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  1. Tiki Toli

    rice and pasta

    I also love Sushi, my plan is starting at 4 weeks to make sashimi a mainstay in my diet. You might want to try the same.
  2. My PCP didn't have one either, luckily my Bariatric Program did so I switched.
  3. Tiki Toli

    Slow losing....

    Don't be so sure, I have to be careful standing up to quickly or I get light headed and dizzy, I feel week. I'm getting worried about it.
  4. Tiki Toli

    Slow losing....

    This is what's crazy about the human body, I just posted another topic that I'm concerned that I am loosing weight too quickly. 23.1 pounds in in 7 days which doesn't seem healthy to me. I am also following all my diet guidelines, so I don't get it. I plan on talking to my dietician about it when I see them next week.
  5. My surgery was a week ago today. I'm down 23.1 pounds since that day. I see most people in the first couple months seem to loose between 20-40 pounds and that is what I expected. To be over half way there in a week has me a little excited but concerned at the same time. I've been meeting the diet requirements I was given which was basically 60 fluid ounces and 50 grams of protein a day. I'm feeling great and I'm having no problem getting my fluids down, I could do more if I needed to. I would love to hear opinions on this before I go back for my follow-up on Monday.

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