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    Hello fellow bandsters! A little about me....I have been a member here for over a year now and love every minute if it. Everyone here has been such a great help. Lots of great info. I have been banded 10 months. 86lbs lost.
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    My first tattoo

    This is my first tattoo and i totally want more. It's true that when you get one you get addicted.

    To Tell or Not to Tell?

    I am on the side of telling. Although at times I have regretted telling people when people are in my mouth when I am eating. I don't think anyone should be ashamed of having surgery. You have worked hard to get the weight off plenty of times as we all have with no permenant success. You are not taking the easy way out as I have heard (mostly people who've NEVER had a weight problem) say. This takes just as much hard work as doing it without sugery but with real results. If I didn't have success or end up gaining it all back I am the only one who has to pay for it. I don't feel like I have to answer to anyone but myself. It really doesn't matter how we lose the weight as long as we do it healthy and the we feel better, resolve our health issues and look better and gain self esteem that we all deserve to have. You all are doing a potentially dangerous thing to help you get to your wt loss goal so be proud of yourselves! Just do what you have learned and what the Dr. has said and you will be successful! I wish you all luck!
  4. Good luck you guys! The liquid diet was hard the first couple of days but it got easier.


    i feel your pain. i have lost 100 lbs and need to lose 30ish more. i am stuck too. these last few are determined to hang on. i think i may have gotten comfortable at this weight. good luck to u! hope you find what works for u!
  6. that is a good point!!! i cannot believe what they said to you! i used ww quite a few times and did have some success off and on. i don't care how people choose to lose their weight......doing it in a healthy way and getting healthy is the point and end result. that person obviously has a problem with food too or they wouldn't be using ww.losing weight with wls or any other method is not easy and requires work. we of all people should know as we have tried countless times before turning to wls. and this is work. it wasn't always easy making the right food decisions to get to 100 lbs. you don't worry about other peoples opinions. you made the right decision for you. keep up the good work!
  7. The biggest thing i can remind you of is that it takes the fills to get you to your "sweet spot". You are not a failure nor should you feel like one. You have just begun and this surgery is a process. One fill at a time. This surgery requires work along the way and a little will power too. Just hold fast and keep up the good work and you will get there! Good luck!

    Finally banded...again

    congrats!!! what complications did you have before and how far did you get in your weight loss with the previous band?

    Hampton Roads/Peninsula thread

    Well hello everyone! My name is Della and I am from NSG with Dr Fontana. I have the Lapband version of tha band and it holds 10cc's. I am at 6.75 I think...lol I have had 5 fills to get to this point. I have had some sort of restriction at every fill just didn't always last. As I got more fills They lasted alot longer. I was at my sweet spot for six months with the fill before last. I got my last one and am totally there again so far. I have lost 95lbs so far andmy surgery was 8/4/08. I am completely happy with my decision so far and know I could not have donethis on my own! I can say to you all who have been struggling to keep up the good work! It is so worth the hard work when it actually pays off.

    Too much weight for Banding?

    I have been banded for a year on the 4th of this month. I have to agree with greytz. I will deal with any problems I may face due to my band when and if I get there. I am very happy with my decision thus far. If I didn't have the surgery I would have delt with some type of health problem due to my weight and even early death. So this seems like a good trade off to me.I weighed 305 at my highest and 299 the day I started my pre-op diet.I have lost 95lbs so far and want to lose another 40 or so. This has been a journey but not as difficult as I thought it would be. I have struggled here and there with food cravings and probably always will. It does take very hard work and you have to be willing to do that work. It is not an easy fix for any of the weight loss surgeries. They all require hard work and dedication for the rest of your life. My sister had gastric bypass and is doing very well with her choice. She is 1yr and 3 months out and at her her goal weight. I recommend this to anyone who is willing to do the work. I love my band!!!! Good luck!

    Curious about Restriction

    Restriction for me is just getting full quicker....the same feeling you normally feel when you're full just alot sooner. So you have to chew really good and eat slow so you avoid getting that horrible overfull feeling and possibly pb'ing. I tend to feel a tight feeling in my upper stomach where the band is from time to time also especially in the mornings. From retaining water.

    Curious about Restriction

    I've got a 10cc band and filled with 5cc's at this point. I have great restriction and have since Feb. When I got my last fill. I am getting hungry in the mornings now though and am thinking I may need a tiny tiny fill. Just to take the edge off. I'm thinking about food too much and I no likey...lol This was my 4th fill in Feb. I was banded in Aug o8.

    Confused. Can someone help me??

    According to my surgeons office they go by your bmi. Your muscle mass has nothing to do with it. If your bmi is 40 and above you don't need to have any comorbidities(weight related health problems) to qualify and if it is 35-39 you do. Such as Diabetes,sleep apnea etc. That is a national qualifier. Good luck with your decision.

    Life after lapband

    Hello everyone! I am just excited and wanted to share my little experience. Yesterday I went to the pool in my bathing suit in public for the first time since I was a kid!!! I really enjoyed it! I still have some weight to lose and I am by no means perfect but for one of the first times I felt normal! That is priceless!!!!:thumbup:

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