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  1. Happy 34th Birthday StacieS!

  2. Happy 33rd Birthday StacieS!

  3. StacieS

    Dating, geez, HELP.

    Hello all...I've been reading through this thread and it's very interesting. I've recently come out of a ten year relationship...met when I was 19 years old. So...now I'm about a 100 pounds lighter and have no idea how to date. Half the time I'm down because no one I'm interested in is asking me out and then have my friends make fun of me because I don't even realize when others are flirting with me. So...I've decided I'm entirely to worried about it and I took myself shopping, got a new haircut and went to Barnes and Noble instead of going to the bar this weekend. My favorite quote from You've got Mail is when Meg Ryan and her boyfriend are breaking up and he asks her if there is someone else. She replies "no, but there is the dream of someone." lol...and well...that's where I'm at.
  4. My year anniversary is next month. I had my first fill in Nov 2008 and going for my second one tomorrow. I lost about 30 pounds after my first fill and basically stalledin my losing last month. So I decided it's time for another one. It's so hard to gauge because everyone is different...but my doctor said when I stall out for a few weeks, then it's time to schedule the next one. I have about 35 more to lose and I'm hoping this one does it! I'm going crazy to reach my goal...lol!
  5. StacieS

    exercise, economy, and ugh

    I'm not much for pilates, but fitness tv has some great yoga sessions. It's in the On Demand section if you have cable. There are actually two or three I like (for beginners.) The best part (aside from the fact it's free,) is that I can wear my holey pants and my dog is the only one watching me try those crazy positions. Not sure if it has propelled my weight loss, but I can tell it has toned my arms and waist. They also have cardio yoga and pilates.
  6. StacieS

    Post Something POSTIVE Thread

    I am wearing jeans today, size 16!
  7. Hello everyone, I haven't been on here in a couple of weeks... But tonight I feel the need to vent and maybe to feel a little sorry for myself. Yesterday my dog passed away. My little beagle, 14 years old, died in my arms. I've had her since I was 16.. and well tonight... I feel as if I lost my very best friend. It happened yesterday morning. She was sick and I was holding her in the car on the way to the emergency clinic. I was singing to her and she looked at me and then passed away. I didn't eat yesterday and then ate all day today. My first test of not eating my way to comfort and I failed. And as always, no comfort. I feel sick and horrible ... and in a very embaressing way, I want to go home to my mom.
  8. Hey Key West Girl, I was banded 4-15-08... I was so hungry today that I scrambled an egg and ate it. I feel fine, kept it down fine, chewed it REALLY well. But I still feel guilty about eating it three days early. I think it will be fine.... but I def feel your pain. =)
  9. I use turkey meat for almost everything, it's cheaper that hamburger meat at Walmart super store. Also, we buy a bag of boneless frozen chicken breast every two weeks. There are just two of us, but we can make about five meals (ha...we like chicken.) Chicken soup: boil chicken, cut up and add your veggies and swansons broth. Or chicken salad: bake with italian dressing, cut up and put on green salad (my fav.) Then there is bbq chicken, just bake in oven and brush on bbq about five minutes before you take it out, make baked potato and veg and you'r all set. Sometimes we buy a small roast and have it with potatoes and carrots, then I use left overs to make beef stew (which we eat for two more meals.) These were all pre-band, so I'm sure I'm going to have to make changes here and there .... when I can eat solids again. =) Oh, and get veggies and fruit at your local farmers market. Usually A LOT cheaper and fresher than in stores. We go about once a week and it's kinda a fun outing.
  10. I've been using the Gas-X strips that dissolve on your tongue. LIFE-Saver!
  11. FYI - for good deals on designer shoes, look on ebay!
  12. My perfect outfit is some straight leg jeans with heels. I don't wear jeans now (pear shape and never fit right.) So I've bought a pair or Rockin Republic jeans, size 12, for inspiration. I can't wait to find the perfect heels to wear with them!!! Aahh, I can't wait!
  13. StacieS

    What to do until fill????

    I thought I was the only one! My stomach is growling as I sit here and type. And if I see ONE more Red Lobster commercial I think I might become violent! I couldn't even watch tv this weekend (which..ha..I guess is a good thing.) My doc said no exercise for a month... so I'm kinda stuck when it comes to finding things to keep my mind off the hunger. Guess, I'll try reading a book tonight. Hang in there everyone!
  14. Hello,I am about a week post-op and VERY HUNGRY. The thing that has helped me the most is clearing out our pantry. This is a family thing... my partner has agreed to be soda and oreo free for awhile (at least at home) until I can get a grip on my cravings. Night time is hard for me as well, but it sure is easier to resist when it's not right in front of me. We all have set backs, but remember every day is a new beginning!
  15. Hello! I am six days post-op and I still have a little pain in my left shoulder. It was REALLY bad for about three days after, then started lessesning. Gas-Ex was a life saver for me!