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  1. christmasinmay

    Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis

    @Newme17 really interested in this book! Will order it today! I was trying to move to a more plant based diet before surgery but then tossed the idea thinking it wasn't something that was going to work with vsg.
  2. So I've been on solid/soft foods now for a while. Have only had one episode of throwing up foam after a run in with 2 bites of a bunless hamburger - the hamburger won. It's weird because I've been able to eat lean ground beef! Maybe the density, fat content, ...? Oh well.. nice to have something to deter me from burgers in general :) Today was the first day in a while I've really felt FATIGUED. I was having so much energy but went to visit my family in Asheville this weekend and forgot to bring the protein shake I usually have in the morning (still usually rely on them to get my full amount of protein). I of course tried to compensate with my intake but should have really just gone ahead and drove the miles to the grocery store and gotten a few bottles. Goes to show how important protein intake is!

    Side note... I've been having "hunger pangs" which I think are just stomach acid. Usually my calcium makes it settle down but lately I've been having it more and more. Currently on 40 of omeprazole... should i ask to up it or just keep on with the current plan?

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    2. Newme17


      I don't know about weaning off, when I ran out, that was it. Have you tried going without and just drinking water when you get the pangs?

    3. Meryline


      I was on Nexium after surgery, and I constantly had like burning hunger pains. I stopped Nexium as I should after 8 weeks, but no luck, everything came back up except yogurt. I tried half the dosage, didn't work either. Doctor told me to stay on 40mg. Then I was at my support group, and we have a doctor there, and she told me to get on pantoprazol. Night and day difference. No longer burning hunger pains. I'll try and go off them in a few week, first by half dosage, and then completely. Hopefully it will work.

    4. christmasinmay


      I usually take that time as a reminder to take my calcium supplement but I haven't tried drinking water. I had never had heartburn before this so whenever I feel the burning I have no clue whether it's "bad" or not. I'll have to ask my doctor about pantoprazole! The last few days haven't been bad at all so I'll see how I do in he two weeks before my next appointment. Thanks for your suggestions!!

  3. Had my surgery on May 2 and finally into the Puree stage - which I'm told I will be on for 4 weeks. I was back working half days as a clinic nurse the monday after surgery... so you could say the recovery was pretty painless other than that dang internal stitch! Getting my protein in was such a challenge for the first 2 weeks - and getting enough fluids in is STILL hard. Taking my vitamins religiously. Weight dropped super quickly in the first two weeks and now has settled at about the same weight for about 4 days. Maybe my first stall?

    1. Newme17


      I'd like to think that there are no stalls. Mainly because even if the scale number doesn't go anywhere, you body is still changing (most likely losing inches). Blessings on your journey hon!

    2. christmasinmay


      That's a good outlook to have! I think that subconsciously I'm still afraid its "just another failed attempt" at successful and long term weightloss and that I'll be that wonderwoman who can't lose weight even on <1000 calories per day :P I just need to trust the process and get off the scale!

    3. Newme17


      Absolutely. The nurse who discharged me today said "don't get on the scale!" Lol. It was nice to hear because I don't weigh myself anyway...but that she understood the frustration of patients afterwards.

      As long you stick to your program and adopt a lifestyle change, you will be that Wonder Woman who lost the weight. You can do this....😉

  4. We are just about the same height/weight and having our surgeries so soon together! How awesome is that!?  :)

    1. christmasinmay


      Yes! I saw that and got just a little excited :lol:

    2. Newme17


      Same here hon. Same here! :D

  5. christmasinmay

    May Sleevers?

    May 2! I have a 1 week low carb pre-op diet starting tomorrow After approval it just goes SO fast! Approval has been such a rollercoaster ride that I think I had almost come to terms with not having the surgery - so I'm a little nervous but also ready for the life change! I'm thinking I'll do liquid diet the last 3 days of the week just in prep for the surgery as well. Good luck everyone!