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  1. FLHappyGirl

    Insurance Question

    I interpret it much like Cia2020 did above. Each WL center will have different requirements and you will need to make sure those align with your insurance. The WL center should have an insurance expert to help you navigate the process. And if for some reason you don't get approval on the first try, don't throw in the towel. Ask why and work to get things resolved. Oh and if your PCP isn't on board, get a new one. Sounds harsh but I actually had a friend who has a BMI of over 50 and her PCP was horribly misinformed and uneducated about weight loss surgery.
  2. FLHappyGirl

    Phase 1 nutrition class

    Yes, I lost a decent amount of hair, and considering I have very fine hair it bothered me a bit. My hairdresser noticed it too and we just cut it a tad shorter and colored it darker which helped. No one else noticed it though! All that said, it has grown back. I was never so happy to see little frizzy fly away hair on my head because I knew it was regrowth.
  3. FLHappyGirl


    Three weeks is still very early in the game. I took things super slow because I was afraid of things I heard. I remember eating a hard boiled egg for the first time (probably around 4 weeks) thinking there was no way it would bother me. Oh, how wrong I was! It doesn't get much softer than a hard boiled egg but that didn't matter. Dense meats like chicken can be tough and hard to keep down at first. My crock pot was my best friend. And for whatever reason ground beef wasn't too difficult. Just take it slow, it does get better. Much better
  4. FLHappyGirl

    Is it wrong ?

    Heck no you're not a horrible person. Feeling better about the way you look is a nice side effect to the health benefits of losing the weight. Remember, "healthy" includes your mental status too! Good luck on your journey!
  5. FLHappyGirl

    Surgery coming up

    Completely normal to be nervous but rest assured this will be the best decision of your life. While it's not always easy, it is simple....stick to your doctor's plan and you will enjoy great success! And when in doubt or needing support don't hesitate to come here, there are some awesome folks here who provide sound advice. Good luck and let us know how things go!
  6. I'm approaching three years out. I have light skin, you cannot see any of my scars (5). None! I don't recall how long it took for them to completely fade away but it wasn't that long, maybe 9-12 months. I have a friend who had surgery over 10 years ago, she is more of an olive complexion; you cannot see any of her scars either.
  7. FLHappyGirl

    Fkn up Already - 1 week post op

    I was thinking the same thing from his/her first post.
  8. FLHappyGirl

    Lower body lift APPROVED!

    That's wonderful news! I hope your surgery goes well and you make a speedy recovery!
  9. FLHappyGirl

    Can’t eat

    I am not quite 3 years out and only have issues if I overeat dense foods (like chicken). I would suggest calling your surgeon and getting checked out immediately. Something doesn't sound right.
  10. Tell, don't tell. Everyone is different and I don't think there is a wrong answer. If I had to do it all again I would limit the people I told even more so than I did. You might be surprised that some people you thought would be supportive are the biggest critics! and vice versa! Just remember, YOU are the only person you can control. If you tell someone, they can and may tell others. It happened to me and it was one of the last people I expected it to come from.... I guess what I'm trying to say is if you are questioning whether to tell someone, don't. Wait. You can always confide in them later. Just my $.02 !
  11. FLHappyGirl

    anyone else experience this

    Based on my experience, you aren't that far out and it doesn't surprise me you still have sensitivities to certain foods. The first time I had an adverse reaction to a food (severe pain, foamies, and ultimately vomiting) was from eating a hard boiled egg. It really made me take my time progressing through the allowed food stages; I took things a lot slower than my program outlined. Because I was hesitant I steered clear of raw veggies with the exception of avocado. I could seriously eat avocados at every meal and thank God they agreed with me! Lettuce is notoriously hard to digest, so maybe that and the other veggies just pushed things over the top. Either way, you are doing fabulous and the sensitivities do tend to go away (that's a good and a bad thing for me!)
  12. FLHappyGirl

    24 hrs later

    Belching in the hospital was minimal, belching now (2.5 years later) after meals, whoooo yaaaaaaa!
  13. FLHappyGirl

    Coronary Artery CT Scan

    I second what @FluffyChix said above, the contrast just makes you feel a little warm down south but honestly it isn't a big deal and there is literally no pain associated with the scan. Also, keep in mind a CT scan is not like an MRI where you are in a tube, it is very open and usually pretty quick. Take a deep breath and remember the test is to confirm you are ok to have the surgery. I think a bit of anxiety is normal when facing the unknown. Oh, and I was put on meds to reduce my heart rate and lower my blood pressure before WLS because my BP was on the cusp of being high and my heart rate was always fast. I was on them for a week prior and then never needed them again. My primary explained it was in my best interest and that anesthesiologists want a nice steady heartbeat during surgery. You got this!
  14. FLHappyGirl

    Little pain? 6 days post op

    Have you called your surgeon's office? I would call and let them know where the pain is and how bad it is.
  15. FLHappyGirl

    My referral was approved!

    Most insurance companies use your starting weight. Congratulations, looks like you are well on your way to a new healthy life! Keep us posted on how things go!

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