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  1. any pointers OR diet options to drop weight? my surgeons office wont submit to my insurance unless I drop the 15 pounds I've gained since April and I am really getting agg and overwhelmed nothing is working for me! HELP!!!

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    2. Bhageerah


      They have given you sound advice, high protein and low carb will melt the weight right off of you. I have done it several times and each time excess weight melted off, my body may be different than yours but I actually would loose 10lbs easy the first week, granted it was just water weight but that gives you a real example. If you go high protein, low carb and cut out a lot of the fat you should see awesome results quick.

    3. Starsmore


      I have to lose 5-10 by next visit with the surgeon, so I'm using iTrackBites. It mimics Weight Watchers programs, but you only have to pay for the app once, rather than a monthly fee. It won't cause drastic loss because it's designed for the gradual loss, but it helps me to not be hangry all the time lol

    4. Bhageerah


      Good luck! I know you can knock it out of the park!!!:)

  2. collins4985

    Got my Primary Care Physician Approval

    yayyyyyy for you and the sessions and supervised diets really depends on your insurance and surgeon! I work for memorial Hermann hospital I had 3 NUT sessions and my pre op diet will be for 14 days once I receive my surgery date! good luck and welcome to the journey!
  3. collins4985

    September Bypass Buddies

    not 100% sure but I more than likely will have a September date as well! anyone of you all start your liquid diet yet? hows it going?
  4. had my reassessment with my surgeon on Thursday! waiting on insurance to approve and will have my date hopefully on the upcoming week! #excited

    1. Apple1


      Good luck to you. It won't be long now.

    2. collins4985


      gained 10 pounds so im currently required to go on a 10 day liquid diet before they submit to insurance! today is day one but its going well so far ive had 2 shakes and 32oz of water still have 3 shakes to go

  5. collins4985

    2 Days to go!

    so how are you doing? were you able to get the bypass or u had to get the sleeve?
  6. collins4985

    Surgery Buddies Summer 2017

    ok awesome will do ! hows things going for you? any gas pain, is food staying down are you able to start working out yet?
  7. collins4985

    Surgery Buddies Summer 2017

    met with my surgeon April 20, going with the RNY, I have completed almost everything, I have my last nutrition class/weigh in on july 13 then my surgeon will send info to my insurance to complete process hoping to have procedure by august im in Houston tx!
  8. hey I see that your surgery date was only 3 months ago and youre almost down 100 pounds!!! that's amazing hope I move that swiftly lol

  9. keep up the great work you gave me so much hope im currently the weight you started at and I have no procedure date yet and was afraid I would get to small but you look awesome! yessssss:1297_raised_hands_tone3:

  10. about 3 weeks ago my surgeon told me he seen that I had helicobacter pylori and I was administered antibiotics. I go in for blood work on july 3 to see if it has cleared has anyone else had this issue if so did it clear up if not were you still allowed to go through with surgery?

  11. Waiting to take my 3rd nutrition class july 3 before getting a procedure date, My insurer requires this before they will approve the RNY procedure, which is fairly common from what I have learned. Well, I ended up gaining three pounds, which put me 3 pounds over my starting weight at my first weigh-in for this program. I am so frustrated because I really haven't been eating terribly and I have been exercising. My body literally clings to this weight like its life depends on it, which is why I am going through with the RNY in the first place. I wondered if anyone else has had this problem, or if anyone was approved for the surgery even if they were a little over their starting weight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  12. hello anyone on here that resides in Houston and has the gastric bypass done? or has anyone on here had Dr Primomo at the Davis clinic as a surgeon?

  13. I am going through my pre op stage I've had my ekg done my clearance from my pcp as well im just waiting to complete my 3rd nutrition class. Was anyone surgeon big on weight loss or gain before surgery because ive gained 5 pounds over the last two months im hoping that it wont delay surgery approval. they wont contact insurance until im complete with these classes so im just technically in a waiting stage.