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  1. HI everyone

    there has been some talk about "falling of the wagon" I get that... we are all human. Having said that...I don't know all the different programs all of you went through for pre and post surgeries but mine was a year long and then some with a psychologist and nutritionists and doctors/surgeons  and the same post... a five year program.

    One thing all of them mentioned is that "this is not magic surgery" you are not going to be able to eat everything and anything you want post surgery. This must be understood!!!!

    There will be some foods you ate before you will never eat again. You must understand this !!!!! This is not "get out of jail" for free card.!!!!  You will and always have to watch what you eat. Therefore you and only you are responsible for the results of your surgery. 

    This message was pressed into our heads  again and again.   

    1. PAstudent


      I think it's understandable and not too surprising that we see people "falling off the wagon" so to speak. Food isn't something we can completely cut out of our lives like a lot of other addictions. It's something that we have to constantly face and be mindful every time we encounter. We've formed these habits over several years, one major surgery isn't necessarily going to fix years or even decades of emotional eating and bad habits.

      At least for me, my insurance flat out doesn't cover bariatric surgery so I paid out of pocket. This meant that I only had a single consult with the surgeon before being able to schedule for surgery. There were no psych evals, no mandatory monitored diets, no mandatory group sessions, and minimal nutrition classes. So, if I hadn't done large amounts of research beforehand, I probably would've gone through the surgery thinking it was a magic solution and life would now be super easy and then gotten blindsided after.

      Now, I did take the nutrition classes and I have regular check ups with my surgeon so I know what the right things to do are, but my dietician isn't with me every second of every day preparing my meals and watching what I put in my mouth. That's on me. I think it's those moments when we feel like no one is watching that it's easiest to fall back into old habits and turn to food for comfort.

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