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  1. GreenTealael

    Bathroom issues

    Stevia does this to me but I have thankfully not experienced it while out I hope you figure it out soon!
  2. GreenTealael

    Naughty days?

    My surgeon has me avoiding grains breads pasta etc until 6 months post op and then it must be whole grain for the fiber content , but I'm happily giving them up for a good 8 months if not more -just not interested anymore . I tried quinoa once but the protein count wasn't worth justifing eating it, when I could just have some cheese. Also how did this thread get so judgey and mean so quick? I went from page 1-9 skipping the middles and I was like WTF!?! …
  3. All surgeries were equal for me so My surgeon suggested bypass but I ultimately went with sleeve because I was already anemic and didn't want to deal with more deficiencies...
  4. GreenTealael

    Naughty days?

    I've gone off plan and plan to again because I never planned to give up the foods I ate prior to surgery (pure maple , honey, spirulina, cacao, chia, flax, butter, etc. ) although they were never on any plan I saw...
  5. GreenTealael

    Naughty days?

    I would love it if the people who cheated early would check back in 6 months from now. I would love to know if they won the war against their bad habits. That way we could have some advice from their perspective... To cheat or not to cheat.
  6. Be SUPER honest about your health issues if you have any then ask: How much weight will you need to lose prior which surgeries they believe would help you the most What is the rate of complication with each surgery what the waiting period will be with your insurance if you are using insurance What the rate of failure and revision is for the practice What types of supports are available before , during and after surgery How long is the hospital stay Will they use surgical tape, glue or stitches Will you have a drain How many incisions will you receive and their locations CONGRATS
  7. GreenTealael


    I had the same problem with losing desire to drink, then I realized I was only drinking water and switched to a few more palatable options: tea (herbal, decaf), flavored drinks (sugar free) and even coffee (decaf) I was under the impression that only water counted, I was wrong. I am however still struggling with protein shakes, they won't stay down anymore...
  8. GreenTealael

    Failing already

    I was failing also then I realized that it would be too hard to make all the changes at once after the surgery so I buckled down and one month prior to surgery tossed everything I wouldn't be able to eat after surgery. EVERYTHING. Fresh start and a long enough time to make it a habit. No regrets and very little struggle afterwards. My suggestion is to work really hard at the hydration and become friends with water. That way you'll be super hydrated prior to surgery , form a necessary habit and will lessen the risk of dehydration after. YOU GOT THIS!!!
  9. GreenTealael

    Rant that is looking for advice

    Perhaps you could use the perspective of body positivity which is a huge movement now. Focus on self live and positive choices in all aspects of life. Sometimes positive changes have a domino effect and can support weightloss with it being the main objective. Teens need alot of reinforcement in the selflove category...
  10. GreenTealael

    NYS MEDICAID (Fidelis)

    My Surgeons office also handled all of my appointments as well but the ladies at the front desk seemed in no rush to get me scheduled asap.for things ... And I was in a serious rush - I wanted surgery immediately so I stayed on top of things to speed it up. I didn't have a 6 month waiting period with Fidelis. So for me start to finish was just shy of 6 months.
  11. GreenTealael

    NYS MEDICAID (Fidelis)

    here's what I suggest because it helped me a great deal : Contact your insurance company to find out exactly what the requirements are and what would be cause for denial. Also find out if the procedure is totally covered of if you will be responsible for some of the costs. (my nutrition and sleep evaluations were not covered but required so I have to take care of those) Track all of your required preop appointments meticulously Follow the recommendations (diet wise) as best as possible. Be super proactive and don't wait for the doctors office to stay on top of things for you. You don't know want to waste 6 months of your time if you don't have to. Congrats you'll do amazing!!!
  12. GreenTealael

    What's the story behind your profile name?

    My favorite beverage and my name
  13. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    Super proud of something ? Tired of holding back fearing jealousy? Drop your humble brags here and let us cheer you on!
  14. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    I am able to paint my toenails with out bending into uncomfortable positions..
  15. Hi everyone Been stalled for A little while and need some suggestions to move past it. I'm 2 months Post OP and can still only eat about 700cal , 70g protein daily, less than 50g carbs. I completely understand the dynamics and have embraced my stall, but it's time to move on. Please only helpful comments from people who have experienced it and what worked. Many thanks HW 250 SW 238 CW 210
  16. GreenTealael

    Help breaking a stall

  17. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    Nice!!! did you make it to your destination safely?
  18. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    Welcome to the losers bench 💪
  19. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    Congrats and you'll do great!!!
  20. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    Wow! I'm still taking birds eye view selfies, waiting for my chins to disappear
  21. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    16 month out!!! How's it going, tell us what you love the Most
  22. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

    Absolutely amazing 130lbs lost... You deserve the awards
  23. GreenTealael

    Meal Plans

    Hi there Really in need of daily plans that achieve protein goals especially if you have it nailed timing wise thanks in advance!!!
  24. GreenTealael

    Humble Brag

  25. GreenTealael

    November 7th sleevers

    Just trying to get all of the nutrition and hydration in has become a full time job (30 mins between meals and drinks is alot to keep track of )