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    I have been battling with weight since I had my first child 21 years ago. I've been at my current weight (305) for 5 years and my health is starting to be effected by it. I'm looking into surgery now after many failed diets and exercise programs.
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  1. mama3beartn

    Dr David N Dyer

    Yes... that is the amount. 500 cal till you hit goal...I wasnt given a range. Just 500.
  2. mama3beartn

    pre-op diet picture

    This was my pre-op diet picture. I was about 310 and was just about to start the preop diet.
  3. mama3beartn

    2 months post op

    This is two months post op. 60 pounds down. 315 to 255
  4. mama3beartn


    This was me at my highest 315 and me at 255
  5. mama3beartn

    rosacea before

    This was my face at my highest 315 and my Rosacea
  6. mama3beartn

    JULY SLEEVERS- How are you doing?

    I think I'm doing good. I feel good that's for sure... eating most anything well. Tuna hits a bit heavy so I just can't eat much that...I can see my clothes getting bigger and I can even fit in the bathtub now which is like awesome...But still can't see it myself in photos. Not sure why. I'll try and get some photos uploaded on here. Had my surgery on 7/17/17. I started at my highest at 315 and down to 255. My first mini goal is to be 250 for my birthday...October 13th...I'll be 45... and two days later will be married for 23 years to the love of my life who has supported me on this journey from the beginning. It makes a world of difference to have someone who supports you. The hardest thing is I do miss eating out. It was a BIG part of our entertainment. Trying new places. I dont miss food... just the going out and the experience. plus my husband... he supports me totally... But he isn't in the best place himself. At over 350 he needs this too but is afraid. So trying to find new things to do can be a challenge. Hope everyone is doing well on your journeys. Love reading on here. It's an amazing group.
  7. Morning Morning Bariatric World, Well I am 8 Weeks out today from my VSG on 07/17/2017. I'm down to 258.2 from my high of 315. Don't have a clue what my day of surgery weight was since I missed that somehow, but was around 286 I think. I'm feeling very good physical wise. Starting to notice some skin on my upper arms and definitely on my tummy. Needing to up my exercise with some weights now. Other than that I'm doing very good. Eating well. No more than 1/2 cup 4 - 5 times a day. But Oh man - did I mess up Yesterday. I had waited a bit too long to eat since i was running around so much. We stopped and got a rotisserie chicken since it was getting so late. I was shaking so I knew I was needing to eat something. I ate too fast and too much since I didn't take the time to weight or measure my food. first up - i do note throw up - just never could well. Usually had to be pretty bad for me too. Last time I did was in 2003 when I got the stomach flu while pregnant - not cool. But I was able to last night. It took some work but I finally did. (I had to make myself) It felt like food was stuck up into my chest. Like it was all back up. Hurt to move, to talk, to even breath. I will so never do that again. I'm feeling good today and started off with just a simple shake this morning. Doing well Lesson learned - -I keep handies in my purse now like the fantatic "Think turkey" on this site. Thanksgiving flavor is the bomb. But other than that just going day to day, week to week. About all there is after you get to this point. I'll probably get on here every few weeks or if something different happens. Hope everyone is doing wonderful pre or post-op. Many blessing to you all on your Weight Loss Journeys. LaTeR gAtErS
  8. mama3beartn


    Hi Jenny I friended you on Facebook my name is Sherry Renee Richards Bare on there. I'm only 7 weeks out but I've already been through a pretty long stall on my second week which lasted for about 2 and 1/2 Weeks. It finally broke and I started losing again and then I was just on a little mini one again that lasted about a week but dropped a pound finally this Monday. I weigh on Mondays only also. My doctor said stalls are very common your body is constantly adjusting. But you will probably find you were losing inches during these dolls even though the numbers aren't changing. Also my nutritionist said that we have a constant fluctuation of 3 lb within our body. This can happen within just five minutes. She did an experiment and weight herself in front of us, and drink a pretty good amount of water about five glasses. And then weighed herself again and had gained 2 lb within 5 minutes. Your body will constantly fluctuate and is fine. As long as you know you are following your program correctly and I are not eating things that you shouldn't ben getting enough protein and fluids you should be fine... your body will naturally lose weight. I'm on a pretty strict diet of 500 calories a day 60- 80 grams of protein and I've only lost about 53 pounds... which I'm totally fine with. You're welcome to message me on Facebook if you have any questions or just need to vent. It's totally cool.
  9. I weighed the day I got home. I had this daily graph I had to fill out. It required me to weigh daily. I didn't have any weight gain or swelling from surgery so I did a steady pound a day for the first two weeks and then I hit the popular stall that is very common around week 2/3 after surgery. I stayed that weight for almost three weeks and it started going down again. But I did lose inches during those three weeks. It doesn't bother me to weigh and see the fluctuation and stalls. There is a 2 - 3 lb body fluctuation that one can gain over night just from water and stuff. Our nutritionist gained 2lbs in 5 minutes just by drinking 5 glasses of water. It was his way of showing us not to let those little gains bother us. As long and you know your are following your plan correctly and as long as the clothes are getting loser and your feeling better that is what matters. I haven't felt this good in years. I'm ecstatic. And I still have 100lbs to go. LOL I can't even imagine.
  10. mama3beartn

    JULY SLEEVERS- How are you doing?

    I was sleeved on the 17th as well. I've eaten oatmeal I've bought off this site. It's also got more protein than regular oatmeal with less carbs and stuff. I've had no problem. Hardest thing for me is I used to love LOTS of butter so that makes it different for me and I also find the higher protein makes its mushy and less oatmeally. LoL if that makes sense. But no problems with the tummy. But everyone is different and handles things differently. I've had no problem with anything I've eaten except jello it just hits like a brick for some reason.
  11. Well I'm almost 6 weeks out and I've hit my first issue with my vsg. I can get really bad headaches due to inflammation and pinched nerves in my neck, one of the many reasons the decision to have the surgery. But I'm having a bad headache and this is the third day and it's at its worst. Aleve was my go to pill and worked wonderful and I'm not allowed to take that apparently. I had called the doctor yesterday and they said liquid Tylenol or crush a regular Tylenol. I did this and it didn't help . Does anyone have any recommendations? This is an inflammation issue due to my fibromyalgia and it flares a lot in my neck and low back/hips. Any help would be greatly appreciated on something that's anti-inflammatory that we are allowed to take if there is anything. Thank you so much
  12. mama3beartn


    I was only 2 weeks post-op and started my first stall. It lasted about 2 and 1/2 Weeks...almost 3 and then I started losing again. But during that time I lost inches in my waist because my belt had dropped like five holes. I was so surprised. I had heard that true weight loss really doesn't start till 6 weeks post-op. Or that's what my nutritionalist said. That any weight you lose before this is bonus weight. And you'll probably go through others as your body adjust and heals. Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  13. mama3beartn

    JULY SLEEVERS- How are you doing?

    You're not doing anything wrong. If you're following the program you will start losing weight. Everybody loses in different amount. If you weigh more you might lose it a little quicker than someone who weighs less. I was told that true weight loss really doesn't start till after 6 weeks. That anything you lose before this is considered bonus weight. It will happen. GrInS Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app

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