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  1. No lie guys I cheated horribly the first week but I'm on track now my doc said I could die trying to eat pork and beans lol but doing great my lil tiny tummy is so good to me
  2. Sleevyjazzy

    One week post OP- HELP

    I too am 8 days post op and it's hard as hell but we will get through this this together message me an time I need some one to keep my sane as well Exercise has been a saving Grace Love
  3. Sleevyjazzy


    I smoke but I only use natural wraps or papers
  4. Sleevyjazzy

    How to survive post op clear liquid diet?

    I'm gonna be honest with y'all this is some straight B's I have had to realize this is had I can't even believe I am going through this torture I have a goal I'm gonna reach but I feel like I should of did it with out the surgery because I am in pain and literally dying to eat normal again I like the whole idea of I CANT EAT TOO MUCH but I can at least indulge I mean I want a carrot to a kennel of popcorn and I'm literally having depressed moments not being able to enjoy I cheated already and it has not cause major issues so it has me eyeing for more I know I will still lose weight because no one can survive how I've been eating I pray I get stronger but I see the first 3 weeks the hardest
  5. May 17th I'm glad it's over but just begun
  6. I'm 5 days out and miserable been grazing but since little it's not enjoyable but everything I am supposed to have is horrible help me

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