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  1. Got creative with the photos for lunch and dinner too..
  2. Feeling like I need a re boot.. So this is my breakfast: half an avocado, half a carrot, 1 tbsp walnuts, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds and a few mixed leaves..
  3. Half a ribeye steak cooked in a little balsamic vinegar glaze and a knob of butter with half an avocado
  4. Gorgeous!! Look at you in your LBD, complete with sparkles! Well done.
  5. sanks51

    Let's See Your Christmas Tree!

    I've been working away for two weeks so the family is doing ours on Tuesday night when I get home! I love Christmas the nativity scene is my favourite part!!
  6. sanks51

    Tall Women, Tell Me Your Story!

    You look fabulous!!
  7. That looks fabulous.. My lunch was delicious but resembled a dog's breakfast. I didn't want to put anyone off.. Haggis and courgette (zucchini). Can't wait for your recipe gamergirl
  8. sanks51


    My cider has no foam-maybe I should try a different kind.. A few bubbles I have to admit. With ice and a slice of lime it's thirst quenching!
  9. sanks51

    Tall Women, Tell Me Your Story!

    I'm 5'11 and my start weight the day of surgery was 397lbs. I'm now 279 and my dr said I should be lucky if I get to 209lbs. I can't remember weighing that ever so I will just take it as it comes and see how I feel. I know that I'd like to be under 200lbs for sure.
  10. sanks51


    I love my cider too.. And whilst in Edinburgh sampled ginger grouse.. Ginger beer with whiskey! Very nice for a treat!! Hope the hangover has gone
  11. sanks51


    What a fabulous photo!!
  12. Today I had to attend a work Christmas lunch.. Dinner is my left over meat (turkey, a slice of ham and some bacon) not very professionally presented!!
  13. How wonderful to have access to your own eggs.. I love it as a quick brekkie, and I also, like you, enjoy mushrooms