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  1. Tarver11

    Gastric Bypass in Memphis

    Thank You, more importantly I feel so much better physically and mentally!
  2. Tarver11

    Gastric Bypass in Memphis

    Thank you! Yes I had the gastric bypass (laparoscopic), I have 4 small incision scars and 1 small scar where the drain was. I take 2 Flinstones Complete, 4 Calcium Citrate (500mg) 3000mcgs of biotin (helps with hair loss/regrowth) and B12. I do not buy the bariatric vitamins that are sold, all of mine come from Walgreens (I would guess i spend ~20$ per month on vitamins). I do supplement my protein with Genepro unflavored medical grade protein from GNC, I go thru a tub of it about every week and half to 2 weeks, it runs about $38. However the $ i spend on not eating fast food or diet sodas more than equals out monthly. I also no longer buy a meal when my husband and I go out, I generally just get an appetizer or maybe an add on like a skewer of shrimp...so cost wise Its definitely a wash.
  3. Tarver11

    Question on Feelings of hunger

    I had RNY 7/11/17, I have had zero dumping, and can tolerate almost any food, but only in small portions. I aim for tiny portions of healthy food but have allowed myself 1 or 2 bites here or there of a treat. Normally can't eat more than a bite anyway. I have not missed the quantity of food at all, but do miss diet pepsi's considerably. By about the 3 month mark i was able to take in as much fluid as i would like, i can now easily drink a 20 oz water bottle in 10-15 minutes. I have lost close to 80 pounds in 6 months. I take my vitamins religiously, drink 80-100oz water per day, shoot for 80-100 grams of protein per day, and generally land somewhere around 1000 calories per day (although I do not count calories). Sugar and Carbs do not make me dump, but I generally don't feel very good after eating them so only indulge on occasion. I could have had sleeve or bypass, and honestly chose bypass due to it having long term documented success. I have seen people be very successful with both the RNY or the sleeve, just keep in mind neither is a magic cure, both will require long term behavioral changes on your part to keep the weight off...RNY has made those changes much easier to maintain...as always this is strictly my experience, others will vary
  4. Tarver11

    Gastric Bypass in Memphis

    My profile shows Dr Weaver as my surgeon but she left the group suddenly so i had to switch to Dr Wagner at the last minute. I loved him
  5. Tarver11

    Gastric Bypass in Memphis

    Seems like I had to pay my balance 2 weeks prior to surgery, but that may be different based on your insurance. I checked in that morning at 5am, my surgery was scheduled for 8am. My husband and daughter went with me to the hospital, you go straight to the floor and a nurse does a brief intake and then takes you to a hospital room, where i was given a gown and had my IV started (i think). My family stayed with me until it was time to be wheeled down to preop at which point my husband was allowed to wait with me. Can't remember how long i was down there, but the anesthesiologist and a couple of nurses came by. About 30 minutes before the procedure Dr Wagener stopped by and made sure i didn't have any last minute questions, they anesthesiologist came back in and put something in my IV, she told me to count backwards from 10...the hubs said i was out by 8. Next thing i knew i woke up being wheeled into my room. My surgery was Tuesday morning and i was discharged Thursday morning around 9:30am. I am here for you if you have any other questions. I was 227 day of surgery and was 148 as of this morning. My weight loss has slowed down considerably, but I only have 20 pounds left to get to goal. Surgery/recovery was not bad at all, the worst part is the GAS pain, that is real Ask away!
  6. Tarver11

    Gastric Bypass in Memphis

    Dr Wagner performed my surgery 7/11/17 at St Francis Hospital. He did an amazing job! I am 5'1 highest weight 227, current weight 148, I am 6 months post op and 20 pounds from my personal goal. Just had my 6 month check up and everything is right on target. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask
  7. Better late than never, I use Genepro daily as a supplement to protein I take in via food. It is approved by my nutritionist, however I do not count it as 30 grams of protein, i count it as 15. I mix it in with my morning hot tea, greek yogurt, diet grape crandberry juice and pb2. I am 4 months out, down 68 pounds and all of my lab work has come back perfect. For me personally, it truly is the best supplement.
  8. I just ordered Celebrate Calcium Citrate plus 500mg chewable, orange burst 270 count for 49.99 off of amazon (free 2 day shipping), that is a 3 month supply (at 3 per day)...i tried the petites but was having to take 6 per day and was a bit of a pain...hoping these chewables taste good.
  9. Tarver11

    Sex after Surgery??

    I waited 3 weeks, no issues
  10. Tarver11

    Protein intake question

    I am 4 post of RNY, I can't tolerate the pre-made protein shakes or the super sweet powders. I help meet my requirements by: *1 cup Low Fat Fairlife Milk (13 grams or protein, 80 calories) + 2 scoops Genepro (pkg says 1 scoop = 30grams of protein, but I only count it as 15 and 58 calories). Thats 43 grams of protein in an 8 ounce cup of milk. I warm it up, and add a splash of sugar free vanilla or caramel syrup, resembles a sugar free steamed milk from starbucks. *2 scoops of Genepro unflavored protein powder in an 8 ounce glass of decaf hot tea, my favorite is the celestial seasons, Blueberry and Mixed Berry. Note: If you go the warm route, you will need a small thermometer to make sure your water/milk is no more than 125 degrees or the powder will get a weird texture....anything less and it mixes in completely...mildest protein taste I have found so far.
  11. Tarver11

    July 6th surgery

    Same, Walmart was def cheaper
  12. Tarver11

    July 6th surgery

    Same, Walmart was def cheaper
  13. Michelle Ery, of course....just search for the page and send a request to the admin to join.
  14. Tarver11

    Surgery today, 6/26!!

    Hope all went well AZ...check in and give us an update when you can!
  15. Tarver11


    PhillyEagles and Jessica 2103 we have started a closed Facebook page where we can interact, encourage and share, if you'd like to join Search FB for July Weight Loss Surgery Group Would love to have you join