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  1. Mrfeelgood

    14 month post-op

    Feeling better everyday
  2. Mrfeelgood

    13-Month Post Op

    Looking real good
  3. Mrfeelgood

    11 month post-op

    My body didn't allow me to enjoy beans much and at first I was able to eat mashed potatoes and baked but now baked bothers me and I sautee onions and green peppers alot and eat a little corn
  4. Mrfeelgood

    11 month post-op

    I actually went seafood crazy the last 5 months and I eat steamed shrimp or broiled just like fish either streamed or broiled and I still walk 3 to 5 miles a day and do some weight training
  5. Mrfeelgood

    11 month post-op

    Sure does and thanks
  6. Mrfeelgood

    Feeling great

  7. Mrfeelgood

    Feeling great

    Transition has been great so far and I'm down 10 more pounds and feel great
  8. Mrfeelgood

    Down to 248

    Thanks a mil
  9. Mrfeelgood

    96 pounds down in three months

    Thanks a mil and I'm trying my best.... I haven't even started buying any new clothes so my kids mess with me alot about sagging clothes
  10. Mrfeelgood

    96 pounds down in three months

    Well I'm down to 255 last time I checked but I have my 6 month check up next week
  11. Mrfeelgood

    Orange juice

    I drink my protein in the morning only when I walk. I have unflavored and I mix 2 scoops for 50 grams of protein because I just don't like to drink it all day. My meals vary like yesterday I had 12 Cajun steamed shrimp from Captain D's and today I had a 8oz Michelina's dinner I split up for breakfast and dinner....and it's 9g protein.... I've had people think I don't eat but I just follow the rules I eat 4 oz per meal and I drink anything but carbonated drinks.... I like a sweet tea every few days but I drink lots of water