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  1. CherryBlossomGirl

    June 21st

    Dear Joann, thank you very much! I do also wish that your energy returns quicker as well, all my best wishes flying to you from Lithuania I had a surgery with a 70 years old lady, 3 days after surgery she started gardening and doing berry jams for her grandchildren so I think at some point it could be age, but definitely not 100% as you can see from this example. In any case, I think I need to try some healing meditation....
  2. CherryBlossomGirl

    June 21st

    Omg...so long to wait ... I thought maybe there are some kind of special post op energy drinks... or someone could create post op e-game definitely there is a room for improvement
  3. CherryBlossomGirl

    June 21st

    I had my surgery on the 20th and so far everything is just perfect! The only thing that really makes me crazy is being without energy and although I understand this is normal, but I am so bored do any of you feel like having a shower or walk around the house is A BIG job done and you need rest after this? I am a bit afraid of driving, therefore stay at home all day... what do you do to fly days faster and how do you entertain yourself? P.s. Yes, I'm reading books, watching movies, but need smth more