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  1. CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. @VixianRyia- My Insurance has a 6 mos process requirement. 1st visit in January and once a month .after the last visit in July info was submitted to the insurance company and my approval letter arrived in about two weeks. Appointment with the nutritionist, Nurse practitioner, and Surgeon.The next day my surgery was set for August 29,2017
  3. 😉 Good Luck With surgery next month!! Pre-op will go fine I will pray for you😜🙏🏽 You Got This 🐣🦋
  4. Ydiva1

    Surgery is TOMORROW!

    Unfortunately my therapist told me that she doesn't think I'm ready due to me having one emotional eating day. She recommended I return for two visits in July and two in August. I'm so upset that I cried in my car for over an hour also I'm totally depressed after seeing her. I have waited for six months with one visit per month at the weight loss clinic. I Had all my testing done,quit smoking,quit drinking alcohol totally,gave up soda. Everything I was told to do and now I feel like giving up . The six visits over six months and 2 therapy visits is part of insurance requirements before approval. I planned everything for a reason because I'm almost finished with my internship and I'm about to start a new job so if I wait two additional months it will totally screw up my schedule. I don't want to start a new job and have to take time off for surgery before my 90 days is up.I wish I wouldn't have shared anything with the therapist because she has no clue on how much I changed my eating habits from a year ago and I don't overeat to the point of stomach pain any more. I know that surgery is one of the tools that I need to continue my journey. Right now I'm just miserable in my body ,depressed and I feel like giving up on this whole thing because next it will be another excuse why I can't get surgery😒☹️ Signed , Over it

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