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  1. emirn1

    Upcoming RNY 7/11

    Hang in there-- you will have ups and downs, but it will be worth it!
  2. Just updated my 'ticker' and noticed I'm more than halfway to my goal 3 months out-- whootywhoo!!! Gives me motivation to keep working at it and be successful.
  3. emirn1

    Post Op - going back to work

    I'm an RN and ended up taking 5 weeks off-- I probably could have gone back after 4 but any sooner than that would have been a struggle.
  4. Hope everything goes well!
  5. emirn1

    Gastric Bypass Newbie

    I had surgery 4/3, and the pain was transient around my abdomen but the last of it didn't subside til about week 5. Try to take it easy & allow yourself to heal! Congrats & good luck!
  6. In taking the vitamints, you can get them anywhere. I'm doing the berry kind & they aren't bad at all
  7. emirn1

    3 months update

    That's awesome! I just had bypass 3 wks ago so hearing these stories makes me so hopeful of what's to come!
  8. Which surgery are you having? There's probably diff recovery times for each. I had a gastric bypass & wouldn't have been ready to go back to work (I'm a nurse) til at least 3 weeks. Even @ 3 wks I still have pain, but work would be bearable. My surgeon took me out for 6wks.
  9. Well I'm 3 weeks out & still have significant pain in one spot, so if you have a summer break & can avoid taking time off work that would be a good way to go.
  10. You look fantastic-- congrats!! I'm looking forward to being as successful as you- I had RNY 4/3.
  11. emirn1

    When does eating feel "normal"?

    I struggle with eating slowly too! It's such a hard habit to get into. I've ended up sick my last couple of meals.
  12. I had RNY & my doctor took me out for 6wks
  13. Disability approved my claim no problem. As long as your doctor fills out the paperwork & says you have to be out of work it shouldn't be an issue. And you can file the claim a month or so in advance then the MD confirms when surgery happens--- one less thing to worry about when you're in the hospital. And don't forget to fill out FMLA paperwork with your job to protect your position while you're gone.
  14. emirn1

    April surgeries

    Are you starting to feel any better?
  15. emirn1


    I'm in the same boat you are-- down 14lbs since surgery. At first I was upset I wasn't losing like everyone else then remembered everyone is different & that's still a huge accomplishment! Tried soft foods today-- had almost 1oz of ground turkey & a little veg & found myself stuffed & uncomfortable. Still working on slowing down my eating, that's the hardest part for me. Pain gets a little better everyday--but yesterday I fell HARD at church & really set myself back. Feel like I rattled my insides! Congrats on all the accomplishments-- keep going!

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