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  1. Same! I got on the scales yesterday and it said 29.9, I was stunned!
  2. Neversaynever

    Hair loss

    I have no idea if I will suffer hair loss from my most recent surgery, it was just a thought as I suspected a possible link but I have no real information about it. I am crossing my fingers that in 3 months, nothing happens and I will still retain the hair I currently have!
  3. Neversaynever

    How did you know that you were done losing?

    I stopped losing weight around the 1st year mark and felt disappointed. If I had known that would happen, I think I would have tried a lot harder while in the losing phase. I didn't try hard at all, it just fell off me to start with. I lost close to 7 stone/100lbs in total but wasn't happy with the loss, I wanted to lose another stone if possible but it wasn't to be. I put about half a stone on around Christmas and couldn't move it but then I had a major operation in mid March that had the same effect. After surgery, I was too poorly to eat and my appetite disappeared. I have lost another stone/14lbs in the two weeks since surgery so I am now within grasp of being very happy at the weight I currently am. My appetite is still low so I think I may still lose a few more lbs, fingers crossed
  4. Neversaynever

    Hair loss

    I had my sleeve done in 2017 and lost about 50% of my hair from month 3 to month 6 then it stopped shedding. Very slowly, it has grown back to probably 75% of what it was. My problem now is, I have just had another major surgery to have my adrenal gland removed, open surgery, very large "L" shaped cut, not pretty! I am just very worried that this will trigger another bout of hair loss in a couple of months time as I suspect its the actual surgery, rather than the type of surgery, that triggers it.
  5. Neversaynever

    Any foods permanently off your safe list?

    I wasn't given any restrictions, just told to use common sense. I think things change though, after surgery, I couldn't stand pastry at all, made me feel so poorly but now, almost 16 months out, I can eat it. I couldn't eat sweets either without feeling icky but I can now, I think our stomachs evolve.
  6. Neversaynever

    Price of meds. $$$$$

    Have you tried importing them from other places? I live in the Uk and am really shocked at the prices you pay in America. Over here, it costs me about £3 for any one bottle of quality multi vitamins/vitamin C /vitamin D etc for about a month to two month supply. Surely it would make sense to import them? just an example... Boots vitamins Holland and Barrett
  7. Neversaynever

    Post-Menopausal Women and WLS

    I am going through the menopause right now. I lost slowly in comparison to some but others may have lost slower than me, its all relative. I do know I have lost almost 100lbs since starting last year and I feel fantastic!
  8. Neversaynever

    Somebody talk me down!

    Some of us are slow losers but we all get there eventually! I will post my weight loss so far for you to have a comparison. As you will see, I am a slow loser but I started with a bmi of 44 and its now 32, almost "normal" so I am one happy bunny! Also, its now down to 2-3lbs a month but it is still going down. I am not an active person, I have bad hips so don't exercise as much as others on here but just having the restriction itself has lost me most of the weight, don't give up hope May 14th 2018 Surgery date June 14th - 18st.11 - 22 July 14th - 18st.2 - 9 August 14th - 17st.8 - 8 September 14th -17st.0 - 8 October 14th - 16st.8 - 6 November 14th - 16st.6 - 2 December 14th - 16st.1 - 5 January 14th - 15st.12 - 3 February 14th - 15st 9 -3 March 14th - 15st 5.5 - 3.5 - 70lbs so far April 14th - ?
  9. Neversaynever

    Before and After Pics

    So here's my before picture at my max of 304lbs- 21stone 10 for the uk people and now my latest picture , 88lbs later!
  10. Neversaynever

    Any MAY sleevers???

    Hey don't feel bad about it. Losing 56lbs is still a great achievement! Just think, how else would you have been able to lose that amount of weight in such a short time, don't beat yourself up
  11. Neversaynever

    Any MAY sleevers???

    Good morning May sleevers! Its all good here. I am still losing although it has slowed down quite dramatically now. Last month I think I lost 2lbs and this month I have lost 3lbs but its still a downward trend so not complaining! Surprisingly, my skin seems to have retracted quite well, initially my arms and stomach sagged quite a bit but because I am a slow loser, maybe it has caught up with itself. Hoping we are all doing well, post and let us all know
  12. Neversaynever

    Stomach flab.

    I found that I had quite a lot of loose skin on my arms/thighs and stomach after losing around 70lbs. A few months down the line, it has definitely improved, especially my arms, fingers crossed for you!
  13. Neversaynever

    Losing more than weight

    My hair loss was also awful but it did stop after about 6 weeks, obviously we are all different but try to take heart from that, it will end! Also it is growing back but not as thick as it was unfortunately.