with the anesthesiologist about 1 week before surgery. No pre-op diet required but I did one for ~ 5 days because I was nervous. Day of surgery (5 am) was just more paperwork then briefly meeting with the team one more time. Administered light sedation then headed into the OR suite, met the surgerical team, placed on surgerical table, wired with monitors/leads, IV placed and then placed under general anesthesia. From initial call to surgery day ~4 months. *Revision to RNY (1+ yr ago): At one of my regular follow up appointments I told my AMAZING Surgical PA that my GERD symptoms had increased significantly. I was scheduled to see the new Surgeon immediately (original one left the practice). At the appointment with my new Surgeon it was suggested to conduct an endoscopy immediately. It was scheduled for the same week. My new Surgeon conducted the endoscopy to have first hand info on my anatomy since they were not the original Surgeon. A few days later we met again to discuss my options (revision or several months of repeated balloon dilatations) I choose revision and was scheduled for 12 days later. Please note that I was "fast tracked" and I didn't need to repeat any of the initial prerequisites because I was at goal weight and demonstrated significant need for the procedure. No insurance issues either for the same reasons. But this time I had to do the 2 week pre-op diet. The day of revision surgery the same as first surgery. Good Luck with your journey ❤️
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    Food Before and After Photos

    What brand of cracker was this?
  25. GreenTealael

    Food Before and After Photos

    I don't think I ever really did. I'm not sure when it happened but rice or pasta forced it's way into every meal. Prior to WLS, at parties and potlucks I would turn down the coveted baked macaroni and cheese. There were lots of side eyes but also lots of people willing to divide the spoils 😜