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  1. I think I should have said pre surgery the doctor said wouldnt put me on meds because I was having the sleeve shortly. Guess I will be reaching out to my endocrinologist. Thanks for your input. You seem very knowledgeble!!
  2. Hi all. Little surprised and cocerned about my blood sugar. Before surgery 9-26-17, it would come in at fasting a.m. 106-120. First week out was 80-95. Then rising slowly and yesterday was 125 today 134. Im having 3 protein drinks, one of them with Fairlife skim milk. Three 2 oz meals of low fat, no sugar yogurt or pureed chicken w/ricotta cheese and sauce. How concerned should I be and anyone have this happen?
  3. Hi Shawn. I'm new to this site and have not yet figured it out. Did you post pics and I don't know where to go to look at or you didn't post yet. Thanks !!!
  4. would be very happy to see what you have. Am a 3x now but cruising in January so expect to be in that range Thanks
  5. maggiekay949

    Pureed food ideas

    Oops just saw recipe. Sorry
  6. maggiekay949

    Pureed food ideas

    Hi. Not much of a cook but with puree around the corner, guess i will need to be lol. Is it the fat in the chicken broth that gives you collagen and what does collagen help. Would love the recipe for the chicken pureed with carrot. Thanks alot
  7. Thanks Lacee for your post. Making me feel so much better. I'm thinking i'm to do a 30 minute walk each day. omg. Thanks alot for making me feel ok about my progress !!
  8. Thanks so much for your responses and insights. Very helpful !! Read something last nite that made me think. I did have a Luigis no sugar added ice yesterday and saw some posts about sugar causing diarreah. Was thinking the ice was sugar free but was only no sugar added with 70 calories and 1 gram of sugar but 20 gram carbs. So I'm wondering now was the protein? the ice? or just day 4 after major intestinal surgery. Lol Well time will tell. Hope you are all having a wonderful day
  9. Hi all. Surgery Tues 9/26 so 4 days out. Still trouble getting 64 fluid in. 45-50 yes. Started protein shakes today and had diarreah. Don't know if is related. More pain in incision area today and more weak than yestrday. Not able to do full half hour walk but I did get few little walks in. Tire easily. Am going to Irish festival tomorrow to watch and enjoy. Will of course bring my water, protein and walk often. All in all think I'm doing well and looking forward. All of your posts have been so helpful. Thanks for sharing them and good luck everyone as we tread and skip through this exciting journey.
  10. Thank you. I am peeing a million times a day, lol. I feel ok just a bit weak but guess is ok since surgery 2 day ago.
  11. Surgery tuesday, 9/26. Today Thursday 9/28 cannot get 64 ounces water in yet. Maybe 45. Am i expecting too much too early? Thanks
  12. had vsg on tuesday sept 26. Cannot get 64 ozs water in. Is too early to expect that. I am getting 35 or 40
  13. The pre-op diet does seem to vary quite a bit. I don't know what it is based on or is it just the doctors preference? I was 243 on weds. Started the diet 2 days early on Sunday so I don't really know. Now my chicken was to be 3 ounce. When is your surgery?
  14. Hi everyone.New Jersey here. I'm mostly new here but find so much good stuff in the posts. Im having surgery, sleeve, on Tuesday, Sept. 26. Must admit I'm both excited and nervous. I have been on a one week pre-surg diet...basically 3 protein drinks, 74oz water, and 6-8 each day of yougurt, unsweetened applesauce, chicken, v8 juice. So been doing great with the diet.....not hungry, but sure don't feel like I've lost yet. lol . So good luck to my fellow September peeps. Can't wait for Tuesday to be over. Keep you posted. Thanks!!!

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