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  1. I am happy to answer any questions. From 356 to 207lbs. Who is a happy boy? That would be me. Best decision I've made in my life. Healthier, more confident, better family and social life. Thumbs up all around from moi. Loose skin, hell yeah, does it bother me, not really. It's part of the package. Love y'all, sorry I have not been around a while. I have a life now
  2. Half-Tum

    Sushi in soft phase? Rice?

    Rice and pasta are NO NOs. They do not work at all with me.
  3. Half-Tum

    Sushi in soft phase? Rice?

    How doth you doctor it up?
  4. Half-Tum

    Progress pic! 6 months post op

    You're very pretty.
  5. Half-Tum

    Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    Depends on if you're a smurf or not, doesn't it?
  6. Half-Tum

    Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    Bluedick, Anxiety, Fleas, enlarged eyeball, tummy ache, Rickets, Gout, Chlamydia, Wobbly feet syndrome, donkey breath, Units, Polshanks, East River Gorgonzola Drip (I don't know what it is either but it sounds nasty), Pink Pubic Hair, scarring of the inner nostril, webbed fingers and webbed toes.
  7. Sometimes "Damn." is all you can say.
  8. Sorry I haven't been around as much...new life and all....but you look HOT!! Go girl!!!!
  9. Helps a lot with the "afters" when you're gorgeous before.
  10. Half-Tum

    Turkey vs Human

    Very inspiring post. Thank you.
  11. Half-Tum

    Turkey vs Human

    I can eat so little, I don't worry about what I'm gonna have for Thanksgiving. Whatever I can actually eat will not matter. Not for one meal for one day.

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