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  1. JohnnyCakes

    Had Emergency Surgery Just Now

    wow... that sounds incredibly complicated. thanks for the explainer.
  2. JohnnyCakes

    Had Emergency Surgery Just Now

    my thoughts as well.....
  3. JohnnyCakes

    Had Emergency Surgery Just Now

    "internal hernia with twisted gut" ... did they say this was due to your RNY anatomy? and if so, any tips on how to avoid it? glad you're okay Fluffy!
  4. JohnnyCakes

    2013 Gastric Bypass patient

    according to NIH, the "normal" weight range for a 5'7" woman is 121-153lbs. you are 170. so you still have quite a ways to go (50+ pounds) before you are considered underweight. while most people 6 years out struggle with regain, you admit you can basically eat anything you want and keep your weight down, if not still lose a little. i'm sorry... what's the problem here?
  5. JohnnyCakes


    lots of pain here too.
  6. JohnnyCakes


    sounds like you might be having mild dumping symptoms. eliminate sugar, limit high GI carbs, and see if it improves.
  7. JohnnyCakes

    what's the worse things about bypass

    i can't think of anything negative. oh -- i can't chug water like i used to. you know how when it's super hot and you haven't hydrated and you get a cold bottle of water and down that **** all at once? yea i can't do that anymore. i miss that.
  8. wow you’re a sweetheart, aren’t you...
  9. enjoying the conversation you’re having with yourself? bet that’s a regular thing for you, huh?
  10. boy nothing gets by you, does it? you graduated at the top of your class i presume...
  11. JohnnyCakes

    Dealing with Co-Workers and Friends

    when people loosely ask or comment in a social situation about my weight loss and say "how?" i generally joke it off and say "tapeworm" or "crack" and that usually gets laughs and ends the conversation. but if someone later pulls me aside and genuinely asks for advice, either because they have a weight problem or someone they know does, then i'll proudly tell them about my surgery and advocate for it for them too.
  12. JohnnyCakes

    Quesiton about long term weight

    yes, your appetite will be non-existent during the initial rapid weight loss phase. then, as you get to your goal weight, you will notice that you will experience normal hunger sensations again and can comfortably eat more food. this worries a lot of people because they think they are "stretching their pouch" (not a thing) and are on the road to regain. but that is not the case. rather, your body is saying "okay, i'm at the weight i should be at now, lets eat some more food so i don't waste away to nothing!" in short, as long as you eat healthy whole foods a good 90% of the time, you can let your new appetite be your guide. if your body is hungry, feed it healthy food until you are satisfied. no need to count calories or portion sizes. if you have no appetite/hunger, don't eat! it's pretty simple. the danger is if you go back to sugary/processed food. don't do that. fast food, junk food, processed food, alcohol, sweets... all of that should be part of your past. those foods distort your body's natural hunger signals (insulin rollercoaster, food reward balance) and you can very well gain weight in the long-term by doing so.
  13. the mental aspect of this surgery is far, FAR more challenging than the physical aspect. and yet it is rarely talked about. that needs to change.