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  1. Folks, I'm a "June Sleever" but from 2017 (June 30 2017). It's been one of the best decisions in my life. I'm down 66 kg (145 lbs) from my vist dr. visit and (56 kg 123 lbs) since surgery. Follow your doctors advice to a "Tee" and it will work without fail. you'll have stalls( don't freak out), find a way to exercise (partner, trainer something), drink water as much as you can (and it you can't Crystal light was my saving grace in the summers when I was over water). Eat your protein first , take your multi vitamin. First day was the worst ( I wondered what I did), had lots of worries (but don't anymore), don't crave food anymore either. I didn't tell a lot of people (including our kids) and went off for a week on "holiday"... we have one daughter that has a tendency to be chubby and we didn't want her to think this was an "easy option". Amazingly when she saw me losing so much, she got motivated and went low carbs and is now a fit 17 year old (she lost 12 kg about 26 lbs since middle of feb). I don't think I'd do anything different. I'm 3.5 kg from my original goal and may make it by surgery anniversary. Wishing you all the best and may you have as good if not better results!
  2. I'm 5 ft 9 in and weighed 373 at my first doctors appointment and 354 lbs. on surgery day (had the sleeve) last June 30th. I now weight 228 lbs My initial goal was 220 lbs. Am happy with size. I'm now wearing size 16 shirts (down from 24) and size 18 pants (down from a tight 26). Waist is front and center. I was surprised to see it when it first appeared, but have a quality hourglass shape now. Also skin seems to have bounced back quite well even though I'm 50 years old. I think being tall has been helpful. I am still losing, albiet a lot slower, and will give it another six months for my body to decide where it wants to stay.
  3. I've slowed at well. Have 18 lbs to go to my original goal, however am still toning. Many have noticed a difference despite scale not going down in the last 3-4 weeks so still pleased. Increasing a bit of exercise and being more observant on water intake in effort to get a move downward on scales.
  4. Have been a migraine sufferer since I was 9 years old, averaging 2 a month. Since surgery, I've only had 2 migraines and 1 headache (9 months out). The 2 migraines were directly due to my having eaten decent amount sugar after 8 pm (woke up with flaming migraine each time about 5 am)...1st was at a wedding and 2nd was celebrating a birthday (had wedding desserts and birthday cake and ice cream). While I've had a sweet from time to time usually early in the day and a small amount. From everything I've read, I believe my new eating plan has allowed me to balance my serotonin and that it went haywire when I ate too much sugar. The regular headache was direct dehydration.
  5. I was 373 lbs at drs. visit and 352 lbs on day of surgery. I didn't have any complications other than really bad nausea immediately after surgery that triggered vomiting (they kept me in recovery an extra 3 hours because of it and kept me an extra 1/2 day at hosp for observation), but that was all over in a day Six months out today and I've lost 92 since surgery (113 since 1st dr. visit).
  6. Aliya78

    6 months post sleeve

    Well done! You look fabulous.
  7. I'm 6 months out and also don't/haven't felt hungry. I eat at restaurants with friends, but always end up taking home about 2/3rds of most meals. I do make wiser menu selections, but I haven't missed the old way I ate at all. No regrets. Still losing so will need to see what happens when I start to work on maintenance, but with the weight loss I have been able to become way more active and I believe this will help me prevent weight gain.
  8. Aliya78

    Joint pain.

    My chiropractor told me I'd like suffer joint pain during weight loss because joints would be adjusting to new weight as you drop and that it could take up to 6 months after the rapid weight loss stopped for the joints to no longer ache. My joint pain started about 2 months out and has been off and on since that time, but good news is that joints that first hurt no longer do, but other joints kick in with pain for a bit and then also alleviate. I have high hopes when I reach goal it will go away.
  9. Take care. I've been watching from a far and your explanations and updates have been helpful. I anticipate I'll have similar surgery at somepoint if I am successful in reaching my final weightloss goal. So please take care.
  10. 4 nights total, two on the river and one on either side in motel
  11. Aliya78

    Need Advice/help 4 months post op

    Cottage cheese and hummus have been my saving grace when I have felt I couldn't eat. I remain on omeprozole as a precaution as am taking arthritis medicine as well.
  12. I live in New Zealand and will be canoeing the the Whanganui River.
  13. My goals were to be able to go canoeing comfortably, to be able to ride a horse, and to travel without worry about seating and weight limits. Am excited as have canoe trip planned in 2 months.